Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Town of Kings and the Waning Moon

More short stories from Jewish sources (details adapted my moi!)

There was a town in which a rabbi wanted to "bless" so he said, "you should all become leaders and not followers!"

As a result, millions of little places of worship sprouted, with everyone thinking they knew better than the other one. Even though each single place had a very small number of 'followers' -some just their families. This was how it was.

(Adapted from the story of Yemenite Jews who -according to this traditional joke- refused to return to Israel back in the time of Ezra, and so were given this 'blessing')


It is said that when God made the sun, moon, and stars, the sun and the moon were both the same size. And the moon complained.

"Master!" Cried the moon, "how can there be two rulers of the sky?!"

God replied, "you're right. Diminish yourself!"

And so the moon was diminished into the size it is now. But, as the tradition goes, it will not always be this way. Because the moon was willing to belittle itself that there should be harmony -one leader- at the end of times, its the moon that will rule the sky.

One Joke:

Two complaining parties sought audience from an elderly rabbi. They had hoped to burden him with their problems that he may find a solution for them. As the bickered and bickered and explained their problem to him the rabbi said to party A:

"You are right!"

"How can he be right!" Cried party B. And he went on to explain his side. And to that the rabbi replied, "You are right!"

A third person who was listening to the whole thing, exclaimed, "Rabbi, they can't both be right?!!"

To this the rabbi replied, "And you, too, are right!"

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