Friday, May 25, 2012


I get it! I finally get it.

If we eliminate all the racism in the world, then Black folks will have no problems!!

how dimensional.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who's Agenda? TSA possibly to back down from Pat Downs

Here's the link to the article:

Apparently due to massive backlash, TSA are rethinking the idea of pat searching everyone.  Good!

Now if the police can back down from strip searching anyone they can arrest...

That would be marvelous.

Why must the whole of America suffer through these?  Its so sad.  For a long time, America would profile the "bad guy" as a black man, or a black person -whether it was false or true wasn't relevant, the injustice of it was to the benefit of the majority. Thus, even if a white person was committing a crime, he got no reprimand, no second chance to clean up his life, no care no nothing, he was just "alright" and left to sprout that way. Where as if a Black person was NOT committing a crime, if he fit the profile, that was IT.  He was incarcerated, etc. life gone, time wasted, emotions hurt, trust eroded. Injustice is unjust.

Now a real threat has come to America. Terrorism -although, its been pretty quiet these days, TSA and the police force are spiraling out of control with rules upon rules upon invasive actions, it makes you wonder, was this in retaliation for the terrorism that happened or is there another agenda?

At any rate, let's see what the people say.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black Mob Violence

Is everyone okay with this? Does it not bother anybody Black??? Better question: is it effective?

what do you do when the Black community is not raising a hand or loud voice against this?

Sure, it may feel like "pay back time"; but I pray they don't confuse a temporary instant gratification for national stability and long term gratification.

Should Black folks stand up to this?  Is it going on in 2012, most of these were in 2011. Should I speak out?   Ikkks! I feel like those secular muslims who are against jihad, against Islam, against all the killing but don't have a voice, or do I?  I tried to write about it on Facebook, and got shouted down. "what a ridiculous post" ....but they had to comment and try to silence me. Why can't I write my own stuff? or question things? Or why can't I have a discussion without the thought police running to arrest me?

I'm not condoning the injustice that whites commit. But pure violence and savagery.....I don't think that is the route to go. What is the better route to go???

And on top of that, what about black on black violence?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Interesting blogs

Some blogs i've discovered...
I really enjoy this, especially since i've become more and more interested in alternative medicine, herbs, natural eating, etc. lots of interviews, cool guy, great topics!
Dimtry Orlov. He has a blog, but I was just interested in this interview. For the first time, I am glad to hear someone NOT saying that you need to amass gold and silver for when the economy crashes. Instead, he says we need to learn up a skill, dressmaking, shoemaking, plumbing, electrician...something that will be useful and can serve as a money source. And no one can steal this.
This is just a list of non-hybrid vegetables ---and you can purchase the seeds on that website as well. Seeds that produce seeds! real food.