Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins!

Well, wouldn't you know it!  Trump wins!

Trump is a lot like Noach in the Bible.  In a society with so much depravity, with so many trying only to look out for themselves, it makes the racist look like righteous people -- at least they care for a group rather than just themselves.  Okay, so we're not included in that group, but....

What's next?  Just like Noach, Trump will build an ark -- a safe haven for those who think like him and protect them from whatever oncoming flood the country created.

Many Black folks will hope that maybe if they behave Trump and his klan will accept them.  And they might - as long as they're useful.  But if they show too much knowledge or get intimate with too much knowledge, then out they go.

On the other hand,...

while this ark is around and people are suffering, etc.there is a shiny door -- a window that will be visible.  If we are concentrated enough we can maybe peer through that window and realize the way out, the solution to the woes of society.

Will Ham get intimate again in the ark?  Will he peer through the precious stone again and gain new knowledge?

The cycle has come again. And this time, what will he do with this knowledge?

Long ago, back in some Biblical time ago, Ham was in the ark and he, the raven, the dog had intercourse in the ark.  As a result the raven gain the power of speech, the dog gained entrance into man's world and Ham was stricken with knowledge in his skin.

According to the Oral Torah, Noach tried to chuck the raven out for what he did in the ark.  The raven -- being able to fly -- saved himself by returning to the ark.  An argument ensued.  Noach charged that the raven is useless and purposeless and should be killed!  The raven replies that Noach is only saying that because he wants access to the raven's wife!  And furthermore, that Noach was prejudiced towards the raven because of what happened in the ark.  The Oral Torah goes on to say that the G-d favored the raven's argument.

So Noach was silenced.

Once he got out of the ark, He thanked G-d.  But the next thing you know, he grows a vineyard, gets drunk and debases himself.  Ham, not wanting a repeat of how society was, came in and "confronted" Noach.  Ham then called his brothers and told them what happened.  For this he was cursed by Noach.

(Personally, I think Noach had it in for all the three who were intimate in the ark.  But the big question is what did he do with the dog?  I think after the vineyard, and since he couldn't get the raven's wife, the dog was next!  but have no proof.)

So, history is coming full circle.  The ark is being built.  Noach is the head at the moment.  What will Ham do to change the course of history?  How will he use this knowledge for the good of the world? For the good of his people?  For his own good?

Personally, the only way I think would work is if he goes the way of Eliezer.  Eliezer was righteous, too.  He served Avraham dutifully.  But eventually, he went -- while alive -- to Gan Eden/Paradise.  What does that mean?  I suspect it means he went back to Africa.

And that is what I think the Black folks in America should be doing.