Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breakfast, Anyone?

Twice is the charmer.

I received two messages in different forms leading me to think that rather than my typical theoretical posts, perhaps I should also include a practical side. The latest call was from WAOD. I am going to comply.

Now truly IS a time for change, and why not change for the better?

Contrary to what racists, haters, and others would like you to think, the big enemy out there nowadays, the evil side of Esau(ESE). And the main mask he's wearing these days is Greed, but not necessarily the way most people understand it.

How to fight this?

(1) knowing the enemy
(2) knowing its tactics
(3) Conquering our fears
(4) Having our own strategies


I don't really care what anyone wants to call the enemy, white -supremacy, racism, hate, genocide. I personally like to call it Esav/Esau.


Basically Esav likes to kill. In practical terms there are three ways of killing:

a) Actually kill a guy (or girl)
b) Shame folks through humiliation and degradation
c) Take away folks' income

Please note: Esav doesn't mean white people. It's just more a spiritual name. I prefer to use it because the "enemy" is not always going to have white hands. Nor is he/ she going to be black. More than likely, you can spot him by his actions and words. And the spirit around him.

One thing about ESE is that they are extremely sharp. They can smell fear, know a group's weakness and use it to their advantage. Thus, there is a practical method used against BM, one for BW, and one for children. There are other techniques for other groups as well (poor white, hispanic, different class tiers, etc).


Now before we can even engage in this war of good vs bad, it is necessary to do a quick battle with the foot soldiers of "bad". Who are they? Fear, Anxiety, Lethargy.

How to conquer this? I look to the Bible for my inspirations. When Moses was prepared to take the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt, God said -and I'm putting it in my own words-- N'uh unh! Y'all ain't goin' no where with that slave mentality. I ain't havin' it! Show me! Show me you are ready to be free. To be even on top of yo' masters if need be! Prove this to me by eating their very god."

Well, He didn't say all that, but eating the lamb WAS part of the requirement prior to physically leaving Egypt.

The Egyptians worshipped the Ram. This was their main god. Imagine their horror to see slaves eating lamb! That's some holy boldness in my book.

So, too, we must find what it is we are afraid of. What is the big god of the greedy, of Esav, of white supremacy, of racists? Let's have it for breakfast!

What I think it is, is self actualization of the humble. Imagine, to open up a business to make enough money to sustain and live comfortably --but no more. Using the rest of the time to self actualize. Search yourself. Don't be afraid to be alone with yourself or with your diary and search what is it that you really want out of life. Is life all about chasing after money? Do you really think there will be a limit on a craving? Cravings are illusions, a pot just as in the parable below. But there is something, something very special that is YOU; your mission, your inner love, your goal in life. As long as you allow the many propaganda machines to lead your imagination away from thinking how you want to think, you are not on the path to self actualization.

Another one is: The humble gaining confidence. Finding the confidence to be so at ease with your life choices for yourself and your household is essential to keep the momentum. Once confidence is lacking, then the eyes start a-rollin. What will the neighbors think? Am I up to par with so-and-so? Never mind that this "so-and-so" was born with his own life circumstances, love, and goals. The bolder, but insecure ones will attempt to vilify a group and send scorn their way --or worse, join Amalek. Or they may try to insist on groupthink in order to establish a hierarchy so they can be on top. The hard thing about following one's own path is that there are no rank gauges. But that is also the beauty of it! That is to be content.

Pirke Avot 4:1 (Chapters of the Fathers - a compilation of Jewish wisdom) defines four key terms: "Who is the wise man? The one who learns from everyone. Who is the strong person? The one who conquers his negative impulses. Who is the wealthy person? The one who is happy with his portion. Who is the honorable person? The one who honors others."

But beware of those who try to get you on the flip side. Once they see that you are attempting to self actualize, they will say "Yes! Let's self actualize!!" And they will promptly re-route you back to chasing after money, the bigger car, the bigger house, more More, MORE! Before you know it, you're back on the same route as before.

Why the "Humble"?

Many people interpret humble as a type of person who walks with his head down, his back bent, surrendering everything, and gaining nothing.


A humble person is someone who is aware of his strength as well as his weaknesses. He knows who he is, and where he's going. He steadily goes for his goal on his path and respects others. To the naked eye or perhaps to the arrogant, this person is a bother. He is not making waves. But in his own life, he finds exhilaration is his striving for his own goal. Nobody pushes him, but each day he sets about attaining his goal. He wakes up like a lion and jumps out of bed. There are worlds to conquer!
So, what makes him humble? He realizes that his strengths are gifts from On High.

Such is a humble person.


Here it is up to the individual and one's goal. But I would suggest taking one's television, find the nearest window, make sure it's clear down below and let 'er rip! My husband actually has a friend who was so disgusted by the messages and images inundating him from the TV, he physically removed it from the outlet, took it outside and left it in the dumpster. At least be aware of the messages, pictures, that is coming through via TV, internet, radio, billboard, etc.

If I had to suggest a reading list:

I would say that The Garden of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush is a great place to start, but I'll get back to that

Can anyone add to this list????

So, without further ado, can we roll up our sleeves and try to make a difference with ourselves? let's have some...breakfast shall we?

Note: This is not the SOLUTION. This is more a baseline that is needed for a fixed and permanent solution. The actual practical solutions will need further thought...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What About Our Daughters?

Gina at WAOD blog has done it again. Her recent post is a very insightful and important message concerning the fight against the moral decay of society.

You can check it out at WAOD.

A Parable

There was once a man named Adam. He lived in a wonderful land call Krung. All his villagers, including himself were known for their great ability to meditate. All day long they would meditate and then, with a great whiff of the air, they would feel satisfied and ready to meditate some more. They never needed to eat. They needed very little sleep. There were hardly any business transactions because everyone was in agreement with the other one.

One day, someone entered their land and introduced them to food. "Taste this!" he said.

The villagers gathered around him to see what was it he was offering. "Fried ribs!" he encouraged them.

The elders of the Krung warned the people against this. They were final and condemned it outright. But the younger ones were still curious. One night, many snuck to the visiter's house and asked to taste this fried ribs. He complied. They chewed it very slowly for fear of what would happen to them.

Nothing happened. It was actually quite tasty! And in the end they had a sensation of fullness that they never had before. They loved it! As they sat around the visitor's house complimenting him on his fried ribs, hours past. The full sensation that they once had turned into a sensation of emptiness. They felt lacking. They felt they needed to once again eat the fried ribs.

Soon they realized the warnings that their elders had tried to give them. They were stuck. Valiant warriors that they were they decided to fight this urge to eat. Many days of fasting brought them to almost fainting as the feeling of emptiness was so great! But they persisted. Soon it got to a manageable state. The youth compromised with themselves and decided they would not eat, but that they would carry a pot just in case the urge came to them and they could not resist. Adam, who felt ashamed for his fall decided to run away.

Grabbing his small duffle bag of things and his pot he set out to see the world.

The first country he came to was the land of SeaSand. Adam noticed that the people in that town also had pots. They boiled carrots in that pot and nothing else.

Adam inquired about this and told the townsfolks about his own plight.

"Well we also fell," they told him. "We were able to conquer all our urges to eat except for the tasty carrot. So we only eat carrot. Carrot salads. Carrot soups. Carrots."

Adam heard this and thought. Perhaps I will partake of their carrot soup. So, in the comfort of his room at the inn, he brought out his pot and began to cook a carrot soup.

Shortly there was a big banging on his door. Almost the whole townsfolks came to him angrily. "look at you!" they sneered, "from the land of Krung, the great meditators! What are you doing eating a carrot! Where are your standards! Begone from us, you lazy bum!" and they shouted him right out of their town.

He continued onward toward the country of Krangill. There, Adam observed, the people also had pots but they cooked potatoes therein. Again, he informed them of his plight and inquired about their potato eating. "Yes, we also have a pot. And we cook only potatoes in it."

Again, Adam hoped to partake of their potato eat. So, in the forest nearby he lit his match and began cooking a potato soup. Not long after the townsfolks came to him angrily! "We know about the people of Krung. They are known to be so great that they never eat! What are you doing trying to eat a potato! You impostor! You are not who you claim to be! That, or you are not acting as you should! Begone!!!" And with that he was out of that town as well.

Adam became dismayed. He wrote a letter to his Father. Father, What am I to do? I wish to discard this pot but it has become so much a part of me. Furthermore, every land I go to, I see they have a pot and they are fine eating their particular food. My friends and I have worked on ourselves that we are not stuck on any particular food. But when I see people so at ease with their eating, I feel I should make my pot useful as well --only to be reminded of my heritage. Father, I don't even remember what its like to be without a pot. Was it boring? What did I do all day long besides contemplating eating or not eating? Father, I am so confused!

The Father wrote back. Just come home, my son. Put the pot down and we will take it from there. I know it seems like the unknown right now, but you will see how happy you can be again. Trust me and come back.

Adam arrived at another town. In this town they too had pots and in their pots they had corn. The minute Adam arrived the townfolks knew he was aristocracy. They could recognize his kingly air and despised him. "What are you doing with this pot" They demanded. "For all we know you probably have a whooooole pot of soup with all SORTS of vegetables brewing in there!"

Adam was afraid. This was not a nice mob. They growled and approached him menacingly. Adam knew he would get the beating of his life!

* * * * * *

As he ran out of that town limping and barely escaping, he found solace on a rock near a riverbank at the edge of a forest. He examined himself. A few cuts and some bruises but pretty okay. His duffel bag had been taken but ......his pot was still with him.

Adam cried. He cried bitterly and out of exhaustion from crying out, he fell asleep.

Adam's Father came to him in a dream. "Adam" He coaxed, "I know you feel trapped and that there is no way out. I come to tell you that there is a way out. Part of bearing the pot brings the feeling that there is no way out. But listen, Adam. I will tell you the secret way out.

Reach inside yourself and remember. There is a song. The language of the angels. There is a song you must sing. It is a new song. It is the song of My Name. I know you can not say my name out of respect for me, but you can hint at my name and that will cause you remember me and have My Presence before you, that will give you the strength to overcome your clinging to the pot.

Adam awoke with a start! Can it be?! That easy??!!

Adam reached deep within himself and tried to remember his meditation techniques. He found that he couldn't remember them consciously, but subconsciously he knew what to do. A glimmer of hope came in his eyes. Adam began jumping and clapping, the more he did, the more he remembered. He remembered the holy origin of dancing and how clapping could dash the decrees made. He wanted to dash any decree that says he should be stuck with his pot. He began dancing with fervor as he sang a new song. A song with hints of his Father's name!

All day long, Adam danced and danced. Even the birds in the trees began humming with him. The trees seem to rustle their leaves in accordance to the beat of his song. All of nature was singing! As his feet moved, Adam was not looking where he was going. He was remembering more things. He moved from judgement--justice, knowing that he had done wrong and being wrought with guilt, to another form of judgement, which is Faith--judging that his Father knew what He was saying and doing and that He would guide him to happiness. The music went on. His song went on. Finally, he stopped dancing and looked around to see where he was.

He was back in Krung, his own village. The villagers all came to greet him and to welcome him back. Instantly he looked guiltily down at his hand, but saw....

there was no pot.

There was no pot in his hand! He had roused himself to such a level that the pot became irrelevant. He didn't even want the pot anymore. Thinking about it, he realized how it was really his fervor for happiness that had somehow gotten transferred or projected onto the pot. Never again, he decided, never again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Taxi Driver

One my way home yesterday, I took a cab. The cab driver seemed excited. As soon as I settled in, he began.

Cabbie: Did you watch the inauguration?!

Me: No I didn't, but I plan to.

Cabbie: Psshh! (a sign that it was great). Obama knows how to talk! It was because of this that he won. The other man, what was his name?

Me: McCain?

Cabbie: Yes! He was like a machine!

(I then explained to him about how he got his war wounds which is maybe why he seemed like such a "machine")

Cabbie: Its not just Obama who won! It was all the blacks, the immigrants, the...

Me: Yeah! a black president!

Cabbie: Black is good. It is beautiful! HE will bring change.

Me: And now Hilary Clinton is Secretary of State

Cabbie: Well, he had to do something to please the white people!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr B-day

I think he would be pretty proud right now. Belated Happy B-day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

BF -Please Take Care of Your Split Ends! (Good Roots, Bad Endings)

Hey all,

Its getting harder to post with a li'l one that just wants to crawl everywhere.

Anyway, BF, we need to take care of our split ends. We've got great roots. Great hair. Great beginnings, great foundations and basis, but why is the endings so drabby? Look at our communities, the jail system is a revolving door in many black communities. BW and children are waking up to the menace that BM can become -and many have. Shoot! Even BM are waking up to the menace other BM have become! Comedians are crass and debasing. The ends are ....bad! We need to cut that part off! But I am sure that there is another alternative, another "end" that CAN BE. We need to cut off this bad end and make only one end result of our roots....the gooood ending!

I'd love to expound on this but no time. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

One other thing: the focal point must be Joy. That is our meter. If it doesn't bring Joy at the very least, at the end, forget it.

I want and wish for Joy joy joy to radiate on BF faces. I want to see that brilliance. That mind working, that smile. Okay, I'm somewhere else. lol.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God! Thank You, God!

All passengers were saved from the fallen plane that plunged into the Hudson river.

Plane story

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Okay, So What Happened to C-1???


Apparently, his blog went private again??

NaHiY Notes

DOMAIN: Basketball
SPLENDOR: A player (Michael Jordan) introduces new concepts like "air time" walk on "air" as well as promotes slam dunking, etc.
NEW BIRTH / YESOD: A new way and new level of playing basketball

SPLENDOR: Young guys who had no access to musical instruments turn to their mouths and introduced "beat box" to the world.
NEW BIRTH / YESOD: Acappela will never be the same

DOMAIN: Christian church
SPLENDOR: Many brought a whole new level of spirituality and music
NEW BIRTH / YESOD: The Black church

DOMAIN: Peanut
SPLENDOR: George Washington Carver found various ways to make use of the peanut
NEW BIRTH / YESOD: Peanut butter!

Joseph the Righteous was symbolic of YESOD trait. He excelled in this when he resisted the temptations of Potiphar's wife. Then, his sexuality remained pure, his imagination clear, his ability to receive from God opened and he could interpret dreams, etc. He went from malchut (kingship, lowliness) to keter (the highest level) when he became viceroy and distributed food to all who needed.

I think the best example for AAs is Joseph the Righteous.

SPLENDOR: At a crossroad between African music and European music, AAs found a pount of intersection.

DOMAIN: Dancing
SPLENDOR: Gang's answer to .....ballet?
NEW BIRTH / YESOD: Breakdancing

There's more...Ragtime Music, Alot of those memorable 60's music, a slew of inventors in science. . Plus I did not delve into African and Caribbean. Not to mention ancient history (Phoenician?). Again, this is not to say that others can not do the same, but I do wonder if this is BF's propensity.

Even during the horrid slavery times, spiritual music was being created. Its like a train that won't stop.

The problem is when BF are met with evil. When the evil is outside of themselves, it come in the form of fear. Lynch mobs would accuse BF of raping "their women", BM would get strung from a tree but what part got cut off? Part of the reproductive organ. When opposers wanted to trap the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., it was through ilicit relations. The mandigo myth. Always centered around "there".

When BF meets evil from within, we have lots of women who, stifled in their creativity, develop uterine fibroids,

"It is estimated that 20 to 50 percent of all women may have fibroids, which are benign tumors of the uterus. They may grow on or within the uterine wall or in the uterine cavity. Christiane Northrup, MD (Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom) and ... Full DescriptionCaroline Myss, PhD, feel that fibroid tumors represent a woman's unborn or suppressed "creativity" that accumulates through life and relationships." source
(emphasis mine)

(note: I wish she would have quoted the source of her studies)

Or a "mating" occurs with the wrong element and there are OOW (out of wedlock) children, strange or wrong ideas (BET?), gangs of rapists hounding neighborhoods, countries.

How to regain sexual purity? Creativity?

I don't have a physical working solution. I don't suppose I can encourage people to throw away their television. But being mindful of what goes into our "Imagination box" will tell us what will come out.

On a spiritual note, in the Psalms, there are different types. Some begin with "A shigayon..." "A Maskil..." etc. Each Psalm type has a powerful healing element, according to Rabbi Nachman of Breslev. He took ten most potent ones and called it a general remedy.

Psalms: 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137, and 150

(you can more about it from Wiki. I am so totally surprised to find it on wikipedia! Its called Tikkun haklali))

The Mixed Multitudes and the Small Multitudes: Today's Shepherds

We all know about the mixed multitudes. They were the group that went with Moses and the rest of the freed Hebrew slaves out to the desert. Throughout the way, they continued to urge the people to stop following Moses. Don't we remember how nice it was for us in Egypt, they would say; Moses is not coming back, let's make a golden calf, they urged; etc.

Every society, I believe has their concept of the "mixed multitudes". In particular, in the black community we have those who encourage people to go astray from whatever beneficial social norms the community holds. For example, the 'no snitching rule'. Whoever came up with that one HAD to be from the "mixed multitudes". "Video vixens" another mixed multitude concept; "why should women marry?" mixed multitude.

It is pretty easy to spot their "teachings" because if you sit down, alone with yourself, and really meditate on what they say, you will find that things have been well for community x for a long while --without that rule. Things will start to go down for oneself when their idea gets implemented. Just envision life with their ideas full blown, in the long run.

But there is another concept that I believe every society has to deal with as well. Some Jewish mystical sources talk about another group called The Small Multitudes. These are the people who push you to do more. Exaggeratedly more. You want to do good deeds, why stop there, push and do more and yet more still! In the Jewish world, they can make you feel small for not keeping every extra stringency possible.

I believe the "small multitude" concept is also in every society. For example, in the AA community, many people are rising from the dust. They are finding their sense of empowerment, their voice, (their vote, lol) and are soaring to new heights.

Enter the "small multitudes". Why stop at that high paying job? buy businesses and expand and expand some more! Why settle for that small fry husband? Give him the boot! Be for yourself! Who said motherhood was important?! We've been had all these years! Let's fling the responsibilities of childrearing in the wind! Let another group deal with that!

At first glance, its hard to see the bad from the small multitude. They take good things and push it to beyond good. Before you know it you are out of the bracket of what's beneficial to you.

So how to distinguish who from who? Who's the mixed multitude? Who's the small multitude? Where are our leaders to guide us?

I believe that we basically have no leaders now. We are all orphans. I believe we have got to use our minds as we've never used it before; crack open books; do research and DEFINITELY not depend on anyone alive today to run our lives or to lead us anywhere. There is no time to sleep.

A wise man learns from everyone. So does a wise woman. I say learn, but keep vigil.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

False Alarms

I really can't stand these false alarms. But better a false alarm.....


Friday, January 9, 2009

Can a Leopard change its Spots?

Thanks readers for the correction! I previously wrote that Malcolm X had hated white folks but changed after his visit to Mecca. It seems that was too generalized. Ehav said it best:

"when Malcolm X went to Mecca he saw that what he had learned from the Nation of Islam wasn't Islam. He saw the the problem wasn't some mythical background where all white people came from a corrupt source. He saw that institutionalized racism was a problem that was affected all people in America.

So it wasn't him changing from a hate to an understanding. It was understanding of the situation being opened up to the real reality."

Robb Pearson, who fought against Atzlan, a group of Mexicans who immigrated illegally to Southern part of America, and who were unsatisfied and then wanted to annex it into their own country because they say America stole it from them. He later saw things for what it was and changed and became pro-immigration.

The point I wanted to make was: Can someone going from one thing, one way, one belief and suddenly do an about face?

America, I gave you love!!!!

So why you gotta go and give me Joe the Plumber???!!!lol

I saw at Aunt Jemima's Revenge Blog that Joe the Plumber wants to be an international reporter.... heading for Israel with all his knowledge, training, and lack of license.

Umbilical Hernia

Does anyone know or have experience with umbilical hernia in babies? I have a baby with umbilical hernia and rather avoid surgery if possible. I've heard it goes away by the time they're three.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Punishment vs Reparation and More on NaHiY

One idea that I would like to expose is the concept of reparation as opposed to punishment.

If God is such a loving God, then why is He apparently so quick to punish? The Bible is replete with stories of great ones who, because of a mistake, go through things. Let's examine those things more closely.

(1) Adam who got chased out of the garden of Eden because he ate the forbidden fruit.

(2) The generation of Noah who got washed away by the deluge.

(3) Miriam who spoke unkindly about Moses.

Although it may seem like punishment, if we truly believe and know that God is a loving God, then it would be more reasonable to see these as reparations.

In the case of Adam, who defied God's word and ate the fruit. His reason for eating was to be able to know like God knows, and make right decisions. What is the reparation for this? To actually go through life toiling and making decisions and being flooded with information and yet picking the right thing to do.

In the case of the generation of Noah who were unkind to each other to the point that they had to be "washed" away. What was the reparation for this? Unfortunately, they had to start fresh. For those of us who believe in gilgulim (reincarnation) this can make sense.

In the case of Miriam speaking badly about Moses. She said how can Moses have a beautiful wife and just leave her and always cling to God. Actually, Moses needed to have his "antenna" constantly on alert for new messages from God, so he refrained from earthly desires, even his own wife he refrained from. To a normal person, that seemed bizarre, and so Miriam spoke up.

What was her reparation? She was sent away from the camp. Solitude and Self reflection. Perhaps this way, she can learn to keep things to herself and to think things through or just ask.

What is so great about the concept of reparation?

It gives the repairer a sense of pride. A saving of face. Instead of feeling victimized by punishments for the world to see. We know instead that we are dealing with a just and loving God who gives us a chance to do better. Okay, so we are starting from a few steps behind where we started, but in the end we achieve much more that what we began with. Ultimately, the new path, the path of reparation that we end up on takes us to a much higher level of achievement than we would have ever achieved from the original path.


In the situation of black folks and the whole thing of Dominion, Splendor, and Foundation (Netzach, Hod, Yesod= NaHiY) as I mentioned a few posts down, every set back brings us to a new level of reparation.

Looking solely at the AA situation, we have men turning to crime. Black on black crime needs to be stopped. We have BW and children looking left and right in search of a solution against their mistreatment. We have the media blasting constantly with studies, diversions, and shameful shows to keep the status quo.

Big challenges. As I once read on a different blog, "the stakes be high" lol.

Who knows why we are in this situation. We don't want to create anymore challenges for ourselves, so I say let us try not to faulter. This work also requires EMUNAH: Pure faith. And we can't have EMUNAH without truth. And we can't have truth without knowledge. We must strive to understand as much as we can understand, and what we can not, leave to faith. We must strive to grasp as much wisdoms as possible and master them. Mathematics, science, medical research, statistics, music, art, Bible, psychology, etc. No domain is too great or too complete that there isn't anymore room for more splendor, creativity, and new revelations. I pray that this be done not with arrogance or with the intent of "beating" another, but for our own sake as well as for the sake of the world. For good.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"Miriam the prophet is mentioned dancing and playing the drum," notes Ronen. "There are ten types of genres or miney negina, there are ten types of heartbeats, and there are ten different types of drum beats you can make on a jembe. There are the ten sefirot of the kabbalah."


Friday, January 2, 2009

The Inspiration, The Earth, The Jews and the Non-Jews

So, what's going on. We've got the Palestinians in Gaza who wasted no time managing to have rockets set up for sending Israel some surprises. Month after months, Israel took it. No other country in the world would submit to this in the name of trying to achieve peace.

Finally, Israel had enough. In an act uncharacteristic of him, Olmert decided to grow a backbone and said "enough!". Israel retaliated sending warplanes into Gaza and soon will be sending ground troops in.

This is all nerve-racking to say the least. What is the next step? What is going to be? What should the Jews do? What should the nations do?

Why the nations? What do they have to do with it?

There is a reason that the stories in the Bible were written down. Many people draw inspiration from them. Stories such as David and Goliath -the small fighting the big powerful giant, Yael and Devorah -powerful women not afraid to go to war; Abraham -standing up for his beliefs no matter what the world thinks; and it goes on and on.

In the same token, Jews now can and do and should serve as an inspiration to others. Those with their eyes open and who are searching. Watching a group of hurting and homeless European Jews finding a place for themselves in young America; etc.

Jews are represented by the trait of Malchut.

What is Malchut?

Malchut is translated as kingship. But that is not its only trait. Malchut is the lowest trait. Even thought it represents kingship, it also represents lowliness. Like the earth. Everyone steps on the earth, but couldn't live without the good that it produces for the world. Even though malchut is the lowest of traits, it has the potential to rise to become keter, the highest trait.

An example: A man rules an area. He is in charge, but instead of appointing noblemen, etc he does all the work himself. To the naked eye, he seems to be the servant or slave to everyone in his court. He is providing, helping, serving, etc. Once he acts with wisdom, and appoints helpers, now he can sit on his throne and rule as a true ruler: keter. Please note: when I say rule or reign, I don't mean ruling over a group of people. I mean ruling over one's domain, one's area of expertise. Everyone is endowed by God an area where they are great at, where they excel at just by being themselves, but if we are too busy looking at the "greener pastures" of the neighbor, our pasture remains uncultivated and we are not helping the world at all.

Jews are not the only one that represents Malchut in this world. Women are another representative. And, although its not said specifically by a rabbi, I also believe blacks are yet another representative of this trait. Malchut is sometimes represented by the color black (also blue).

Notice how all of these groups are groups who are trodden on. Almost nothing good is to be said for these groups. Women are seen as too emotional, too irrational, and incapable. The women's movement tried to change all that...

Blacks have also been trodden on. Called all sorts of names, declared subhuman, etc.

But I believe these groups all have valuables to grant the world. And the rest of the world also is important.


Our pasture, is our mission. That mission is simple: To repair what Adam did. Pure and simple. There are two things that Adam did that effected the world (1) He ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That brought in confusion and doubt into our very being. No longer does evil have to come to us riding on a snake to tempt us. It's within us. And (2) According to kabbalistic sources, the other deed that Adam did was -because of his sadness about the whole fruit eating business- he separated from his wife and "spilled seed". When someone spills seed whether its into a woman, on the floor, whatever, children are made. Sometimes its real physical children and sometimes its spiritual "children."

In the situation of husband and wife being together, they can create real children. Mazal tov. Or angels that serve as guardian angels over them.

Angels to me are like mathematical vectors.

Vector picture:

Angel beings seem to only be able to do one mission. This was why when the angels came to visit Abraham, three of them had to come. One who was headed to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, another who was to save Lot and his family, and yet a third to deliver the message to Abraham about him having a child.

This is why when the three angels came to visit Abraham, it is written:

Genisis 18:2 and he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood over against him; and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed down to the earth,....

But when these men headed for Sodom, its suddenly written as:

Genesis 19:1 1 And the two angels came to Sodom at even; and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom; and Lot saw them, and rose up to meet them; and he fell down on his face to the earth;

There were only two angels because the one who gave Abraham the report about the birth of his son finished his mission. like a vector. It goes one direction until it expires. So too, when a "spiritual child" is born if it was created in a "kosher" way, then this angel serves as a defender, protector, etc positive energy for the creators; if God forbid, the child was from an 'unkosher' way, then its not really called an angel anymore.

(1) When Adam ate the forbidden fruit, everything came down a notch spiritually. The whole creation came down a notch. Whereas Adam used to have a special skin that practically shined, now he got a regular skin. Where Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden, they were now chased away from there and had to live like us ordinary folks. Where everything was elevated to wherever it was, everything was brought down --just a little less holy than it was before.

So now the Jew -and all those who attaches himself with the Jew- is charged with eating and making a blessing. Doing other various mitzvot/ "aspects of Divine service" with the materials in the world. Bringing spirituality into everything is our task.

We see something beautiful, we say a blessing over it. We hear thunder, a blessing. Use the bathroom even! A blessing. Everything is cause for a blessing.

In this regard, I have seen beautiful display of this when Israel must battle. For example in this Gaza struggle. The soldiers mount themselves with artillary to fight; meanwhile the "other soldiers" are in their homes saying Psalms daily or doing good deeds all in the merit of success. The kabbalists are calling the military with what they can "see" as far as where weaponry are hidden, while the men are in batei midrashim/ study halls studying the Torah. In other words, its not just physical, its also spiritual actions that matter.

(Even just studying the Torah is part of it. Its like the world's longest mantra because if you take all the letters from the beginning of the Heb. Bible to the end. That one huge long word is one of God's Holy name.)

(2) As for the spilled seed problem, we infuse -or should be infusing- the world with the knowledge of what God can do, what the Holy One has done, and that He always will be. I am fearful that so much knowledge is tucked away. I know that because of so much persecution, many Jewish communities have turned insular. But for the sake of those thirsty for knowledge I say we should use some holy boldness and shine. Its our mission. Otherwise, why be Jewish?

Okay, so some say the meek will inherit the world. For those looking for an inheritance, I haven't seen the meek inheriting much. Maybe they need to be a bit more meeker, or maybe something else needs to be done. But I say Holy Boldness is the answer.

While Malchut is known as a feminine trait, an inner trait, that is probably not easily seen, there are the outward (masculine) traits that we can see. I think it is reflected in the sefirot of Chochmah, Binah, and Daat (wisdom, understanding, and knowledge).

To use Rab. Areyeh Kaplan's description: Chochmah, wisdom is like water. It just splashes everywhere and can go to the lowest depths. Understanding is like pipelines. With understanding, one puts wisdom into a field. Like geometry. science. A bundle of wisdom is gathered into a field of study and that gives us knowledge.


According to Jewish and Judeo-Christian beliefs, woman was made from a living thing. Adam's rib. She was not charged with the same task and tests as Adam. Like it or not, women are known for nurturing and caring. I admit that before I was married, I had no idea of the power that rested in a woman. The smallest compliment and my husband becomes like a mighty warrior capable of doing whatever is necessary. The slightest tears and he's broken. We raise the generation and send them on their way. We have so much effect on the world! Its sad if a woman does not know how to "reign" in her home. Because after the home, comes the society, after that comes the nation and after that comes the world. But if arrogance come into play and we hate being in charge of "small" things, how in the world can one be in charge of "big" things?

There is the story from the Talmud about the creation of the moon and the sun. The moon represents woman and the sun man.

Both the moon and the sun was created the same size. The moon to represent the heart and the sun to represent the brain. The moon, everyone really, understood that the heart was important because no matter how much you 'know' something in the brain, if you don't believe it in one's heart, one doesn't really act on it. In the end, everything that is to be internalized must go to through the heart. So the moon became arrogant and said to God (so to speak): "How can there be two rulers of the sky?!" As if to say, how can you make us both the same size? One has to be big and rule and the other made small and ruled over.

But God replied, "You are right. So diminish YOURSELF!"

And so the moon did. But it is said that in the end of days, the moon will realize that it can rule without stepping on the toes of the sun. Woman do have their lofty place and it doesn't have to be at the expense of putting men down.

Also notice that God said, "diminish yourself" As in, God Himself did not diminish the moon, the importance of the heart or emotions, or women. And effectively, when the moon retains even just some of its glory, when its almost half full, then you can see it in the sky in the day --right up there with the sun.

To me, I see the rule of women reflected in the masculine sefirot of Chessed, Gevurah, and Teferet (Lovingkindness, strength and restraint, and beauty and harmony. Its a bit hard to translate these words with just one English word.)

Chessed is like lovingkindness, unbounded giving and giving and giving. Gevurah is both strength, strongness and also restraining and holding backness. Tiferet is both beauty and harmony.

(When things go wrong in the Chessed part of things, you find women wanting to give. (1) Perhaps in the eyes of say a Muslim these women are giving too much by giving of their body for "eye candy" by being scantily cladded. (2) wanting to nurture and care for even those who don't reciprocate love or anything for that matter. (3) You'd probably find that they -more than their counterpart men- are in church -a place meant to teach about giving, loving, etc.

When things go wrong in the Gevurah part of things you find (1) women who don't want to give up. Even to their husbands they are prudish. Or (2) women who think they are the "strong" women and don't need anybody's help in anything.

When there is a proper balance of the two, you get Tiferet -beauty and harmony)


Some of the first human bones were discovered in Africa. A kabbalist once said he believed the garden of Eden was in Africa. When a fruit or vegetable is at is healthiest, it is dark in color. I believe that black folks are the foundation of the earth. Their masculine sefirot are: Netzach, Hod, and Yesod (Dominance or perseverance, Splendor, and Foundation or sexual purity).

They have the specific mission of working toward dominating a subject, concept, something in a proper way. They bring splendor -a fantastic way of being- into whatever they do and of course they represent the foundation of the earth.

(When things go wrong in the dominance department you find (1) people who are too lazy to make something of themselves, they don't want to do the work. (2)People who feel they are incapable of it and would much rather buy into a set of beliefs that say they can't.

When things go wrong in the Splendor department, things are done half - ssed way. Mediocrity is accepted, etc.

When things go well between the two, you have Yesod /foundation -a good control of sexual lust, holy sexuality and spirituality that brings forth high souls into the earth).


Honestly, I have been so busy cracking my head trying to figure out the Hebrew, yeshivish, new concepts and such that I haven't really even delved into others. However, off the bat, it is for certain that everyone was created as a MASTERPIECE of God. God's handiworks. Anyone or any religion that says otherwise, you know someone has been tampering with and using that information toward an evil agenda.

Not to say people are pure good. No, but everyone has good. For example: IF in fact the non Jewish white person is from Esau (some say Esau is the forefather of Christianity and by extension the forefather of the Western European nations) we know that some Muslims believe the Western European nations are the "great satan" and the Jewish Oral tradition calls Esau evil because he sold his birthright and because of his lust to kill. I say it can go either way. Because Esau gave up his birthright, that makes him free. Free to be as evil as he would like.... But free to be godly and rise as high as he would possibly care to rise! He is boundless and the earth is his playground. Please note: when I say "godly" I don't mean he goes to church. I mean he believes in a force in the universe or believes that one ought to do good and be good and help the world or somehow he struggles for unity.

As for non-Jewish Asians and all else, I have yet to delve into that. But all groups comprise the man, the head, the torso, the body. Altogether mankind is One Man. Adam.

A self loathing Adam. Self loathing in that he is constantly trying to destroy himself by destroying these key organs in his body- the part of the brain that is the Jew, the part of the heart that is woman, and the part of foundation -reproductive part which are black folks.

Here is a picture of this body:


If you can't tell yet, I am a big follower of Rabbi Nachman of Breslev (from Uman).

Actually, my favorite rabbis are (not in order):Rabbi Nachman, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, The Ari, Moses /Moshe Rabbeinu -okay maybe he's not considered a rabbi but he was a teacher, Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef, and the Baal Shem Tov! **swoons over them!!**

The reason I totally love Rabbi Nachman is because Breslev tries to reach out to Jews and non Jews alike (unity?) it teaches the importance of having a lev -basar a heart of flesh as opposed to having a heart of stone.He teaches the mystical importance of having joy, of finding good in people.

If I could distribute his books the world over, I think the world would breath a little deeper, a little more at peace and a bit more happier. That's a solution on one level. I am sure there are other positive personas out there, read their works, bring deep breathing and inspiration and love into your own lives. Each one of us is a cell of this body, we've got to be healthy.

Okay that was on a cellular level. On a grander scale, if we look at that chart of the body and its sefirot again we see there is an alignment. Chochmah aligns with Chessed which aligns with Netzach. That is: Wisdom, lovingkindness, domination.

There is a second alignment: Binah, Gevurah, Hod (Understanding, Restraint or strength, and splendor).

And the third alignment: Daat, Tiferet, Yesod (knowledge, beauty, foundation).

First of all, it is not right that man should be alone. Woman -Malchut-the mission of all these parts need to be wed.

Man must "know" his wife. Know his female counterpart. Know his mission. In the Bible, whenever they want to say that a man and a woman got on with the "get on" they say "and he KNEW his wife."


To conclude, we are Adam. We are mankind all of us together. Each one is simply a different cell or group of organs in the same body. This Man, without his mission fulfilled or without even knowing his mission is like a lonely man who does not know from where his comfort will come, from where his wife will come. He becomes self loathing. But once he is given his mission back; once he is reminded of his "wife" his malchut, his mission that was originally a part of him but got taken out and then handed back to him (like the creation of Eve from Adam's rib) then he be happy and know what righteousness to do.