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More HTML Stuff

Hi all.

Again, this is only meant as a helper, its not to teach HTML.

here is the command to change font colors: (remember there is an open tag and a closing tag)

< font color="....." > the word you want colored here < /font >

in place of the dots add the color., example "red" or "blue" or "green", etc.

changing the font size is the same as well:

< font size=" add a number" > word you want larger or smaller here < / font >

Buckle your seatbelts and prepare for take off!

Forget that supposed in-depth NBC series called "African American Women: Where They Stand" What a joke! From what I clippings I saw and based on the review, it was just more negative propaganda on Black women.

Now here's some GOOD NEWS!

SheCodes has started a blog called, "Black Women Vote!" Now this is a blog that will really discuss serious issues that Black Women face. This is not with your typical doom and gloom attitude. This is more of a peppy, so-what-are-we-going-to do about it attitude. Very refreshing!

I certainly look forward to reading her posts! Shecodes: you go, girl!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

C-1 has got it goin ON!!

I just have to say how proud I am to C -1. The host of the blog White Men who Prefer Black Women. Firstly, because he knows who he is and what he likes. People try to ask him why. How can you answer why you like ice cream? coffee? You just do! Then, folks try to put in his head all the very same stereotype way of thinking that is detrimental for BF. But he's not havin any of it! Here's my note to C-1:

C -1,

I am literally awed! I want to just gush and gush. I am soo soo way proud of you. You are such a marriage prize!!!!! That last post, I nearly fell backwards off my chair in shear happiness!

I am so glad. GLAD, I tell ya, that you are not buying all that skin color mumbo jumbo. Whew weeeee! I can't describe it. If I could tap dance virtually, I would. And why are these folks trying to "teach" you to adopt the very system they are sulking about.

Good Lawdy, lawd haf mercy! You take care of yourself, C-1. Cuz you just good! but I mean good. LOLOL

I am very happy. CAn you tell. LOLOL

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Quotable Quotes

"who I am becoming is more important than anything that I accomplish."

Shecodes (from WAOD and Black Women Vote)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everybody wants some

Mother in law is here visiting, so I'll be out for a while. Enjoy everyone!

A Short Story; Taking stock

Mrs. Almoni lived her life as best she could. At every chance she did acts of kindness. Helped brides, visited the sick, raised her children with patience. Then one day, she passed away.

Mrs. Almoni arrived at the pearly gates and was ushered in. The big book of life was opened and an angel was reading all her merits. "Hmmmm," he said,"you've done quite well for yourself! Your acts of kindness and your smiles caused others to do acts of kindness and to spread a smile and a friendly word!"

"Mrs. Almoni," he continued, "why are you wrything your hands? Why do you look so worried?"

Mrs. Almoni replied, "but I didn't finish doing the dishes....and the laundry is still on the line..."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Word on Mammies

The following is a comment posted on Halima's blog. Halima posed the question: How to NOT be a mammy.

Some mammy traits might be ingrained personality traits. Something folks can't change.

I was wondering if maybe re-channeling is a way out.

for example: This loyalty to the BM no matter how damaged the BM is.

Perhaps some can't help but to be loyal. And i'd wager that the mammy type will for sure look for the "underdog" (read: DBRbm) to be loyal to.

Mammies: I'd say embrace your loyalty trait. Its a beautiful one. But re-channel it to the real long term future for your daughters. Loyalty to your daughters future.

Having been a mammy extraodinaire, I think it is too difficult for a mammy to think of their own welfare- for a prolonged period of time. I don't think any other personality trait can understand this (Just like I can't understand how some people can be so cerebral and not cry at sad movies, or other personalities can be so sensitive and take everything so personal, Or even yet another can be so success oriented that they can deal with vile people just for the sake of a goal, etc). So I say, do it for your future /and present daughters. Lead by example.

Mammies also tend to give. A lot. That too is a great trait. I'd almost call it a NEED. However, as its taught over here:

One who gives overly much becomes a prostitute!

An 'easy woman' is someone on the extreme side of the "giving" line.

That, too, can- nay MUST, be channeled better. Again if the long term future of our daughters is the focus, I think that will help to channel the need to give in a more productive manner.


And lastly, another good mammy trait is her spirituality. I think this explains why she doesn't mind -and even enjoys- wearing those African garbs (some of them anyway) or other garbs that takes away from the sleazy sexual look, etc.

For that, I say: KNOW that God made you woman. A beautiful black woman. No matter what you see when you look in the mirror (ugly? not perfect? too dark? too big of a nose? whatever!) In reality, you are beautiful! And tailor made for that loving, giving guy!

Don't snuff out your beauty. Put it out for your potential husband and father of your children. I don't mean dress scantily -I can't advise someone to do something that I don't do.

But realize, even your man has an evil inclination (i.e. ego, jealousy, etc.,). You have the ability as a wife/girl friend not just to appeal to his good inclination. You want to capture that "evil" as well. Yes. You have the power to capture both!

You want the whole man, don'tcha?

(I just want to use a more appropriate word. when I say "you want to capture that "evil" as well -I mean to say that "impulsive side of the man")

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Beating the Negative Thoughts

An Old Story...(details adapted by moi)

There was an old Torah scholar who always woke up before the sunrise to go and purify himself at the bathhouse and then learn from his books.

One morning before the sun arose, about the time when the old scholar was set to arise, *POOF!* the bad angel appeared (y'all know who that is). He was looking sharp in his suit and began to speak very convincingly and eloquently to the old sage.

"Behold! you have been doing this for so many years. Your wisdom surpasses most and you are teacher to hundreds! Surely, you deserve a break sometimes. Relax. Stay in bed for just a few more hours. Its okay!"

The old man thought about this for a moment. Then replied, "But I see you are still getting up early. Even earlier than I!" and with that, he got out of bed!

Monday, December 17, 2007

More great blogs!

Acting White
I specifically like THIS post. :0)

Beautiful Black Women, Happily Interracially Married
Can't help it. I love the title!!! Makes me smile everytime!

Lots of positive videos. Sistahs let's make ourselves HAPPY! Make our own media.

more to come....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Comic Relief: Ebonics and the Bible

Hey dear readers! I just need to take a breather. I took a peek at Gina's WAOD's blog to read about such a sad story of yet another young, full of potential, black girl being violated and done away with.

I can't handle it. So, I have to post some silly light comic relief...

There are some parts of the Humash (Old testament Bible) that I just could not understand until I applied Ebonics to it.

One such part is :

"Yeshurun grew fat and kicked."

from (Devarim /Deuteronomy)

Yes, my teachers told me it meant Yeshurun became lazy in terms of serving God and did not strengthen himself to do His will, but became rebellious. But still, I wanted to not just understand, but to have the capability to understand why they saw that in that phrase. It took many months.

Until, one day just for playing, I read it with Ebonics in mind....

"Kickin it" I know that! That is like relaxing. okay I get it..

Yeshurun grew fat and was kickin' it!

Another interesting saying is "True dat!"

When someone says something that is so true, the listener says, "True dat!" as in, that is true. But in Hebrew, "da'at" means "knowledge". so it sort of makes sense!

LOL Some funny stuff.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Step by Step

Questions are being asked day in and day out: why are BW /BC not organized enough to use what they've got to get what they want?

I think this question has been asked in various forms by different people. Gina asked this today on her blog, What About Our Daughters.

I think one of the commentators hit it right on. Leadership. There is a great lack of good leadership and why is that? What can be done about it?

Why is there such a lack of leadership?

There is a group who loved their best and brightest of children. They 'loved' them so much, that they'd sacrifice them to their god by burning them! Needless to say, it was not a very smart bunch of people...can you guess why?

Not as exaggerated as the above situation, within the black community, those who arose with potential leadership often tend to fit the "too white" mold and were rejected by many. Others, who were "down with it" were seen as too ghetto, or were actors and sportsperson whom many did not want as their 'spokespreson.'

Afterall, as i've heard over and over, we are not a monolith.

What can be done about it?

Leaders. Leaders of tens, leaders of hundreds, leaders of thousands. Can we list what our ultimate goals are? health issues, justice, education, political weight. Can we then realize that at different levels of our non-monolith BC, those same needs are their but at different stages. Without condescension, can we help each level to attain their health, justice, education and political goals? Can we understand that maybe at one level, the leader does have to be hand snapping, fast talking attitude holding hipster and at another level a literary giant with a PhD can do better.

Whatever the case may be, if we have unity, confidence in each other, and love for self I think it can be achieved. Unity in knowing that even though there are other goals to be attained, we all agree to focus on a certain few goals. Confidence in each other in that if we see one is attacked, we support them and let them fly again. and love for self so that when a new leader arise -just because she looks like- we aren't hating on her!

A Word

Some interesting words a la Attorney Mom style regarding God's eternal and close love: it goes something like this: God created man by breathing life into his nostrils. Man could have then exhaled and that would be the end of his short existence. Why didn't that happen?

Because The Ever-Merciful and Almighty is STILL breathing...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

African America vs Caribean vs African:Showdown

Showdown at the black OKay coral? lol! Nothing doing!

I think the whole premise may be WRONG.

There are many great things to be grateful for by each group. Africans have avoided a lot of the psychological oppression going on in America. African Americans are benefiting from being in a country rich in accessible resource and a stable superpower, Caribbeans are enjoying independence and self defining in a new land.

These things are there. All groups fight every day to keep and enhance their resources. If anything we should all be humbled with gratitude for where we are and make the best of it.

The minute pride sets its foot into the conversation, Godliness is gone. The arrogant and God can not dwell in the same place. And once that is gone, all H*** breaks loose ! lol And that's probably why a decent conversation about this topic can never be had.

Putting pride aside, does not mean having a broken and bent back and accepting nothing. True humility means realizing the faults that one has, but also KNOWING and understanding well the assets that one has!

Thus if this conversation must ever if ever be had, let us approach it with humility and a will to uplift the other one.

A short story...
There was once a man who had a family. He also had a farm and would gather wheat during the time of harvest, for his family. This man had a brother who was single. The brother also had a farm --a small one-- which he worked and harvested wheat as well.

One day, during harvest time, the man gathered his grains. Thinking about his brother he thought, perhaps the brother should have some extra grain. After all, he's all alone and could maybe use the money to buy better clothes, find a wife, etc etc. And so he decided that night to sneak some of his grains into the brother's lot.

Meanwhile, the brother, who had gathered his grain, thought about the man. He wondered, "but how can he feed his family with so little grain? Behold, I am alone and can do with little!" And with that, he decided that night to sneak some of his grains into his brother's lot.

Night. As each one tarried and carried their sacks of grain up the hill, they both met each other at the top of the hill. Realizing with the other had intended, they fell into each others arm, hugging in tears!

Jewish lore has it that this is where the Holy Temple was built. My friends, maybe an African has something, a Caribbean has something else, and an African American yet another thing. Let's us care for one another enough to forget about pride. Let us also build a "Holy Temple" with our love.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Quotable Quotes

"A person can be known through his cup, his purse and his anger --and also through his humor"


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New blogs on the block

Here are some new blogs out:

Dunbar Village 2008

This blog is with the purpose of keeping track of the progress at Dunbar Village. Also, for helping things move along.

Tradition of Excellence!

This blog celebrates the good news in the Black Community.

And also:

Black /African /Woman

From and about a student from the continent of Africa trying to make sense of this crazy crazy world.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Actors, Clowns, and Nerdy Black Women

Someone once posed the question: Why do we have actors and comedians for spokepersons? Other countries had Aristotle, philosophers, etc.

I wondered about that too. The only thing I can think of is this: Our mainstream media 'greats' are sportspeople, actors, and comedians. They are the one who stand out to the world in the general public "representing" the black community.

Also, usually the well educated ones don't usually speak in the same way that many BP do. You won't find an educator, a lawyer, etc speaking with words like 'crunk' 'whadup doe?' 'know what am sayin?' etc. The ones who really mastered this type of talking are the actors and the comedians.

This kind of reminds me of two things.

I know that Creole is a funny language. Its with a lot of imagery and otomatopias and sure made me laugh to hear it. To hear someone called "pied atais" (barefeet on the ground), and one doesn't get overwhelmed with something one gets 'jus au dent!' up to the teeth! A crippled person is a 'kokobe' etc. Its lots of imagery and allegory way of speaking. One can say its like poetry, music or some form of art.

But its not the sound of some intellectual analysis. The intellectuals from the Creole speaking world would probably be found speaking French instead. A more analytical language maybe?

The other thing this reminds me of is Moses and Joshua. Moses was a great leader for his people. With the help of God, he single handedly led a people out of bondage out from a whole other country! He then led them through the dessert and onto Mount Sinai. But the people were nervous and timid around him. He seemed to them ....too great. They prefered Joshua who was "one of theirs" (i.e. who probably knew how to talk 'their language')

And I think these two scenarios are at play in the African American world. The Actors and Comedians can speak the people's tongue and people can feel at ease. Ah, I remember one lawyer who also did the same, "if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit!" Remember that one?

Whereas the intellectuals among them, perhaps because they needed a "dryer" language of analysis in order to organize, analyse, interface between the BC and the general populace, and protest things, had to resort to a different way of speaking -and perhaps THAT has alienated folks.

So, what to do? What's the solution. Well, me being a religious person, I say look to the Bible! When Moses was ruling, upon the advise of his Father in Law, Yethro, made leaders of 10, leaders of a hundred, and leaders of thousand. Each one fit for his group.

Well, I put that on the side. Until something happens what of the 'nerdy black woman'? Those among the 'mass' but who don't speak ebonics or the like? Are they doomed never to have their leader of hundred? Are they outcasted until its officially recognized (by the NAACP?) that its okay to be like us? lol. don't know. Just mild ranting.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stories from the Talmud

Sometimes I enjoy learning stories from Jewish sources. Here is one of my favorite ones. (details are adapted my me!)

Alexander the Great was famous for his military might. When countries heard he was approaching, they would all but tremble with fright!

One day, Alexander the Great had set out to conquer a small village in Africa run by women. Word got out. The Nubian leaders gathered their skirt in their hand, and with their head scarves flaying in the wind, bolted towards the queen. A quick meeting needed to be done!

In quick hushed voice they spoke in their native African tongue. What should they do? How can they ever defeat the Great Alexander. Slowly slowly a plan was devised.

The day came. Alexander the Great and all his military might approached.

They came and towered over the entrance of the village. Lo and behold! Without weapons, the women came out. One by one, led by the queen in all her regality. It was a quiet but noble and beautiful procession. Drums played suspensfully in the background and no one spoke a word, save the the excited wind blowing around them.

Finally, the queen spoke.

"I salute you, the great and mighty Alexander. You are well known for your fierceness in battle and for your great victories."

Everyone listened intently.

"We women have protected and defended our village alone. And we have been successful! Now, if you should come and attack us and win, what would it be said? The great Warrior fought with women and won?! What kind of victory would that be?"

The Queen paused to let the idea sink in.  Then she continued, "Now supposing WE WON? What would be said then?"

With a faint smile, Alexander the Great, conceded, "You are wise. I will not conquer your land. Now fetch some bread for me and my men and we will be off!"

The queen bowed graciously and returned with her whole procession back into their village. As soon as they were out of sight, again they hurried and huddled to think and talk.

He needs bread? they wondered. Surely, there is a trick to this! So they, again, devised another plan.

After a few minutes, once again the whole solemn procession came out bearing bread. By then everyone had dismounted from their horses and waited for the bread. The women passed bread to everyone. However, when they bit into the bread, they realized it was hard! Each bread had inside of it gold!

"What is this!" Cried Alexander.

"Great and mighty Alexander" The queen began, unperturbed, "would you really be satisfied to come all the way over here... for a morsel of bread?"

With this, Alexander nodded and left. But before he left, he wrote on the gate of their city: "I, Alexander of Macedon, was a fool before having come to this country of women in Africa and having received their advice."

(for another story check Another Africa and Alexander Talmud story)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More on Africa.

Well, well, well, so AIDS was overestimated? (not by too much it seems).

Check out the Jerusalem post for more info.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

HTML Stuff: Part 1

Hopefully nobody was misled in thinking I would be "teaching" HTML. The truth is I only wanted to put up a sort of cheat sheet for everyone. I hope y'all are not disappointed with that.

Here is a wonderful site that actually does teach about HTML. If my memory serves correctly, I think this is where I learned most of what I know. Its Dave's Site.

Okay. Anyway, some beginners stuff: Whenever we want to give a command to the computer to do something using HTML we use a TAG. Tags are enclosed by these: < > and there is always a closing tag like this < / >.

For example.

b = for bolding.
To bold a letter, word, etc: here is how the tags would look:
< b> the word is between the beginning tag and the closing tag. < / b>

the beginning tag: < b> tells the computer that whatever comes after this tag must be in bold. the end tag < /b > tells the computer to stop the command.

Same goes for italicizing:
< i> word. < /i>

adding a link:
< a href="the address here" > link < /a >

caution: I added all the spacing in the tags so that it will come out that way, but when writing a tag you don't put all those spaces.

Time for Meme!

I was tagged by AttorneyMom so without (any more) further ado, here's my meme:

The rules of the game are:

A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...

B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...

C). Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs...

D). Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

7 Random /weird facts about me:

1)French was my first language, but now i'm forgetting it all.
2)I was such a nerd in high school, I almost NEVER took off my coat!
3)The first time I ever got drunk was after I got married and felt I had someone I could trust around me.
4)I have a short fro.
5)Blogging too much turns my house into a mess. Gotta keep it in check!
6)I almost never take off my watch (its water proof)even in the shower.
7)My comfort food is: eating a piece of peanut buttery bread dipped into a warm glass of milk.

Now for the hard part. Tagging 7 others:
Classic One
Anxious Black Woman
Mes Deux Cent
The Diva

*whew!* It was about time I got to it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some new blogs i've discovered! Yes!

Another great blog I forgot to mention!

Amazing's second blog: Everything Wrong in Black America

whew! BW are seriously blogging! lol

coming soon: super basic html tips for the total beginners.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Dunbar has gone CRAZY!

Something has got to be done ---quickly! Either because Dunbar Village is in the spotlight or this is just how things are -too many crimes are just going on at such a rate, I am left bereft of words.

It starts with the horrific rape of a Haitian woman and terrible sexual assault on her son -IN THEIR OWN HOME. This heinous crime brought Dunbar Village to light to the general public. Who know what else had been going on.

Then came the boyfriend who went after his "girlfriend" with a crowbar. The same crowbar he used to break into her house!

Then I hear about a young 15 year old Haitian girl raped at knife point on her way to the grocery store.

My heart screams. I moan from the depths of my soul. Please God, see our suffering and bring salvation!

If you can't think of what to do to help, then just moan. Moan from the depths of your soul and God will hear and WILL respond. There comes a time when words are just not enough to express what needs expressing.

First act of Activism

I just wanted to thank Gina from WAOD, Symphony from Essential Presence and Attorney Mom from Character Corner for showing me their strength and waking up that activist in me. I try not to sit in the sidelines as much now, but I do pick and choose my battles.

One thing that bothers me in the Jewish world is some people find it necessary to use derogatory terms when talking about other people. As if they are so good and anyone else is crud. Well there is one particular derogatory word that is used for black folks that I dislike. (please note: the majority of my experience has been quite pleasant and welcoming, so don't use this to generalize that all jews are...whatever).

Now I know I can't stop everyone who does use that word to stop, but to see it on a public forum in a website giving advice was just too much for me. And on top of that the website owner had the chutzpah to even include the N-word. Normally, I would shake my head (SMH) and never go to that site again, but the new improved Miriam decided NO WAY!!!! I wrote him an email stating my disgust. And just for good measure emailed all my other black Jewish friends to pounce on him as well.

Lo and behold I got this email back!

Here is a copy of his letter and the corrected Q&A reply:


First of all, I apologize for the delay in responding. I get hundreds of Spam and have a hard time finding the real emails.

Now that post you sent me below was nutty. I have no idea what my brother was thinking. I erased it immediately.
I apologize.

I've never seen it before and I can't believe he actually wrote that.

I don't know what to say. I am flabbergasted!

Your comments 1, 2 & 3 are all 100% accurate. I will speak to him and make sure this does not happen again. He lives in Lakewood and I guess he lives in some kind of a bubble.



The new posted reply on his website concerning the word usage:

Is the usage of "shvartze" or any deragatory racial term approporiate behavior for a Torah Jew? Is using negative racial sterotypes considered halachic behavior? I'd like to hear a halachic opinion, if one exists (and your personal opinion if it differs).

Reply: We treat all people with respect. We should not be using terms that insult others. No matter what color, race or type.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Perfect YouTube....

I am still searching that perfect YouTube for my kids. I'd like to find one about teen or preteen black girls just laying about in their friends bedroom and chatting about some whatever. Then they all decide to do each other's hair.

They put some nice (POSITIVE LOL) music on and each one taking turns doing the other's hair and the camera flashes to different scenes....the shock, "oh naw! that's not a good style on me!" or an enthusiastic "hey, I like it this way!" and laughter laughter laughter.

Then by the end of it all they stare in the mirror looking gorgeous all dressed up (well, they HAD to to match their well done hair) make up and all and then the mother comes in after some forwarning knocks.

"the room is a mess!" She hollers as she looks at all the magazines, bottles, clothing strung about. Then she looks at the girls, "But I see you girls did a great job on yourselves!"

story for sale!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dunbar Village Protest

I just want to send a shout out to Shane (a.k.a. black sea goat) on his bold step to take on Al sharpton on the silence about the Dunbar Village horror.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let Africa Die?

Hi all,

In the recent months I have read some of the most shocking information ever. I am still reeling from it, but I thought I'd blog about to get some other input and also to clearly think it through for myself.

Everyone has heard by now about the epidemic of AIDS in Africa. If I am correct, AIDS is an immunal deficiency disease in which the body sorta has a problem fighting off bacterial infections, etc.

I stumbled across Bernie's blog in which he suggested that we "let Africa die" I couldn't believe my eyes. Someone should write this? With all due seriousness? What happened to compassion? Morals?

Then I began to wonder -really wonder as in not just a passing thought in my mind but to seriously wonder -why is AIDS spreading SO FAST in Africa? Either there are just a whole load of homosexuals very active and very happy going about their business or there are too many heterosexuals that are shady with their marital responsibilities, or too many 'trigger' happy singles involved in drug use and sex.

Often I didn't want to think this through because all options looked bad on Africa. In my mind, Africa the continent has had enough bad raps. I didn't WANT to believe this.

Also I had a hard time believing it because the more I learned about modesty as a Jewess, I have also learned that many tribes in Africa keep somewhat similar laws: separation from the husband during menstruation, a whole ritual cleaning process. Attempts are made, albeit gruesome in my eyes, to curb promiscuity. Meaning, purity has some value to the Africans.

So how do I account for the news of AIDS I'm hearing left, right and center.

Well, recently I stumbled across another piece of interesting information. What caught my attention was the question mark. The piece was called "AIDS in Africa? " I'm thinking, what's the question?

So I read the article. Y'all are welcome to read it too: here.

Basically, its saying NO REAL TEST HAS BEEN DONE TO PROVE THAT AFRICANS HAVE AIDS! That they do a simple obervation or minimal testing of symptoms and even though those same symptoms could be attributed to TB, malaria, and other disease that Africans have been dying from routinely, because of the great scare about AIDS -these DISEASES HAVE NOW BECOME MARKERS INDICATING THAT THE PERSON HAS AIDS.

In other words, It used to be that if you had high fever, were coughing up shtuff, etc they'd test you and see you had TB. End of story, pass on to see if you can get treated or pass away. Now, if someone has say TB symptoms, that in itself is used as an indication that the person has AIDS. Thus lumping all the malaria, TB, and actual AIDS patients together making a whoopingly overwhelming picture of AIDS in Africa.

Some sick stuff. Somebody tell me things have changed! Or maybe I should hope that this is correct? Well, I am going to do some more reading on this but, I just get angrier and angrier that people come into other cultures with their own prejudices in tow and just decide that this is how its gonna be.

And so, what is the solution? Proper testing and letting the deaths be called for what it really is instead of lumping it all as one cause?

All the more reason why blacks (Africans, African Americans, Caribbeans, etc etc etc Lord knows there are many many different blacks in the world) MUST have their own doctors, their own scientists, their own to look after their own interests.

ADDENDUM: I don't want to be misled. And I don't want to mislead others. If the info stated here is wrong (I am not a doctor nor an expert in bacteriology or virus by any stretch of the imagination) please CORRECT ME. Thank you.

More on this topic 

Woweee! check this out!

Yay! a movie about normal black folks just doin they thang! hip hip, Hooray!!!

I hope many will show support for this movie and get entertained in the process!

Bummer for me...I don't know if it will be playing in Israel. Now that is messed up!

Hat tip: What About Our Daughters

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quotable Quotes

"Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum hatred for a minimum reason."

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Hat tip: A Simple Jew

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nice Music..

Hey folks! I just can't get enough of this video and song, so I thought i'd put it up for convenience. Enjoy!

Hat tip: YankeeNaijaChick

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Hooray for Gina at What About Our Daughters. Looks like the fight against alleged black image degradation (from the likes of Viacom's BET) is going mainstream. The New York Times have picked up the story . You can read the story here.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Activists, Bloggings, my part

Some of my favorite blogs are:

What is it that I like about these blogs? Is it the fact that seem to be making a difference in the lives of BW in America? Are they making a difference? Are they just documenting what is transpiring?

I'm not entirely sure. I do feel that these blogs wake up something inside of me. The part that believes that one person -if backed by the Almighty- CAN make a difference in the world for the good. The part that feels maybe I, too, can make a difference.

Then of course, I have to deal with all the negative thoughts that gets attached to it. "Aw, you just want the honor!" negative voice #1 says. And then, to prove that I don't want the honor, I don't do anything. But that's just what the neg. thinking wants to happen. So, I am entertaining, giving attention to, and feeding that little part of me that hopes to make a difference.

"Look at the loooong road in front! Do you really think you can do a THING?" So, negative voice #2 comes in. It was waiting to see if i'd get pass voice #1.

Sure enough it does look daunting. Especially as I am all the way in Israel. I feel I don't have the backing of all my Sistahs (I sure hope one day that BW will truly look out for other BWs) backing.

sigh. What can I do. I don't seek out things to be an activist about, but if it falls on my lap, I will try to be strong and not remain silent.

Checking up on the Man

After reading Ruth's intense post as she gives a final good bye to a toxic man, I thought I'd post this for all.

When checking up on a man, yes, use all the references he gave, but then....send the dogs!

Ever wonder why there are so many people just waiting to say gossip? Always got some DIRT on somebody?! What is their purpose? Well, its for just this purpose:

Get them to dig up info on your guy. If the info is something you can handle, all good and well. If its just too D I R T A Y, then you'll know to let the man go!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Interesting Movie coming out....

Why Did They get Married?

Its about eight married college friends who reunite for their annual retreat in the snowcapped mountains of Colorado. They come expecting fun and relaxation, but get an unexpected surprise: When two more people enter the picture, it leaves several of the people asking themselves why they got married?

See the trailer here.

Quotable Quotes

From Sangraneth:

"it seems quite obvious to me the one thing that black men and black women have most in common. Black men and black women both love black men."

Monday, October 29, 2007

How I Met my Husband

You can read the entire story at Evia's blog.

Quotable Quotes

This one is from the Diva:

"Looking professional means taking charge of your appearance so that it is neat, clean, and orderly. It has nothing to do with your hair type."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mirror Magazine

Not sure if this story is going around in the Christian world, but there is an old Jewish story /saying that says that when the women were working hard in the field -way back when when the Hebrews were slaves in Egypt - they would try to keep up the morale of their men. Sadly, though, many of the men were in despair, and wouldn't even come home to be with their wives, they would just fall asleep in the fields.

The women, wanting to rouse up the men, would go out to their husbands and look at themselves in the mirror. With the husband standing behind them and also looking in the mirror, the women would say, "i'm prettier than you.."

This jest would put a smile on the guy's face and give him strength to go home with his wife!


This gave me an idea. So many women pay good money to buy BW magazines all in the hopes of seeing their beauty put forth. But at times, BW get majorly disappoint when what's NATURAL to us is viewed as "unprofessional" by the very same magazine they paid for, or get stressed out at what the magazines subtly imply that we needs to do with our hair. Or worse, when they blatantly put a WW right on the front cover!

I say, don't bother with the disappointments. Get your GLAMOURous, ESSENCial, Mirror Magazine today! Get it for yourself, for your daughters, for everyone. Every morning you can look into that "magazine" just before you walk out the door and see the beautiful, go -getter you hoped would be advertised in there! (if not, you can fix it up before you head out). With this magazine, young girls will see themselves daily and learn to love themselves -not to mention, realize what is their 'great smile' or how to make that 'perfect coy' look. It would be the best friend ever.

I say buy several of these MIRROR magazines and leave in various parts of the house. Especially on the walls. That will make every chance to read it, a beautiful thing!

Positive blogging Week! Don't miss out !!

Ehav over at Hochmah and Musar is having a week of positive blogging. Join in to write a post of your own! Its November 4th to 10. Don't miss out!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Are Mammies type TWO personalities?

Well what are mammys and what is personality type TWO?

From Halima's blog, Evia described a mammy as "tons of asexual, often overweight, all-giving, depressed bw who get high off of "being there" for other people but are self-destructing and becoming extinct."

What a type TWO personality? Someone who loves to give and give and give. They can be very unselfish, to a fault. To them giving is what they thrive for. Seeing how other personality types give so little is bewildering to a TWO.

The not so great side about TWOs are: If they allow the ego to have too much play, they tend to become domineering and needy. They tend to get angry that no one is taking care of their needs, but they usually keep their needs secret for fear that folks will run away rather than take care of them.

As things go down scale, they can become conniving and love giving people the 'guilt' treatment. By them, you'd hear the phrase, "After all i've done for you!!!!" Also, they usually tend to over eat, people please, or get hysterical. (not all at once, lol)

It sure seems to me like the mammy description, is a type TWO personality description.

If you fit this description, there is hope!!!

First of all, you have some great qualities! You can be self sacrificing when needs be, you are humble (a rare trait), you are very protective of your loved ones, and you are a very giving person.

As long as you can keep a few rules in mind, you should do A-okay!
* Be EMOTIONALLY honest to yourself
* RESPECT yourself, even if your self esteem is down. treat yourself as 'another person"
* Allow others to be INDEPENDENT. Don't feel they must need you in order to feel important
* Get over the fact that you may have to SEPARATE from someone who is mistreating you. There IS better out there, and yes, you do deserve better!

Quotable Quotes

For myself i'm just gathering some interesting quotes that i've read on blogs...

Here's one from Sangreneth:

"Black men have everything to gain by maintaining the status quo while black women have everything to lose."

Love and Hate on the Rise

What powerful love does it take to defy stereotypes, social pressures, and all other man made constructs to be in an interracial marriage? An Intense one! One in which both parties know and feel that this is what they need, this is what they want and they have one life to live and grab at it! An intense love for self and for the other and for good for goodness sake.

At the same time that many inter-racial couples and their blogs are popping up left and right, so are news about intense hate -bigotry, racism- crimes popping up in the news.

I mean stories about nooses being hung on a tree to frighten people into remembering the gory days of American history. (see here for that story), Jena 6 incidents, Megan Williams.

What's happening? Is one bringing on the other? Is the world turning....intense?! And more importantly, what can be done to tip the scale? I don't think its enough for the lovers to love harder while the haters hate harder.

Intense times call for intense measures. The most intense biblical persona that I know was King David. He loved hard, was hated hard, fought hard. Lived life with such intensity. He was like a person who wasn't afraid to feel and explore all his feelings and emotions and didn't hesitate to act when he needed.

Many of the Psalms were said to have been written by him and there is one that sticks out of mind right now...

"Behold those who hate You (The Holy One), I hate. With those who rise up against you, I contend. With the utmost hatred, I hate them; they have come to be my enemies."

Psalm 139:21-22

So what does it mean to contend, to declare this group of haters our enemy? I think it means not to be passive when seeing a hate crime but to decry it, to fight against it, to not let it overwhelm our society to the point of numbness and acceptance.

I really commend Gina from What About Our Daughters for her tenacity and drive in this matter (even though she chewed me out when I expressed discouragement LOL). It begs the question, what am I doing about it? What are you?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Walking the Plank

After reading Amazing's hilarious blog about feeling self conscious in an inter-racial relationship, I decided to open up and examine my own dealings with the 'walking the plank' scenarios.

Granted, my parents come from a west Indian country in which many people stare. So, its not a very new thing for me. In fact, when I lived in the USA, in the predominantly Mexican neighborhood, people stared there too.

They stared at anything remotely interesting. Want to not get starred at? Just stand still and be BORING ! lol.

Here in Israel, its about the same as well. I remember a few years ago, I went out and sat on a park bench with my husband to write down some ideas onto a notebook. Within minutes, about five kids were there starring at us. Have they never seen a black woman and a white husband before? Perhaps. I knew their stares didn't have any malice behind them, so I continued on with my project. Pretty soon, those kids and others were running around my bench play whatever games they were playing. It was nice having the children around.

Those are the pleasant and lukewarms stares. Then comes the curious step-back stares. These are from adults who are bsically surprised and taken aback. Hoo Haa! An interracial couple?! Does the black woman talk? Can she funcion...just..just like an ordinary human being?! For those stares, as long as I know that i'm lookin good, i ENCOURAGE them to stare lololol!

Then there are the loaded, critical, judging stare, which I admit, I dread to confront. In the African American communities, there are certain criterias that must be met. Any deviation from those criteria and you are almost an instant outsider worthy of scorn, ridicule, or insults.

When I was in high school, I remember, one HAD to have a raider's jacket. Just who were the raiders, to this day, I don't know LOLOL

Anyways, being in an inter-racial relationship was one of those big taboo things. Instant 'sell out' and a whole bunch of other pre-established names were relegated for that 'sin' alone. I had committed this 'sin'. So far, I haven't been back to the USA but once since I left for Israel.

The one time I returned, I was too busy trying to get readjusted to feel anything. Just dealing with former Israelis so glad to find someone to speak Hebrew to fresh out of Israel, was alot. I am still struggling with the Hebrew, but they didn't know that. LOLOL

Now, it appears that things are changing. checking out Evia's blog and Halima's blog -the jump starters- black women are opening up their options and making smarter choices in men. Perhaps I won't have to walk the plank should I come back for a visit.......???

New Blog

Hi all,

This blog is for discussing non-Jewish topics of interest to me. In light of this awakening that I am seeing that is going on in America in regards to black women, just for documentation's sake, I thought i'd blog about them. Info will also be report, linked, etc.

I may get carried away and put a Jewish spin on things, but mostly not.