Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Modes of speech

As an adult, I have experienced lots of different patterns of speech. While I personally prefer the straightforward -tell me exactly what you want or need- or say what you mean- type of speech, I am trying to convince myself that the other speeches are valid and okay as well. Plus, I want to learn to understand them too.

Speech type #1: This is straight forward. It makes me feel the most at ease. If I say, "would you like something to drink?" the straightforward person will answer "yes! Thank you" or "no, thank you!" And I feel at peace because I know what's expected of me.

Speech type #2: This is a flowery speech meant not to offend anyone. I am surrounded with a lot of people who use this type of speech and must get comfortable with it already! lol. If I ask this person if they want something to drink, the answer will be, "maybe later.." or "only if you're drinking too" or something strange (to me) that I can't really tell if they are trying to say "no" without being too rude or if they even need the drink really.

Speech type #3: The super eloquent. This speech annoys me just ever so slightly because I feel like the person is trying to be sophisticated -for than their natural sophistication. If I ask this type if they want a drink of water, the answer would sound something like, "it behooves me to consume more fluid into my thirsty being!"
Or any other multisyllabic word where a simple one syllabic word would be more appropriate. Yes, using multisyllabic words are appropriate at times, but sometimes people seem to need to show that they can, and so they bypass the logic of asking themselves would a simple word fit better here?

At any rate, for one reason or another, people choose these various modes of speech and its their perogative. My job is to just simmer down and not get emotional when things aren't straightforward.

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