Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And a beautiful song for BW

I wish I could find the version with the Ladino guys singing this song, but can't. Its a song in Ladino (Hebrew mixed with Spanish) about a dark woman.

If I could change the singer...But anyways she does a good job!


Anxious Black Woman said...

Nice song! Do you have the translation for the lyrics? You said it was about a "dark woman"?

Miriam said...


I wish I could put my CD with that song, its so beautiful- especially when its a real guy singing it! LOL I'll have to ask my husband for all the words. And I'll try to post it on the comment here. (or where ever else is better for you). just give me a day.

Tania said...

Nice song! don't understand what they are saying but the melody is very nice.

Anxious Black Woman said...

Posting in the comments section is fine.


Miriam said...


The Ladino version, the song is called Morenika (brown one)

I couldn't find a translation & Hubby had a hard time translating it.

But we do have the all Hebrew version called: Shekharkhoret

Shecharchoret yikre'uni
tsach hata uri.
Rak milahat shemesh kayitz
Ba li shechori.

yafya/t kol-kach
be'eynayich esh bo'eret
libi kulo shelach.

Shecharchoret yikre'uni
kol yordei hayam
Im od pa'am yikre'uni
chish elech itam.

Shecharchoret yikre'eni
ben le'av molech.
Im od pa'am yikre'eni
acharav elech.

Here's the English translation:

The dark one" they call me,
but my skin was white.
Only from the fire of summer sun
came my dark complexion.

O dark one,
you are indeed beautiful.
In your eyes a fire burns.
My heart is all yours.

The dark one" they call me,
all the seafarers.
If they call me once again
I shall join them.

The dark one" he calls me,
the prince.
If he calls me once again,
I shall follow him.

I have to thank you for this project. It led me to discovering this interesting website with translations of a lot of Hebrew songs.

Translation gotten from:


Anxious Black Woman said...

Thanks for the translation! It sounds like it's coming from the Song of Solomon, or Song of Songs in which the Beloved says of herself, "Do not hate me because I am black. For I am black but comely, my skin has been blackened by many morning suns..."


Miriam said...

your welcome. Some tidbit stuff: its interesting that in the Hebrew version its written, "I am black AND comely".

Alex Schindler said...

when i first heard the song, i also figured it was an allusion to Shir HaShirim (song of songs). the word used, "shecharchoret", (dark) is exactly the one used in Shir HaShirim, and its' not exactly a common word.

Avishai Cohen, the jazz bassist, has a beautiful rendition of the song in both Ladino and Hebrew on his new album, Aurora.

Miriam said...

Alex - Avishai Cohen - I think I have that CD. That's where I first heard this song.