Monday, December 23, 2013

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

RIP Nelson Mandela

(1918 -2013) No matter what people say about him, he was definitely a giant.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Blatantly Bad Jew

I know Hashem runs the world.  I trust His Torah and try to live by it as best I can.  Its makes things easier to live in an Jewish neighborhood amongst other Jews.


I know that there are righteous non-Jews out there.  Will there ever be a community of righteous Jews and righteous non-Jews as opposed to all non-Jews lumped together (with the righteous ones having to fend for themselves among the haters) or all Jews lumped together (with the simple ones having to fend for themselves among the cold hearted, cunning ones)?

I wonder if that is what Matisyahu, the singer, went through.  Am I having an identity crisis?

I guess the big question would be, why should I -if I'm trying to be a good Jew- lump myself together with both good and blatantly bad Jews? Is there any good in the blatantly bad Jew?

By blatantly bad Jew i mean someone who is mean and hurtful without remorse.  Someone who will steal like any other robber, except with excuses as to why they should take whatever they are stealing. Someone who studies the Torah because they know there is wisdom to gain from it, but their heart is in the wrong place.

(How different are they from the secular Israeli Jew? I think the secular Jew does what he does because his taivah/desires push him in that direction.  A blatantly bad Jew knows he ought to behave a certain way and so puts up a front, but deep down he does just what his taivah wants him to do. He's a hypocrite!)

Picture of the Day

Rapper Nissim Black and reggae singer Matisyahu!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Car Hijack, Baby Intact

A frightening incident happened in Israel where a woman's car was hijacked by three Arab men.  Her baby was still in the vehicle when they drove off.

Here is the story Hijacked

The carjacked vehicle
Shai police spokesman
When the wife of a resident of Dolev, north of Jerusalem, called frantically to report Arabs had carjacked their car with their one-year-old daughter inside, the Jewish father quickly picked up a knife and drove to the abduction spot, saving his baby.

"I was driving home toward Dolev with the small daughter in the back seat,” the mother recalled Tuesday, in an interview withYediot Aharonot.

“Suddenly, a car began tailgating me, so I accelerated. Then heard something hit the car from the back so I went out to see what happened. There were three Palestinians in the car. One of them got out and asked if something had happened. Before I could answer, he was already inside my car. The two cars drove off, speeding away. I was helpless. The cellphone was inside the car. I ran to the middle of the road, screaming that my girl had been abducted. An Arab man let me call my husband.”

(hi five = Arutz Sheva)

Thank G-d the baby was okay.  But notice the help between Arab and Jew.  Its a mindset that is good and there is a mindset that is very evil. That is what we must fight.

There was a previous incident a few weeks ago, where an Arab couple was mistaken for Jews and attacked by Arabs. sigh.  Thank G-d, they spoke Arabic which signaled that they were not Jewish and the attackers backed off. But it should be appreciated that the couple reported those hordes of attackers.

Here's that story.  Mistaken Identity


.A Muslim family from east Jerusalem was attacked two weeks ago by three Arab youths near the road of Sur Baher. Only after the group learnt that the family was in fact Palestinian did they leave them alone

(hat tip = ynet)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Joy in the Ark

Sometimes, on a nice day like today, I really suspect that Black folks have what to gain by living according to the Torah.  They don't even necessarily have to become Jewish, but at least perfect their middot (character traits) and live according to G-d's will.

I want to explore why...

Before this,  I just want to reiterate the mitzvah process according to Rabbi Nachman...

First someone gets it in their mind to do a mitzvah (commandments). That joy corresponds to malchut (which corresponds to the woman).

Next they go.  They walk or run and head to wherever they need to go to prepare for the mitzvah. This corresponds to Malchut going up to surround Netzach, Hod, Yesod (this is like the right leg, the groin, and the left leg of the man, respectively).  Like a union  -- like a cup holding another cup. Whenever Malchut meets with Yesod its like girl meets boy. Sparks fly, arousal happens. Its electrifying and sensual.

So they are going to do the mitzvah and are moving purposefully.  Seeing this causes other people to also get excied and to be aroused and want to do mitzvot as well.

Then, When everything is ready, now comes the blessing. The person makes the blessing as do others. Blessings are coming from within us and also Above is showering us with blessings from on High as well. Blessings all around.  This is Netzach, Hod, and Yesod (legs and groin area) encircling Chessed, Gevurah, and Tifferet (right arm, left arm, and chest).

One blessing or gift that comes from on High as we say the blessing for the mitzvah is intellect --that is Chessed, Gevurah, Tifferet going up to surround Chochmah, Binah and Da'at.

After this, it would be good to have faith.  Faith is like the crown that seals the intellect in. This corresponds to keter. Keter (crown) is an interesting thing.  It holds our knowledge in us, but it also prevents us from going out of bounds.  Keeping us from losing our minds asking difficult questions that don't have answers for our time and space. This is not to say we shouldn't ask them. Each time our minds try to race out to get the answers, though, it hits on keter and bounces back.  According to Rabbi Nachman, this running and returning makes tiny little holes -- like a window or a precious stone that allows us to see deep within us the answer -- to to peer through to the outside for the answers even though we may not be able to articulate it. Its like we are given a glimpse of it, even though we may not understand it because it goes beyond the bounds of our capacity at the moment.

Perhaps a simpler way of imagining this is to imagine that we have a crown. On the inside of the crown is faith/emunah  and on the outside part is Malchut. The inside of the crown is the keter which is the last part of the whole ladder we described (this ladder is a.k.a sephirot) of this plane, and the outside part of the crown is the Malchut-the first part of the ladder.  And  this ladder is stacked on top of a previous ladder which has the same rungs (Malchut, Netzach, Yesod, etc) which is stacked on top of a previous ladder, etc and so on.

So, basically we have the same thing from Malchut til Keter again and again and again. Planes after planes of it.  It can potentially go one for who knows how far up or down.

So lets say the plane that comes just before the human one is the animal plane.  The animals have one mitzvah to do - to be fruitful and to multiply. Once they reach that level, they can potentially be at the "keter" point for animals.

Let's say, some got to that point and could see that there is so much more to life than what they are doing.  If only they could graduate to the level of humans, they'd have so much more mitzvot to do! But how? How can they change?

Now lets say, the smartest of them, the most cunning --the snake realizes that to get past their own glass ceiling, they'd have to take the crown by force.  So, the snake, with no scruples, marches over to Chavah/Eve and tricks her into "dropping her crown."  causing her to sin and to fall down a notch..

As a result, the animals scored 1 and the humans scored 0.

But no good deed goes unpunished, as they say.  So the punishment of the nachash/the snake were many. He is made to eat dust all his life, to slide around, his skin was afflicted as well, etc. (It makes sense that his skin should be affected since he took or entered the Malchut which is the "outer garment" or the clothes of the next plane).

But he did good for the animals.  If the Torah was written from the perspective of the animals, I seriously wonder if the nachash/serpent would have been like a queen Esther (l'havdil!!).

So the animals have a victory -- at least the snakes do.  They went beyond their keter and onto malchut of the next plane -the human plane.  But that is not the end of the game.  They are still edging onwards.  In the time of Noach, Noach put all the animals into the ark -which is like keter- seals it and waits while it rains for 40 days and nights.

As if to say, Noach takes his sons (Shem, Hham, and Yaffet) and all the animals and tries to keep to the level of keter. But the animals refuse to stay put.  Of the animals, the raven and the dog are said to have copulated in the ark.  What could that really mean?  For sure, it probably means what it says literally.  But it could also mean that again these animals broke the keter barrier and reached malchut again.  Malchut meeting with Yesod, remember, is like copulating.

This time, it was the brave dog who did it, not the cunning, conniving snake. Reaching Malchut and getting swallowed up in the process of Malchut going up to Netzach, Hod, yesod -the place of arousal- makes that man loves dogs.

Its no surprise, then, that men love dogs. Dogs are like man's companion, their "best friend."  That is their reward -- er- punishment.  They are made to be tied. From the side of the animals -again, they scored. They are put right by the side of man. It may seem nebuch from a human perspective --to be tied up.  So for their efforts, its slammed as a punishment.   

Each time the animals try to go past their barrier, depending on how they are, so is the resulting "punishment". 

I remember when my family tried to get a dog, we would look at each dog.  The ones who were frowny or angry looking, we didn't want.  Dogs like those, even though they may be due to be tied, who would want to tie them? But the pleasant looking dogs, with good countenances, everyone will snatch them up quickly and love them. The ones who exudes joy are the ones who go up the sephirot.

But one other copulated in the ark.

It was a human.

The human is already on the human plane. So when  he tried to break through his keter level, what would be the next plane he would reach?  Does he have joy on his face and in his heart in order to receive the "punishment" thereof?

True, he was striken in his skin --that makes absolute sense.  Just as Malchut is the cup that surrounds everything in the next plane, so too, he becomes that malchut, like the clothes of the next plane. But depending on his countenance, depending on the amount of joy he has in his heart, it could be the difference between being cursed to want to change his skin constantly (like the snake) or to be allowed into the higher realms.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mitzvah Process

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov describes the mitzvah process like this...

When someone feels the desire to do a mitzvah, they get joy in their hearts.  This joy rumbling inside them is the equivalent of Malchut going up to the Legs (Netzach, Hod, and Yesod).  When it reaches there, then the person is going. Moving. Marching towards the mitzvah. Either he's going to the store and buying materials for it, or preparing somehow. But he's moving. The Legs bring about an arousal from around.

Now everyone is looking at his quick actions, his purposeful movements.  They want to also do this mitzvah. They too become agitate and aroused. Now everyone is moving.

Now comes the mitzvah. Usually before a mitzvah, there is a blessing to be said. Saying this blessing is equivalent to bringing the Legs up to the Arms (Chessed, Gevurah, and Tiferet). Now blessings are flying around. We are sending blessings out, blessings are coming our way. Its great to do mitzvot. 

One blessing that usually comes from this is intellect (Chochmah, Bina, and Daat).  This brings us wisdom, understanding and knowledge.   If we are smart (lol) then we will pray for faith/Keter. This would be the crown to seal it all. 

Keter is like a helmut.  On the one side, we have emunah/faith.  This faith seals in our knowledge and keeps us secure in what we know.  If we dare to venture too far -with unanswerable questions-  we are brought back to base with faith.

But the other side of Keter is the outside part of that crown.  That is called Malchut.  Yes, its Malchut of the next bunch of sephirot.  And the beat goes on.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bad Penny George Zimmerman in the News ....Again

He just keeps coming up. Its like ground hog day all over again...

well... not quite. This time he went after a pregnant blondie. An "all American girl"!!  Nope, the cops were not going to let him get away with that one. Thank goodness, Samantha Scheibe, justice may be served for you -and maybe you'll cause all the justice to vomit out for all the others as well.

It could be that since this was his third time negatively involved with crime and gun, that the slumbering police department finally woke up and realized what they are unleashing each and everytime.  Or could it be that he messed with the "wrong person"?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Neshama News

Though Shyne may not have quite made it with the Belz Hassidic group, he certainly made it to the chuppah -the wedding canopy. He's engaged! G-d willing they'll build a beautiful home together.

Speaking of engagements, reknown rapper, Nissim Black and his brother are here in Israel engaging and reviting the fans in Ramat Beit Shemesh!

According to the Times of Israel, Avraham Dov Rosenblum has enter Israel pro football League.

Welcome everyone!!

One week and some before its Chanukah!! Time of celebrathion of lights.  Some are really excited because it falls right at the same time of Thanksgiving. Oh well.

Last week, Israel was hit with a horrible tragedy. Just we rescue workers raced off to help the many in the Phillipines after it was ravaged by a typhoon, in our own home tragedy strikes...

Eden Atias was murdered in cold blood as he slept on a bus.  May his blood be avenged.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Haitian Revolution from a Kabbalistic Perspective

Firstly, i'm not a kabbalist. This musing is all just skimming the surface.

About a month ago, I came out into my front yard and happened upon a hummingbird nest.  The brightly blue colored papa and greyish colored mama hummingbirds were there and they were tending to their baby hummingbird.  Crouching nearby was a cat!

As soon as the cat got too close for comfort, the papa hummingbird sprung into action! He flew right in front of the cat's face.  Then quickly dodged the swiping paw. Again, went the papa, right into the cat's face and out again. Each time the papa retreated, he went farther and farther from the nest -bringing the cat with him.  After a while, I realized he was luring the cat away from the nest.  What strategy!!

Eventually, the cat lost interest in trying to get the bright blue bird and went away. whew.

But that got me thinking, every creature that Hashem created has its power and its way of defending itself.  If they "work it" well enough, they can fight even the most formidable of enemies no matter the size.

Some time later, I was thinking about tribal people, these earthy people who live off the land. Africans from their villages, Native American Indians and their old way of life.  I wondered if they really had any defense against the onslaught of European invaders who took their land, their lives, their everything.

These people seemed as if they were untouched by the whole Adam and Eve story. They were naked and just fine.  Just fine until they were informed that they were naked. Its as if they were very natural, very normal, very heart oriented.  I remember reading an article by Phylis Chesler, where she tries to understand how is it that "third world people" whom she thought were so sweet and innocent, could crumbled to such violence and cruelty as she has seen in the middle east.  Personally, i think its just called "keeping things real."  When they are well, things are well. When they are angry, they smash. But when the enemy is as slithering and as sneaky as a snake, there's no time to smash and fight and thrash. By the time they realize what's up, the battle is already halfway finished.

So how could they have fought this enemy?

This makes me think of the Haitian revolution.  These captured Africans who were led to the "new land" the Island of Hispaniola made a secret ceremony in which every abled bodied man ready and willing to fight, had to drink the blood of a pig as a seal that they would do whatever they could to succeed in this legendary fight. And so they did.  And they won their independence!

From a Torah perspective this is a very interesting ritual.

In the Jewish world, thankfully, we have the Torah. Specific instructions and guidance. Eat kosher, it says.  Stay away from promiscuous women, it warns.  Beware of Amalek, it admonishes.  No one else was told to beware of Amalek.  Also, we have the teaching that Esav (Amalek's grandpa) was a wicked person, so we know to be weary.  But what of tribal people with no warning?

In the case of the Haitians, again I don't know what prompted them to do this ritual - it certainly wasn't a normal ritual done before a fight.  But it could, form a Torah perspective, be seen as taking the sword of Esav to strike.

Esav is called the Hunter, He is the fighter.  He is the man with the sword who exacts punishment.  Esav is also likened to a pig. Why? Because at a first glance, the pig looks kosher.  It has the split hooves.  But only after killing it and seeing its belly will one realize that it doesn't chew the kud.  Sneaky!!  Esav also pretends to be so pristine and clean and so good.  He seems to have all the right motives.  He seems to look like an angel.  But he has wickedness in his heart!  Essentially, what the Haitians did was to take the sword from Esav and gave their enemy a good beating. What would have been the Native American Indian's way of "taking the sword from Esav"?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breaking News --Tommy Rising

A big leap for Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League, who has renounced being part of the EDL.  Realizing that many within the group are simply way to violent and too racists in the fight against Islamic take over of his country.

This is truly a step forward and a show of growth for him.  Truly, it is very easy for racists to file into these types of groups because they have a seemingly "justified" reason to unleash their full hatred against people. And when it comes to unleashing their hatred, they are not so very picky outside of their own.

Many blogs, as well, that try to bring an awareness about Islamic jihad, are also chockful or racists just waiting to spew their hatred. They lump all "third world people" as problematic and reject multi culturalism even though most groups from "third world countries" learn the ways of their country and pretty much acculturate.

This is a strong step forward.

Thank you for your Patience

Friends, Readers,

To all those who have ordered books and magazines, I thank you for your patience. Things are taking a tad bit longer than I had hoped, but its acoming.

Baruch Hashem!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Passed Away

Baruch Dayan haEmet.

The former Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was nifter today (passed away).  The funeral was held today -it was the largest funeral in Jerusalem so far.

More here.

and here.

Video of the Week

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ketoret Jewish Children's Books

Be sure to get ALL Ketoret Series of Jewish Children's Books....

To order these books, please email Payments can be made via Paypal (Margaret Lindenberg).

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Israeli Forces join with Kenyan Police

Please G-d, cause this to end well during this beautiful holiday of Sukkot.

Negotiation strategies.

News on Kenya (not about Israeli forces joining)

Sukkot, Sukkot, Everywhere!

Yes, its the festival of booths, sukkot where everyone builds little huts and lives in them fearlessly to recognize --its from G-d that security comes from, not from super locks and police, etc.

Here are the halachot (laws) of building a sukkah

In the African communities, some are just now finding out what is sukkot, so they can celebrate it better next time around.  Others have got it together with an African pizzazz too!!

Here is a sukkah from Awka, Nigeria made with bamboo sticks and palm leaves. Totally kosher!!

G-d willing, next year we'll have more communities ready with their sukkot.

Happy Holidays!!! Chag Sameach!!

Kenya Shoot out At a Nairobi Mall

In Kenya, about 30 were shot in a mall in Nairobi.

Here is the story (LINK)

The mall was Israeli owned.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Shana tova

May we all be inscribed in the book of life.

                                                                             May it be a sweet new year....

With prosperity, joy and laughter...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Making A Way

Interest in Judaism has been growing in the African continent for a while now.  There are those who want it and there are those who just want to want it.  Either way, many are thinking about it.

For those who seem decidedly interested, I have created a magazine called Making A Way.

This publication will serve many purposes: 

1.) It will keep all the communities aware of the other one. Bringing them closer.

2.) Help them to exchange ideas and resources.

3.) Bring an awareness and exposure of the African communities to the greater mainstream Jewish communities.

4.) Show the fascinating and creative ways the African communities manage in order to do mitzvoth.

In addition, sadly, many other groups will come an try to dissuade these communities from their goal. As they wait the long wait for the Rabbanut to actually have a functioning branch that will deal with their cases and/or as they wait for an orthodox rabbi who will be interested in helping them, some get discouraged.  Since Judaism is not a "prosyletizing religion" there is not much we can do for them --and they were probably meant to go in the path that they chose. 

But for those who want to hold on, hopefully this magazine will give them a handle in which to hold on to, and hopefully the exposure will bring about more help for them.

Please join me and support this cause.  To donate for this magazine and /or to receive a copy please email me at

Thank you & Shana tova!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Musings: Wizard of Oz, More on Truth, Imagination

As always, I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. lol.

I get ideas and insights.  But because I'm so far behind, basically starting from scratch, the ideas and insights that I get are stuff many others already know and wrote books about.  If only I knew to read those books, i wouldn't have to wait for the blessings of these insights. But then again I wouldn't even know to look for them until after I get the insights. So there you have it.

Yay!!! yet another mental block has been removed from my mind. Without the use of drugs lol.

It just occurred to me that the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" is quite kabbalistic! There is the world of thought, the world of speech and the world of action.  In the world of thought, we have the scarecrow who fears he doesn't have a brain, when all he needed was validation.

Then we have Tin Man who had heart trouble -the world of speech. O! I have to see the movie again.

Last we have the lion who has no balls.  But in the movie, of course, they say he doesn't have courage.

There you have it: Daat -- Tiferet -- Yesod. they need to all say "mmmmm" and mediate and correct their Malchut.  Which the Wizard helps them with.

After all that, of course I had to go on the internet to see who also had these ideas: Here's such a website

Very nice. Praises to G-d for these insights.

Although I wrote a bit on truth on a different post, i'd like to explore more of it.  So going back to the concept of world of thought, speech, and action.  I think each world has truth in it. And people who don't like truth gave it special, ugly names.

In the world of action, we have the dirty truth about what someone did.
In the world of speech, we have the naked truth of how someone feels.
In the world of thought, we have .... I don't have a word for it yet..  but a way that blocks associations -and thus the imagination.

For example: in America, there is constant, constant propaganda to lead us to believe that blue eyes and blond hair is the mark of beauty. Anything else is just not an option.  Almost every commercial stars some blond blue eyed girl, every pamper bag had some blond blue eyed baby picture on it, every bag, paper, can, bottle, commercial, billboard what have you, more than not, will have some blond blue eyed person selling this.  Its almost enough to close our mind to the possibility that maybe green eyes are beautiful too? that brown eyes are beautiful? that black eyes are beautiful? that brown hair, curly hair is beautiful, etc.  That whole door gets closed -which means a whole slew of associated thoughts are closed off from us.

This must be fought. Maybe some may take drugs to burst open these doors. I say Torah!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

White Guilt --Is there no end?

With all the recent history of capturing Africans and slavery, the murdering of Jews by the millions, the secret paying African militias to overthrow leaders, or simply giving leadership of countries to groups who betrayed their own brothers for money (i.e. corrupt people), White folks have alot to feel guilty about.

But I would like to kindly suggest teshuva rather than guilt?

Teshuva is the process of confessing a wrong, feeling remorse, making amends, and making up one's mind not to do it again.

This process is better than guilt.  Guilt leaves people at a stand still. Fills them with negative feelsings--very unhealthy- to the point that they have to do something about it. No one can stay negative for too long.  So they either default to becoming more arrogant and pompous and being "proud" for what they did; or they self destruct.  We want neither.

With teshuva -one confesses (which allows the person so see that the only wrong done was a,b, and c  rather than feeling all round guilt with no exact cause).  feels remorse (that's a toughy. I hope folks do feel remorse...I suppose by seeming people as human beings, godly creatures even, maybe that will help?) Make amends where ever possible and making up one's mind not to do it again (this is assuming we want a better world for everyone).

Teshuva is better because it begins and then ends.  Guilt just goes round and round and round.  And others can take this guilt and bash you over the head with it again and again --and that is not right either.

So enough of this white guilt!

To me, we are all together in the world, we've got to make it work. And it can work.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just Put it ALL to G-d

Antoinette Tuff used all her pain and all her love and saved the school by the grace of G-d.

Here is the story.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Honoring Yoseph Robinson

Tragically killed three years ago by a robber, Yoseph Robinson, a Jew, is being remembered with a street sign with his name.

May Hashem avenge his blood.

Musing on Skin, Sensitivity

I have an unproven suspicion that the skin is part of the brain.  And that white skin and black skin has meaning -- not necessarily positive or negative, just telling. Of course, those who are insecure will give it a positive and  negative association to make themselves feel better.

Also, I was wondering about animals.  I think they are representative of concepts in the world --like all things really. (well, maybe animals are more related to qualities and things are related to concepts? still thinking this one through ) and the quality of sensitivity would be equated to ....the elephant!

Let's see, its got a big nose...   a big ass....  very sensitive... Hey! I can relate! hahahaha

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quotable Quote

"Black on Black crime is like lashon hara on steroids."

Its like a wrong that can be done with speech, brought down to the physical level.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rebuilding the Beit haMikdash: Musings on Tisha B'Av

Putting Jews aside for a moment, I got a whooper for you :-)

I think the Chinese got it right when they invented the yin -yang symbol to represent the forces in life.  I think there truly are these  "white" and "black" forces.   The difference i'd add is that its not a mere circle but a spiral. winding upwards and downwards in all the dimensions of life.  I do think Black people are thus because they represent the black forces and whites are thus because they represent white forces, its not strictly that way (remember there is that white dot in the black side and the black dot in the white side) but more or less like that. Hispanics, Asians, etc also fall into these two categories depending on how they think.

The whites are in the clouds.  The negative thing about that is that its all sheker /lies.  Not reality, just the imagination at work there. So imagination vs what is real is almost fuzzy.  Maybe that's why many need studies and surveys to actually verify many obvious truths.  The positive side to that is there are no limits, if you can think it up then there's a chance it can be created, why not? I think therefore I am.  The imagination is great.

The Blacks are on the ground. The earth (same place where according to a midrash, Hashem threw down truth).  The negative is that we can be quick to admit our wrongs or see ourselves negatively because truly we are filled with bad and good and without Hashem's help, we lost!  The positive side to that is because we know what's up (when we are connected to truth) and we can actualize things.  Bring it down to earth, make it real, keep it real.

Like two sides of the brain, they do very different work for the "body".  But because of bad middot /bad character traits, they hate each other because one thinks they are superior to the other.  Usually its the Whites who think this, but for the sake of sounding fair, i'll say both.

Heck, the truth is the Whites usually think they are superior and see blacks as "mules" (very physical, real actual. like chomer /donkey represents physicality) and want to ride them to actualize things (??)  and Black folks see Whites as confident because of their seemingly thorough research and thoughts. Both problematic.

Now enter the Jew.  If these people were like the two sides of the brain, then the Jew would be like the Pineal gland.  Or like a mini-brain.  The part that is suppose to bring the left and right side, the black side and the white side into unity and harmony.  The True, Blue (techeilet) Jew can do it.  But he needs his anchors, his mitzvot, his Torah, his prayers, his knowledge. These will balance him right in the middle.  Without those things, he will tend to fall back either towards the White way of thinking or the Black way of thinking (this is regardless if he's hispanic, asian, etc).

This true, blue Jew way of thinking  --if it was actualized and made into a real concrete material, i think it would be the Beit HaMikdash.  But unless the Jewish people are ready to think like this, without secret partiality towards their white idols or whatever, things are not going to change, and the beit HaMikdash won't get actualized.

In the case of Trayvon Martin, anyone who wants to get "black" about it can see clearly that its not right that Zimmerman followed the 17 year old even when the police told him not to and that (2) he confronts the guy and (3) he shoots to kill.  Wrong is wrong, no matter how its packaged.

A White society can see this same situation and decided in their WILL what they actually want to be. From there they will use their intellect to to reason why what they want is right.  That would be as far as things go.

What will probably happen is (1) as all lights eventually reach the earth and leaves a course light in its wake (i.e. reality happens) Zimmerman will eventually be riddled with guilt.  This G-d aweful "white guilty" may insue which doesn't help anyone, but make White folks behave in self destructive manners and he will probably want to go out and hurt again. And (2) all the Zimmermans out there will feel validated in their idea that Blacks are dangerous --all the more so since they are bummed out from all the Trayvon Martin cases that occurred-- and the cycle continues.

Can the True Blue Jew step in and bring a tikkun here?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Quotable Quote

"Homocide is racist"

Chloe Simone Valdary

(on the Trayvon Martin murder)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Over Coming Insecurity

From wikipedia: Emotional insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable in some way, or a sense of vulnerability or instability which threatens one's self-image or ego.

I think one big stumbling block for many Black Jews and others as well, is the insecurity factor.  The fear that people will out them and treat them badly because they are different when in a mostly (and sometimes only) white Jewish setting. White Jews have insecurities as well -y'all can't hide it neither! lol.

But how do we overcome this? Particularly for Black Jews, because very often their worries are valid. 

I remember once my guard was down and I was speaking with a friend.  Because I couldn't think of a more appropriate word, I used the word, "obfuscate".   Ohh! Everything changed! He looked at me and made a big noise, "oooh! you know that word! three syllables!" and on and on he went. It was as if I was not suppose to know this word and if I did it was a big surprise (disturbance?). Such a big deal was made to last the next time I venture out of my "lowliness" to dare use such multisyllablic word.

If using such words causes such a ruckus, if using such words rocks the boat so much, how can a Black Jew even venture into discussing topics which require such words for convenience? Why is it seen as such a bad thing for a black person to sound.... intelligent?

to be continued...

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Roman and his Question

 A Jewish story:

Once there was a teacher who was teaching his Jewish students.  And as often was the case, some romans would come it and sit in the class -not to learn, but to try and stump the teacher or make trouble.

Sure enough a Roman entered the class just when the teacher was teaching about the court system. His last words were, "and so the majority rules!"

The man didn't hear the earlier part of the lecture and said, " so ! if the majority rules, then you all must conform to the Roman's ways because we are more of a majority!"

The teacher paused.

He asked the Roman. "How are you, Sir? Do you have sons?"

"yes." Replied the Roman.

"How are your sons?" Asked the teacher.

"Its a big headache when they come to visit," sighed the Roman. "they each come with their personal gods and arguments always insue as to which god is the preferred one."

So the teacher replied, "When you can sort it out between your sons, then come back and I'll answer your question."

The Roman understood.  He and his people was not a majority.  Each one was beholden to a different "head."  Every man was for himself.

As we all look on at the Muslim take over of the world, we are hesitant to really band together and really do something about it.  The goverments discourage it, but also the people are scattered.

My own personal fear is that many Americans and Europeans will want the help of others to fight Islam. They will praise the fighters in Myanmar for their victories, they will note the successes in Africa.

But once, if ever, the Muslims are defeated, my fear is that those same fighters will become "non-humans" once again in the eyes of the Americans and Europeans.

Basically, we are so scattered and divided, we are not a majority.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Brave Jews

Quotable Quotes

"The US is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah while Christianity triumphs in Russia"

The US is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah while Christianity triumphs in Russia.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dirty Truth

We all know the story from midrash that goes:

Hashem decided to create man and asked His minsters, Peace, Kindness and Truth what they thought.

Peace and Truth thought it was a bad idea. One said it would bring war and the other said man would bring falsehood.  Kindness was pro-man. He said man would do such acts of kindness that it would be worth it.

So, Hashem throws Truth down to the ground and proceeds to create Man.


This makes me wonder: Is Truth dirty now?

Is it something people don't really want to see? And when you do bring it out people don't even like it?

Does Truth have to be coated with a bit of lying in order to be swallowed? Sort of like a raw nerd. He has knowledge, but its suave and so people dislike him.  Only when he figures out how to have a "coat of suaveness"  (as in "..sheker hachein" from Mishlei) only then are people duly impressed with him and his knowledge?

And if Truth was thrusted to the ground, is it like ore? Ores need to be chipped away until the real precious metal is able to be taken.  Would precious metals represent Truth in the physical world?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Making of A Racist?

Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

Sometimes in the deep deep secret of my heart, I wonder where is the loyalty of the Black Jew? Is it to his blackness? Is it to his Jewishness?  Is there a right answer? Should there be?

Many Black Americans feel compelled to have allies of like people around them.  Its comforting and creates less chance of verbal gang ups by whites, less chance of being visibly singled out and shunned,  less chance of victimhood.  Even as they enter the Jewish world, which is diverse however, in America there is a prominent Ashkenazi population, even then they seek out their color brother for safety and comfort.

And when such color brothers are nowhere to be found, or are too few and far between, then the borders are knocked down and color brothers are searched for in other realms.  Thus, we have many groups of "Black Jews" which includes Orthodoxy, Conservatives, Reforms, Black Hebrews, Hebrew Israelites, Christians, Messianics, Muslims, you name it all in the same group. If its got the color, its in.

However, because the value system is not upheld (I mean seriously, does an Orthodox Jew believe Conservatives or Reforms are Jews or are they just flattering for the sake of having the numbers around them for the time being? Don't Reforms feel weary of the Orthodox's "holier than thou" thinking? Do Messianics and Christians not want to eventually devour the Jew's mind and replace it with their own dogma? ), the Black Jew must compromise on much of what they claim they hold dear for the sake of getting along with their color brothers.

As a result, they participate when these "others" slander the State of Israel,  they participate when Others denounce any rabbinic ruling they are not in favor of, they slowly disrobe themselves of the faith they once had for the sake of accommodating others' ideals.

(Granted I know why this is done.  Its the middot we are after, the kindness, the comfort the love that can be found from another.)

The poor Black Jew is just about ready to give up his Jewishness for the approval of his color brothers.

But what he doesn't know, and what is usually the case, is that those Other color brothers would love to have his Judaism. So an exchange slowly happens.

As the Black Jew gives up his Jewishness, his brothers slowly pick up his sparks that are foolishly discarded. They pick up his diction, his words, his clothes, his knowledge, his Torah, etc.,  at least at face value.  Then he begins to walk around amongst the Jewish people pretending as if he is a Black Jew.

Lest anyone finds out his ruse, he builds a wall. A wall called "Racism!"  If anyone dares ask him questions as to where he comes from or who he really is, he will declare the questioner a racist.  It doesn't matter that the question is asked out of stupidity, foolishness, curiosity, for the sake of clarity; any and all questions are
met with the dreaded label of  "Racist!"

So now what are the rest of the Jews to do?  How should they deal with the fake Black Jews and the real Black Jews.  How can they tell the difference? How will they know if that levite they are calling up to the Torah reading is really a Jew at all? How will they know if that couple that asked for their son to be circumcised on Shabbat is really a Jew at all? Can't ask! Don't want to be a racist!

And then we have another issue with our color brothers.  The studious Hebrew Israelites and Black Hebrews who learn Torah, not because they want to be part of the Jewish people with all its diversity. No.  They would rather usurp the title of Jew. Why? I have no idea. But it wouldn't be the first time people wanted that title. And so they work, tirelessly, to create the history of the Moors and how they were Jewish all along.

The Nigerians are getting in on this action too.  As they insist to their fellow Nigerian counterparts that all their other Nigerian oral traditions are false except the one that says that they were of Jewish descent.  They keep the propaganda going because if you say something long enough and loud enough... just maybe...

There is an enormously loud knocking on the Jewish door. Can you all hear it? Or is that a window getting broken?

And how unfair it is! Undoubtedly, there are White folks who try to sneak in the back door as well.  However, that is not spoken about as loudly. Different culture. Different methods.   But it personally hurts me, a Black Jew, that Black folks are doing this.  For all the struggles that I and people like me have gone through, and then to have to deal with this smoke screen, this fog, is disheartening. It makes that people can never be sure if someone is for real. And I'd like to keep it real.

So what's the solution? Granted, the problem of fake Jews pretending is not in a big scale as far as I've seen so far.  I've seen enough to make me nervous, but not enough to call the police ( Say where's the Sanhedrin when you need it? come on, people!). But its enough to raise an eye brow. So what's the answer? My fear is that if White Jews heard of this, they'd automatically take the easy lazy route and just dismiss all Black Jews. Black Jews will probably bite their nails. But whats the answer?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Azonto (from Ghana)

The State of Black Jewish Affairs

I want to note that when I say Black Jewish, I mean the orthodox definition of Jewish: Mother is Jewish or person had an orthodox conversion.

Baruch Hashem many are coming out of the woodwork --at least in my eyes- and its great! However, many are self concious, which is not strange, very sensitive and want to be accepted -especially those from America.

That is fine.

The problem comes when we are so willing to cover ourselves with reform, conservative, seculars, Christian, Muslim, anything black to cover our true selves in the hopes that numbers, quantity, trumps quality / values.  As a result, in order to not be a hypocrite to our comforters, we end up rejecting the very teachings of orthodoxy, and accept all sorts of people as Jews, accept all sorts of position (gay is okay, reform conversion is okay, etc) so that at least, we will have their acceptance, and together with them complain and slander our own.

Hmmmmm... what's wrong with this picture?

We need to recognize that there are things we don't like in the social scene in the Jewish world, but slandering our own Orthodox Jews to "outsiders" is not going to help. Nor does it help these friends.  They may be having their own issues in their own communities, but the motives may be totally different from what motivates our problems.  It will also make us look ridiculous for being still in that group. And that will create a cycle which will slowly, but surely, eventually pluck us out of that orthodox world.

If there is a problem, a possible solution is to voice our complaint where it can make a difference, and we should do it in a way that our complaints will be heard. While there is a place for venting frustration, we should be cautious that it doesn't turn into a breach of communal security -sending a bad scent of all the community's misdeeds to shamayim.

Who's got our back?

That is the big question! That is the whole reason we are turning to what we knew from before or what we think is the stronger, friendlier group who will comfort us.  Where is our bitachon? Where is our emuna? Where is our trust that our community has our back?  Where is our faith that Hashem will protect us and defend us?

Trust! Hashem protects the converts.   Trust! Those who were born Jewish, the Torah is our strength. Fortify yourself by immersing in Torah, in mitzvot, in getting your questions answered, in becoming the best you that you can possibly be, and the people that you "need" will come into your life either as "friends"  as "neighbors" as "family members" and however else Hashem works it.

There are many Black Jews who came in via conversion --and not from the same beit din.  Which means, there are at least three rabbis who feel and think it is good and right for black Jews to be Jewish, times that by however many black Jewish converts you can think up.

The good guys are out there.

p.s.  This is not to say that reform, conservatives, seculars, gays, Christians, Muslims, etc etc should be treated badly, G-d forbid!! They are humans and belong in the big pool of the human race. But it is to say that if your values are being stepped on, its not beneficial to go to a place who don't hold your same values, to get comfort and strength to fight harder for your values. You may meet eye to eye on that one point, but that is not enough.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Losing Battle?

This post is basically a rant.

I have been away from blogging for so long.

I don't want anything fake in my life -at least, as much as I can help it.  I want to be able to face things head on.

(1) One issue i'm dealing with is entertainment for the kids.  Since we don't have a television, they are not so easily exposed like many kids to the onslaught of horrible messages in tv programs. Programs where they almost always make the black character non-existant or so horribly stupid or silly that all dignity is gone from them.

Nevertheless, I do have my dear dear husband who hasn't a clue about such things and who finds videos for them to watch without regard to how the Blacks are treated.  Granted, he's white so he doesn't even know to look out for these things. And I have no one to blame but myself for marrying such a fellow.

I just have to be more vigilant and teach everyone whenever i can --in a way that they can hear it.

(2) There is so much disunity in the Black Jewish community, i just want to go to sleep! lol.

(3) Family crisis nearly averted, but much glass shattered. Now its time to pick up the pieces and see what's left....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Sad Day

I don't like that they are being harrassed, but I do admire that they don't show fear and that they are long suffering. May Hashem retaliate for them.