Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bomb Shelters are Opened

The bomb shelters all over Israel have been opened. I am in the holy city of Tzfat. That's within reach of the Lebanon ketyusha rockets. Well, keeping y'all posted...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Outta Here!

As y'all know, its all out war in Gaza and spilling over to pockets in Jerusalem. the Arabs in Gaza has been launching rockets into Israel for a while now attacking civilians. Recently, Israeli forces finally struck back. Maybe stuff isn't getting reported by friends are reporting small attacks in Jerusalem proper.

I'm gettin outta Jerusalem. God willing, I'll post in a few dayz. Or if there's a computer where I'm at I can post more stuff.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Ata Kadosh / You are Holy

One of the morning prayers.

Chorush: You are holy, Your Name is holy
And holy ones praise you every day.

Scenes are from the movie Uzpizin (The guests)

(tonight, Chanuka aligns with the Holy Sabbath and aligns with the new moon)

Food, Facial Structure and Fertility

Processed Food Affects Fertility and Facial Structure

"Weston A. Price discovered that as children eat these processed foods, with each generation, the facial structure becomes more and more narrow. Healthy faces should be broad. They should have perfectly straight teeth and no cavities. When you are eating real foods, nutrient-dense foods, you get the complete and perfect expression of the genetic potential. And that genetic potential, that gift from the Creator to all of us, is perfection. We were given a perfect blueprint. Whether or not the body temple is built according to the blueprint depends on our wisdom in food choices. When primitive societies abandoned their traditional diet and began to eat processed foods, the next generation had narrowed facial structure and was much more susceptible to diseases of every sort. "

Sally Fallon, Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Doctored Picture?

Am I crazy or does this picture look doctored up. I can't see the black kid's legs. Don't mean to sound paranoid. I'm just saying.

The Women

Short list of some of my favorite SHEros so far:

Ina May Gaskin. A country girl who fought against the medicalization of childbirth.

Sally Fallon. A Nutrition journalist and food historian, she gives a different perspective to food and the food industry's attempt to buy off doctors.

SheCodes of the blog Black Women Vote. Where ever you are.....

Simcha BenYosef. Author of the book Light of Ephraim and other books. My eyes really got opened about kabbalah and my courage lifted that I can learn too.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Tis the season for lots of celebration the world over. Right now, was Day 1 for the celebration of Hanukkah. Its the holiday in which we light a menora, or candelabria; one for each of the eight days. By the eighth day, all the candles are lit.

Foods associated with this holiday -cause there's always a matching food to go with the holiday- is anything with oil- to represent light. We usually eat latkes, a potato pancake type food with a side helping of applesauce or sour cream. Also doughnuts and in Israel 'sufgania' a type of doughnut without the hole.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's the Good Word: A Message to American Jews

With everything that's been happening in the world, America specifically. Lots of messages have been flying about. Get out of America quickly!! Come to Israel Now!!! The Messiah is coming! Well, here is the most sobering message yet.

Post is here. Thanks to Simple Jew's guest poster, Rabbi Ozer Bergman, author of When Heaven and Earth Kiss -highly recommended book!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Madoff Scandal

I am sure you have all heard of those pyramids. The uncle who comes to family get togethers and tries to push folks to buy his products so that they in turn can go to their friends and get them to buy those products so they in turn..... you get the picture.

Now imagine doing that as if it was an investment company. Come invest millions with the promise of super high returns, get more people to join, etc.

Stakes are high!

Well, this is just what Bernard Madoff did! A scam just like the pyramids scam except for investors. Now he's caught and the pyramid is collapse. The only difference is we are talking billions of dollars.

That is just plane wrong! Many Jewish companies and charity organizations joined this investment firm thinking it was legit, perhaps because the guy is Jewish. Sadly, they lost money in the millions.

All I can say is, if you've done something out of greed, perhaps now is the time to rethink that investment, rethink that choice, rethink your course of action. The golden calf is being taken to the slaughter house.

Quotable Quotes

"The “little-known Shi’ite” Clark Kent from al-Baghdadiya has potentially transformed himself into a popular superhero thanks to his flying shoes."

Yitz from This is Babylon blog


Monday, December 15, 2008

A Busha Ending for President Bush?

Maybe I'll feel differently when things effect me directly, but I thought it was shameful for the Iraqi journalist to throws shoes at exiting president Bush. Then again he did hurt, lie, negatively effect alot of people.

Okay so his name "bush" is like "busha" which means "shame" in Hebrew. Is this some sort of poetic justice?

A Hair, Nose and Skin Specialist? Part 2

Ah! Welcome back to my office. Yes, yes, of course I remember you. It was such a pleasure talking wid you. And, checking my calendar, you were due for an appointment. Let us begin, shall we?

Hmmm, so as I recall, you are perfectly fine with your nose now, yes? No need for treatment after our last appointment, no? Wonderful.

Now let's move on to the hair. What is the problem there? OOooooh yes, you did tell me. How everyone calls it nappy. Many don't think it should be in its natural state in the workplace.... yes, go on.... you are tired of it and want some sort of treatment?

Well, before we do any treatment, may I read a few things from my books? Thank you. Oh my! Before we do even that, let me tell you about my teacher back in med school.

She was a wonderful lady. She verbally took me by the hand when explaining things. We would go round about and round about a topic until it practically "fell" into my head! Hahahaha hahahah ahahah! Ah.....

Yes, she was my favorite teacher because she knew how to teach. I almost felt as though I was coming up with the concepts she was teaching myself because she went so slow round and round the topic until I understood it so well, I jumped off my seat and said it as if I ...."figured" it out. Only later I realized, she was giving me baby steps and teaching me to mull things over in my head until the concepts were within reach. I could rise higher and practically "grab" the concept myself. This methode insured that what she taught was deeply embeded in me. Now, look at myself, talking like a computer hahah ahahah. Ah...

Now, let me see....what can I find about hair....let me flip through the pages...

Ah! There are many ways to distinguish one person from another... Some use the hand to "see" things about a person.. some can look at the face... and yet others, the hair!

Thus, when Jethro, the Father in law of Moses instructed him to gather leaders of tens, leaders of hundreds and leaders of thousands...capable men, men who despise of truth, etc. He was basing his understanding based on hair. You see, the men who 'despise money' are the dark, curly haired ones. Capable men are white haired, God fearing, red, but let us focus on your dark, curly hair.

I continue from the same book here, let's see...

Hairs are like channels. They can channel in their designated wisdoms down to the level of faith. Thereby, making that wisdom a basic part of the person. Like the circle my teacher used to do when she taught me! Round and round the wisdom, ideas, float until its within reach and I "grab" it! Ah, it seems your hair can be like a round antennae or like the plates of a battery! Ah hahaha get it? plates. lol.

Oh, but I continue... If someone is worthy, these things are so, but if they are not worthy, if they allow their egos, base desires, allow others to lead them astray, if they allow these things, then the hair corresponds to the black bile (illness and poverty and depression).

Okay that was more in regards to the curliness, now the darkness corresponds to the Song of Songs verse that states, "I am black and comely.." What? In the English it is written "I am black BUT comely?" Ah no matter, let us continue... and that corresponds to "I am black" that is to say the lower part of our intellect. our simple faith. or the part where my teacher would say her last words and I would finally understand. "And or but comely" is the high part of the intellect before its been "spiralled" down the hair chaff to the point that we understand fully. This part is the wisdom in almost its rawest form from Above. Forgive me for laughing. Its just that "sustenance" in Hebrew is "shefa" sounds quite similar to "chaff".

Okay enough of my lame jokes. So the darkness of the hair also relates to the pupil of the eye according to Rabbi Nachman. Just as concepts, knowledge, wisdoms becomes more clear and graspable in the lower points of the spiral of the hair, so too our pupils contracts (or expands) to be able to see something more clearly and properly.

What? You no longer want treatment for your hair? You even love it! Ah, that is great news! But I do want to emphasize that all these things are only if one works on their character, seeks godliness, etc. Otherwise, it will not be a sign against the desire for money, on the contrary the material gains that one can obtain with money can make many lose their money in exchange for these materials gains- the big house, the fancy hubcap, bling, bling! Thus in the end they would have no money and may even have to give away their material gains.

Well, this is quite something. I suppose I should make an appointment for you regarding the skin? No problem! I'll see you then. Bye-bye.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Saving the World, Saving Haiti

I was meandering around in the blogosphere and decided to check out Divalocity. Oh man did I get hit with a brick. One of her post, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" had a picture of a 5 year old Haitian boy being weighed by a doctor.

The boy was emaciated.

That pictured bothered me all day. What am I doing towards helping those who could use some help?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interesting Coversation, Amero

All that I am hearing about the economy, I wondered what is the right thing to do. My gut instinct is to gather dry food goods like rice, lentils and to gather water. But what do I know. Better I learn from the elders.

Cruising around the internet, the biggest advice out there is buy gold and silver. Those will always be worth something. Okay, I am steady trying to save up some money to do just that even though I'm not in America. I suspect the rest of the world will go through the same thing.

But then I wondered, why doesn't the government just say 'oops we made a mistake. It seems we can not sustain an economy with fiat money. Let's buy back the gold and silver and back our money by that!'?????

So I asked Ensayn this over at his blog, Esayn Reality. His answer nearly knocked me over. Turns out someone did think of that already. Kennedy. And he paid dearly for it (and for other things I'm sure). He signed Executive Order 11110, to back the money by silver, but as we all know it never happened due to his untimely death.

Ensayn's post, "Money: What It Is and What You Work For" also reminded me of the Amero. So what's going on with that? When will that plan be unveiled?

At any rate, I guess I'll be collecting gold and silver bullions and hiding them (right next to my rice, lentils and water).

And for those of you who don't believe in the Amero. Here's one for y'all:

The Fear Factor

As most folks know, I don't own a television. For years I haven't and not having one really sensitizes one to many things.

Recently, I was looking for DVDs that I could share with my children. Documentaries, movies, etc. One thing that I realized that I never realized before is that alot of the children's movies are based on FEAR. That was a shocker. Most movies made for kids use the fear factor to keep them interested.

That was not good. For many reasons fear should be avoided and Joy promoted.

Endearing Disney movies which I loved so much, I never realized until now how much fear factor was used. While fear can cause a thrill, I wonder what it does in the long run.


I am dividing fear into two categories. There is FEAR which is really awe and reverence towards something. And, there is FEAR as in scared.

The awe and reverence ought to be left to God. Or, if you don't believe in God then the awe and reverence should have no place. No other being can be trusted 100% and granted such reverence.

Sages of old have said over and over that one must love God and fear God. But we're from the earth -or at least we have earthly qualities so many of us start from the bottom up. First we begin to love God and operate on that mode. As time goes on, we eventually fear Him.

"The end of the matter, when all is said and done: Fear God and keep his commandments, for that is the whole duty of man"
(Koheles 12:13)

If we had only love for God, we could do A LOT! Nothing would be too great. However, a border could be breached. In the case of Nadav and Avihu, two of Aaron's sons, they loved God so much that they wanted to worship Him even at the time that was not appointed for them. They took their pans and incense and started their fires regardless.

However, it was a strange fire. One that consumed them!

This makes me think of a man who fell hard in love with a woman. The fire of his passion is raging. But if things are not checked, she's not given her space, her needs are not thought of; basically, she's not respected (which is a notch lower than fear), then she goes away and he's left consumed in his own fire.

But that is not the type of fear I mean from the movies. There they have fear as in scared. That is a defeating kind of fear, I believe. The thought that there are so many things that can come out and grab ya! Or things that are way overpowering. Its exhausting and stressful. But it keeps you in your seat because the viewer needs to win, needs closure that the innocent, sweet, whatever the character was made out to be- can overcome this bad. Each movie brings the viewers to that edge.

This type of fear draws out negative emotions from us. It is the basis for alot of other negative emotions such as distrust, hatred, doubt. Naturally, children have fears that come even without a movie producer's encouragement. The dark. A loud helicopter. Yelling people. You name it. As we slowly try to teach our children not to be afraid, I feel it would be self defeating to give them yet more things which then I have to coax them to not be afraid of. I even suspect its a kind of power ride -for me- that I'm trying to avoid. Keep the child scared then they come to me then I, the mighty parent, soothe them and the circle continues. Nope! Not this time.

While I"m glad that things haven't come to the point in which producers start making movies with bad endings for children, I am still not sure I like all the stress and fear they promote.

One great focal point in my life is to be Joyous. Not fearful, but joyous.

Joy brings out healthy and positive feelings and probably healthy and positive hormones in our bodies as well! When we have joy, we are capable of ruakh hakodesh /holy spirit. By Holy Spirit I don't mean talking in tongues. I mean having knowledge descend upon a person and/or seeing the world in a more whole view (mochin d'gadlut)

Joy causes us to breath deeper and cooler air. Fear gives us heated and shortness of breath. Breath is our life -wouldn't we want it deeper? That alone does much good for the body.

By Joy I don't mean the happiness one feels when hanging out with friends -that's great too. But I mean more the joy one feels when one does a good deed.

Refresh Yourself with some Music!

A Niggun is a piece of music that doesn't have words to it. Its meant to be meditative. Here's Shlomo Katz singing one of my favorite niggun. Close your eyes and soar with this one...

(p.s. I think I recognize that hall. Is that in the Har Hotzvim near the Tomb of David, next to the Old City?)

More music? Why not. Here's Soulfarm. (unfortunately the embedding was disabled. Grrr. lol)

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Dangerous Trek

Sadiq Sahour Abkar paid human traffickers $750 to smuggle himself, his 28-year-old wife, Hajja Abbas Haroun, and their infant daughter Samar over a remote border crossing in the Sinai Desert into Israel last year.

The smugglers, however, dropped them along with four pregnant women, eight men and numerous children - all Sudanese refugees - several miles from the border. As the African migrants neared the frontier, they heard a patrol of Egyptian border guards and lay down quietly on the ground, waiting for them to pass. Suddenly a baby in the group began crying....

Here's the story: A Dangerous Trek

Quotable Quotes

"Consumption is its own reward for production"

Peter Schiff

Sunday, December 7, 2008

And Here's a Jewpanese blog

Kaguya explores life as a Japanese Jew at Notes of a Jewpanese Nomad.

Quotable Quotes


"We must hang together gentlemen, or we will surely hang separately"

Benjamin Franklin

Another Jewish Blog

I discovered another interesting Jewish blog. The blogger has a Jewish mother and Muslim father.

The Arms of Moses

Its definitely about diversity and inclusion. Yay!

(((A business man comes home. A days work behind him. He quietly closes his doors and sits on his bed. Unveiling his day's profit, he lays them out on his bed and begins to count them anew...)))

If you love your blessings you count them and recount them. That which you love, you reflect upon. That said, let me re-count, anew, all these blogs. LOL!

So there's Hochma and Mussar, This is Babylon, Arms of Moses, and my own blog!

Figuring Out How to Behave Around Ethiopian Jews

I have tried my best to do the Ethiopian shoulder dance.

Some more training would be appreciated! lol

I have such an interesting relationship with Ethiopian Jews here in Jerusalem. In America, there was always the nod of comeraderie or a short hello. Something showing solidarity. But here its just not like that.

Don't get me wrong, its not that there isn't solidarity between black Jews to black Jews, its just that I haven't figured out the right way to behave yet. lol.

Yes. I remember the first time I passed by a store. There were security guards sitting on high stools right outside the store with their metal detectors. As I passed by I wondered, should I give a quick smile, a hello? Is that too forward for this very modest society?? I had to decide quick because I was coming up to the store. I decided to risk it...

As I passed by the two security guards, I cooly smiled mouthed out a soft "shalom". But much to my dismay it did not go well AT ALL. One of the men let out a high pitched phrase in Amharic. Then they both began to talk. I quickly tried to walk faster and turn the corner before a spectacle was made! Whew!

Okay, I understood now. I am not in Kansas any more. But what's the new norm? I've decided to play it by ear. Now when I pass by, if its men, I do nothing. Except of course, the guys who work at my local supermarket. Those guys call my son Obama and joke with the kids so that's established. Otherwise any other guy -too risky. However, when I see Ethiopian women, I still venture out a smile. We usually end up talking and having mutual respect for each other. Chavivuta - mutual love! The more that goes around the more power people are.

So far I have met Ethiopian Jews, Liberian, Caribbean, African American and a few others which escapes me at the moment. As many as there are countries! But my most memorable moment was having Shabbat with Rabbi Hadana. The respect his family gave him, the memorabilias in his home, the food, the history and the agony over traditional ways vs the new ways, everything was fascinating. I wish I could actually have met his father (who is a Qes -like a Cohen or rabbi).

So much to learn.

At any rate, I pray for unity for all of us --world unity.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ramblings: Tired of the BS

This is actually good news. A blessing even. I'm throwing in the towel. I'm tired of the BS in my life. My goal originally was to post about interracial dating and marriage. There was just too much vitriol to deal with. Too much anger and hatred vomited out from bloggers and commenters against each other. What drama, who needs it? Finally, I abandoned that goal.

Then I just wanted to post about BW topics and give it my own Jewish twist to events and inspire. Well, I don't know if I've inspired. Anybody. I am not a very patient person. Perhaps I am, but I don't feel it.

There are so many things that I just don't agree with but say nothing. I don't want that anymore. I want to live my life more freely.

There are many "self help" BW blogs out there, but I am afraid they are not for me. I am not knocking it, its just not for me. My 'self help' is found within me. I can't borrow someone else's decision or path to "free" themselves of any or all previously known concepts in the name of self empowerment because my decisions are my own. I know many would not be able to hang with who I am and what I am. Many can't even conceive that black can have any value. Many can't even conceive that Jewishness can be anything good. Some can't even understand that there is more to life, more to me than just these. Catch words have bound us. Zionist has its connotations. There is even a book, I believed called, "Is Gay the new Black?" As if to say, is being gay the new negative, bad, discriminated, etc. Would anyone think that the title of this book meant that gays could be the "new" artistic, musical, spiritual anything positive?

Anyway, I can't be doing self helps. I went through that already. I am where I want to be! I know where I want to go.

Any attempt to go backwards and I'll have to fight the same battles I've fought long ago. Also I can't deal with the let's-mourn-our-bad-decisions-and-reflect business. Everything we did, everyone one we met has led us to become who we are today. God Loves Us! And yes, we have free will. So here we are. In the here and now. And we are who we are in the here and now. Now what? That is the question.

Now, we arise, like a phoenix on to the next level. That's what.
* * *

Well, I went onto a blog recently and found folks talking about how they want "peace". Peace against all the hateful CIA who conspire and rouses countries like India and Pakistan and others to fight each other and peace against the "warhawk Zionists". Well, I guess we've decided who the enemies are. LOL.

Its so much easier to say that any other government leaders are "puppets" and pawns, and the CIA is the only one in the world with a BRAIN. But it makes the problems too simplistic. But the truth of the matter is that nobody really cares anyway. Its just a question of how will this effect ME?! That is why the biggest threat seems to be the CIA. The other countries may have corrupt governments and may even hate Americans, but they are not the immediate threat.

Now Israel is not a big threat, I don't think, to America. But yet folks almost lovingly choose to hate them too. Why? Is it the lobbyists in Washington? Aren't there many lobbyists in Washington? Are they too successful? Has it turned into a white vs black situation? Palestinians being the "new black" so to speak?

I remember long ago, I took a trip to a caribbean island. It was beautiful. The coconut trees, the smell of the air, the colorful dresses....The people there did not have much. No tvs, nothing to expose them too much to what they are missing had they lived in America. They tried to get bread on the table everyday, went to local soccer games, kicked it with friends, carried baskets on their heads, and had a ready smile for whoever needed. After that trip, I closed my ears whenever I heard MSM (mainstream media) discuss how poor that country was and how blah, how negative. They had no good news to say about that place. I learned to screen them out.

However, I believed what MSM had to say bout everything else.

Then I became religious and came to Israel. I saw first hand Arabs, Jews, Christians living here. Then I became wary of MSM's portrayal of Israel. and that was it.

Finally, it clicked. What else are they just slandering for the sake of entertaining news and maintenance of stereotypes?

This was the final blow for me on MSM. But I fear many, so many others are still under their spell. Humans are not meant to be negative for prolong periods of time.

This is why they post constantly these various studies of how bad things are in the African American community and various other groups -because without the continuity of these bad reports, we'd get out of our funk and do better. But we only look at what interest us and not the wide picture. So we don't see the games they play. We're too stuck trying to rectify our image, our self esteem, our whatever else that just got slandered. People are buying it. Blogs after blogs, I find BF wondering how to find a self esteem, where to go for love, even wondering CAN people actually love them! The studies are working. Folks get so lost in their own search for value, no time is taken to wonder perhaps others are getting a bad rap.

But truth is needed. It needs to be loud.

In a lunge to grasp self esteem, many fling themselves to whatever institution that could maybe help.

Many run to Islam.

I respect Islam and wish I knew more about sufis and how life was/ is like for them and what they believe. I also like that in Islam, they don't have a middle man between themselves and God and there's no ambiguity.

But I seriously wonder, is it truths about Islam that attracts many African Americans? Or is it the color? Is the presumption that since most Muslims are seen as 'not white' and so therefore there is acceptance there? I know that there are some who are truly serious and seek this out because they understand and believe truly.

Our color has a significant purpose and value. But its not a ticket or a pass.

Okay, maybe on the human level. But I mean it doesn't DEFINE us.

* * *

Who wants world peace? I mean really.

For this to happen we need unity and harmony. HASSADIM and GEVUROT. Unity in that we understand each other and work towards a common goal. Harmony in that we don't have to lose our individual identity and /or beliefs in order to accomplish the unity.

Imagine, in an orchestra the violinists are angry at the flutists because they are using such 'foreign' instruments. They should burn!!! eh? We should all be violinists? But imagine the harmony that comes when the orchestra plays with various instruments?

There is a place in the world for everything and everyone. A bad character trait (anger, jealousy, etc) is simply a misplaced character. Yes, there are times to be angry. Times and reasons to be jealous. Just don't misplace it. lol.

Who wants world peace? Where is your Ayin tov /your good eye?

Its so easy to look at things with an Ayin Ra /an evil eye. An eye that sees the bad, the wrong, the criticizing eye. The eye of hatred. Wash those eyes out. Look with both of them and you'll see the truth of the matter.

Who wants world peace? Seek it out.

You'll find it in the scriptures. In the Torah. In the Koran. In science. Inside of yourself. Seek truth and good. It permeates the world and is ready to be drawn in once we really want it.

Okay, I am starting to sound preachy so I'll stop my ramblings.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am So Sorry, Moshe

This piece of news was very very hard to post about. Moshe's parents were killed in the Mumbai attack. The parents and others from the Chabad House* were tortured before they were killed. Tortured so badl, so "beyond words", that the doctors -experienced men and women who have seen bodies before-- were traumatized.

Now little Moshe is an orphan.

I have no words.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet. (Blessed is the True Judge)

(h/t for photo: Am Kshe Oref)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Neshama News...

What is Neshama News. Neshama is the part of our soul that is still connected to God. Its that part that tugs at us when we feel the need to 'connect to the universe' or 'feed the hungry' or 'save the whales.' Neshama News is meant to document news stories but in a way that encourages faith and, at times, give us (me) hope.

Black Friday blackened. As with every year, stores have a black Friday sale in which items are drastically cut down in prices. Hopeful consumers line up hours in advance before the stores open hoping for bargains. Well this year, things turned deadly. At a Toys R Us in California, two people were shot and killed -possibly in the name of materialism. What kind of "bargain" was that? Materialism is just NOT worth two lives -not even one life! But it continues as Wal Mart Black Friday Stampede takes the life of a worker. The Holiday season has been infused with materialsim for a while now, perhaps this is a wake up call?

The terrorist attack in Mumbai is finally over. According to reports, about 195 people were killed. Again, precious lives taken by those with disregard for what is holy and precious. India claims that the attack was from a Pakistani militant group, Lashkar-e-Taiba. However, they stopped short of accusing the Pakistani government of being accomplices. India and Pakistan have been battling each other since 1947 over border disputes. (the same type of disputes that went on in Rwanda, the middle east) Who's footprints are those? At any rate, blame does not fix the problem. In a show of great humility, Shivraj Patil, the At Home Minister of India resigned. Other governments should learn from this.

Speaking of government heads resigning, In Thailand, protesters have taken over Bangkok's two airports and won't let go until Thailand's Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat resigns. Why do they want him to resign? Because of a protest that happened in October 7 in which the police were ordered to take apparently drastic steps against the protesters and fired teargas canisters.

A first ever Noahide Radio Show. Noahides are people who are not Jewish, but they take on the Torah and the laws that are meant for non-Jews. Hosted by Ray Pettersen and Jim Long, the Noahide Nations show is a program about the Noahide, or Bnei Noach, movement. More on that at INR.

(this is a test to see if I enjoy it or not. Bear with me!)