Friday, April 20, 2012

Just for Fun - Obama and Rosa Parks

Powerful imagery.  President Obama sitting in the bus where Rosa Parks began her historic protest.

(I know this is advertisement for Obama, but, well the picture was too powerful and I don't care too much about politics)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Rabbit Hole

No doubt i have a huge imagination that sometimes need taming.

With the passing of my friend, too many thought were swimming in my head... questions such as "why did she have to be taken care of by her sister, the one who had so much dissention against her?"  "could that have cause the whole sickness in the first place?"  "what could I have done? mediate between the two? Try to wrestle control of the situation and bring her to different doctors?"

I get so confused that I need an outside person to examine all the details and give me an objective conclusion.

Also, I am mourning my dear dear friend and fighting off all the pressures from people insisting that I go to this healing get together, and go to that shiva call, etc. Let me heal on my own and do what I can already.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Its that time again.

Pesach just passed, and we celebrated the 7th day of Pesach (splitting of the sea) recently, then Shabbat.  It was heavy.

In fact that last two festivals have been heavy. Purim was heavy in a good way. it was deep and meaningful.  I finally felt like a bat Melech -King's daughter. for real.   Pesach was heavy because my friend, a very dear friend passed away.  The circumstances in which it happened was devastating, but yet I can't prove anything and so I just play dumb. But it hurts.

So now we are in the time of improving our middot/character traits.  I called it "divestment" because for a while the Black Women Empowerment bloggers were big on that word, so it was a nice buzz word to use.  But whatever we want to call it. Now is the time for fixing our middot.

Middot literally means measures.  Character traits are measures, because what makes a character trait a good one is knowing how much of it to use in which situation. Think of it as cupping your hands to make a bowl.  You use your left and and your right hand and you've got a nice big bowl.   If you should remove either one of the hand, you end up holding less, you get an imbalance.  But with both, you are in shape.  using both your right hand , your right side (kindness, love, giving, etc) and mixing it with your left hand, left side ( strength, restraint, empathy, etc) you get a beautiful combination basket that can hold Torah (meaning, you can understand Torah better. or if you are not Jewish, then you can understand the blue prints of life better).

I guess you can also think of it like a basket made of straw. See how the straws criss-cross each other. you need the up and downs to cross with the side to side straws otherwise you can't hold much before the whole thing falls apart.

Last week was the study of lovingkindness.  This week we work on gevurah (strength, restraint)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Adventures of Bina Barzel

At long last! Here is the beginning of the beginning. hahahaha.

Part 1 of the Adventures of Bina Barzel.

(the quality will only get better and better. Unfortunately, I'll be off line for a while during Passover holiday)

Happy Pesach/Passover cleaning.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Afrocentricity driven vs Truth driven?

There are many, many afrocentric ideas floating around, some are completely ridiculous, but I think some are worthy of deeper thinking.  Is there a forum to discuss such things? Is there an orthodox Jewish setting to discuss these topics?

The afrocentric things that I am most concerned about are:

(1) the idea that we have a different constitution from people who's ancestors come from European countries -- some might be nearer if they are mixed, but for us who are not, eating hybrid or too processed food may not be good.  Better to eat non-hybrid foods.  The idea behind this is that since Black folks are rooted in the beginnings - since the beginning of civilization, etc., the food has to correspond.  Does that make sense? Is there any validity to this? If so, shouldn't this information be expounded and told?

(2) I know that Moshe Rabbeinu received the Torah at Har Sinai.  After that the JEwish people were officially "born".   They then circled the dessert for 40 years and then entered the land of Israel.  So why is it that the very Afrocentric "Black Jews" insist that the original Jews were Ethiopian?  If they said that the original Jews were Black or dark complected, I could hear that, but to say that they were Ethiopians, I don't get... do you?

(3) Every group of people has their strength and weaknesses.  I don't think its racist to single out a group -especially - if that group is one's own, and seek out our strengths and learn to deal with our weaknesses.  Is there a forum for this? One that doesn't just bash people?