Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bye-Bye Sukkot, Hello Simhat Torah!

I'm sad to see it go! Another fun holiday gone. I pray I did it right, meaningfully.  Originally, these are the days the Jewish people pray for all the nations. Long ago, they would make offerings at the alter on behalf of the world. Now, there are no sacrifices, no bull ofterings, no meal offerings. Everything has been replaced by prayer. Until the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.

Now we move onto Simhat Torah (Joy of the Torah), the Big Book gets read all over again from the beginning (Genesis/Bereishit) starting the coming Shabbat.

List of Favorites

Just because.

Kids' favorite movie:

The Forbidden Kingdom
About a young boy who must return a staff to the "Monkey King" played by Jet Li. He is aided by the drunken kung fu master played by Jackie Chan. and cute dart throwing lady.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;

Four turtles zapped by strange chemicals grow into huge karate chopping fighters. They help a kid and a reporter to change their lives.


A Super bright little girl discovers she has magical powers and uses them to save her school and her teacher from a mean principal.

The Karate Kid
A young boy moves to China (wouldn't that make him the kung fu kid?) and has to deal with bullies. He finds a teacher to teach him to fight and tackles the bullies in a tournament.  Some what same story as the original Karate Kid.

Kids' favorite stories:

The story of Abraham
The story of Joseph
Marvel Comics Uncanny X-men

Kids'favorite toys
Kiiks building toy
Little people anything

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another black Jew Shot

This time, thank G-d, he was not fatally wounded. A black Orthodox Jew was shot today in Midwood, NY. Here is the story

This is the second time in a few months that such a shoot out happened and a Black Orthodox Jewish man was involved! Should we be concerned? What is the message here?

Shulamit Built a Sukkah


Meanwhile, IDF kills three rocket launching terrorists -er- peace lovers in Gaza.
.(< rant>sheesh! why must all the Israeli settlements in so called "PA territories" be dismantled, insuring that the PA areas are Jew-free, but in Israel itself, its considered wrong to make Israel Arab free?! double standard hypocrisy. < /rant>)

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Slice of Jewish History: The Bielski Brothers

Even though this is a piece of Jewish history, I think BW can get much out of this...

Note:What I liked from this video: Just the will to live, thinking out of the box, knowing one's environment so that one can use it. More.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sukkot Shake


Every day during the festival of Sukkot, the men take out their "four species" and shake them towards all sides. up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards.  The purpose is to draw kindness from all sides and bring it down to all the worlds.

After that, immediately, follows Simchat Torah! Out of gratitude for the Torah, we dance.

Well, not quite like that lol.

What's the Matter with You, African?!


What is the matter with you, Africans? I see in the media, so many pictures of women with their breast bare. What? Did you flee from Adam before he committed the sin of the forbidden fruit? Are you from that early group of people not quite completely tainted by the admixture of good and evil?

And so often, I am bombarded with the images of African women carrying babies in Africa. Carrying them on their backs. If the babies are not on their mother, their on some little girl. Must you insist on warmth? Don't you know about the global warming crisis? Nevermind that, were you not told that the world is getting colder?

And why is it the sun is always shining in your land? As if the gaze of G-d is continuously upon you. Why must you get all the attention? don't you notice your continent is called dark? We are trying to invalidate you!

And don't let me get started with your black skin! Its so black its like a black hole! Are you a portal? A portal to another dimension of spirituality?

And at last your sexuality. Everyone is talking about it, it is the thing myths are made of. You carry it so naturally. Can you make love to any topic or idea and dominate it? Is your goal to dominate  a topic with splendor and to bring the world to a new spiritual height? We would rather use it for something crass if you let...


Friday, September 24, 2010

No Wedding No Womb Kick Off

About 100 blogs will be participating in the NWNW (no wedding no womb) campaign. What About OUr Daughters, blogger, Gina McCauley came up with this video for the occasion...

Visit her blog for more information!

Picture of the Day

.Jewish man praying in Uman, Russia (for Rosh Hashana, many flock to Uman from all over the world)

They go by the tomb of Rebbe Nachman and pray in his merit. (hat tip= check out their site for more pictures of Uman)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Making a Change

I can't deal with bad news. I want change. I want good for the world. I want to do my part in making that happen.

Someone has got to begin. But who? Who will be the next Nachshon? Nachshon was from the tribe of Yehudah who -when the newly liberated Hebrews were trapped between the advancing Egyptian army led by Pharaoh and the Sea of Reeds-  didn't wait for the sea to actually split, he jumped in and upon his jumping, the sea split. Nachshon was stuck between a rock and a hard place, but relied on faith that (1) Moses' prayer would be answer and (2) action must follow the prayer.

Its very difficult for one person to make a difference. I can send $.50 a day to some starving country and pray my brains out that all of it gets to the needy person. But after hearing of all the shady humanitarian "efforts" out there, its pretty demoralizing. I mean, does anyone care where the flotilla to Gaza got its funding? Does anyone care that its efforts were not even half-headed? The items in the boat was not needed! They could have saved themselves time and effort by going the regular route.  There needs to be a bigger movement -a movement from individuals towards true peace and harmony for world.

Some one once asked, "why are evil people so quick and successful?!" My guess is because good people are like a cool breeze. a flowing brook. Relaxed and chilled. They don't intend harm on others most of the time, they mind their own business. They are basically bland! Holy, yes, but bland.

Evil people, on the other hand, to me are like hot stuff! They are forever thinking, plotting, moving. Like a heated organism, they move quickly and are constantly in motion-in thought, speech and in action. People like that can run rings around the good person. Even as a child, I found the villains more interesting in movies! And the villain in movies, truly, requires more acting abilities, I think.

So how do you fight this fire?

GET JEWISH on the World!

No, I don't mean convert.

I mean get hot and heated for good things, for G-d, for humanity without loosing your sense of right and wrong. Love and fear is needed here.

Just the way evil is hot for its affairs; so we, the ones who want good in the world, must get heated for good things.  But someone needs to lead. Someone who knows their camp.   As a Jewess, I can say that this is what is attempted to be infused in the Jewish world, that the child love G-d so much, understands that following the commandments are basically acts of love for G-d, but also has a butterfly effect in cleansing the world -and wanting this--in their will ,in their essence.  There is a teaching that everyone must carry two notes in their pockets. One note that says "I AM NOTHING" this note is to keep us humble, to help us remember that there is Someone above us, and that we are part of this ...Nothingness! and the other note says "THE WORLD WAS CREATED FOR ME!" This note is to remind us of our responsibility, our ownership of the world.

If we feel not only responsible for the world, but we feel that this is ours, OURS! Then we would have more zeal in caring for it.  Its not enough to stress "responsibility" because that word makes one think of "burden" "heavy" "seriousness".  But if we felt and knew that the brooks were OURS, the mountains - OURS, the valleys - OURS, the creatures that crawl - OURS! the animals, the birds, the beasts in the fields, OURS! When we feel that we own it -a sense of proprietary hold, then its a different ball game when someone comes and messes with our stuff.

And so children are taught measures. How much and when. When we are conditioned to get fired up for good, we can potentially turn evil! We can go over board, like Nadav and Avihu who burned a "foreign fire" to the Holy One because they were so fired up with love. They neglected the rules, and opted for blind, drunk love. And so measures are needed to temper our behavior: how much giving is good? how much holding back is good? How much dominating is good? How much invisibility is good? How much creativity is good?


Its like an orange. Good is somewhat encased in the surrounding peel, the surrounding evil. It requires stealth, to always manage to zoom in and get the good (i.e. know what is good, appropriate and doing it), and flick off the peel. It requires cunning.  It requires living consciously -not with too much distractions. And all this can be gotten from going to your local library and ready that Holy book.


So where do we begin? We've got to start within ourselves of course.

Starting with the man in the mirror! I like that.

Truly! We all have a masculine side and a feminine side. The feminine side is the left side: understanding, withholding, being invisible;  the masc. is the right side: wisdom, charity, giving, dominating. Those of you who read feminine =being invisible and feel offended -stop reading right now!

 Those who read masculine =dominating =and feel "Yes, this I want!" stop reading right now!

For the rest, let me explain:  Have you ever seen a father with his child? The way he gets all engrossed in the child? That's masculine force. Masculine usually entails enveloping, completeness, no boundaries, etc. Like wisdom -its infinite, or water- it has no boundaries (unless you put boundaries on it, it will just spread out), charity -there is no set amount of giving required -but you can give and give until you yourself are broke, Dominating -there's another one that can go and go and go and if not tempered can lead to slavery, oppression, etc. These things must be tempered. We've got to start with the Man -the masculine- in the mirror!

There is a sad phenomenon that I see these days. Conspiracy theorists. Not all of them are sad, but many that I've seen, tries so hard to know, to be in the know, that they will take on and believe (or at least report) even conflicting conspiracies -just to show that they are in the know. They feel they are safe because they have knowledge. It doesn't matter that things are conflicted, it doesn't even matter that they are not changing their own lives one bit because of this knowledge.

Beware!   Evil feeds on this.  Someone wrote a very nice piece on it.  Aldous Huxley. His concern was that there would be such a flood of information that no one would know which is correct and which data to discard! This would lead to inaction because no one is sure what is right. They get so stunned by the "bilderbergs" or whatever other group out there, that they can't rouse a group to action.  Or they'll see a creeping danger approaching, but have too many conflicting data to really zoom in on any conviction on A matter.

(Another man, George Orwell, I think went the opposite route. He wrote a story called 1984, in which people simply manipulate by the use of words of lack of words to describe something. As in, having no word for "freedom" and so its just not thought of.)

Same goes.  Tempering is needed. Not too much and not too little. In the case of charity -"charity saves from death" however, some people are too afraid to give. So they withhold -especially when the economy is bad. They forget the purpose and effects of charity (or maybe their purpose is different, than my purpose!)  Then others give too much -too much of their time, of their money. (yes, the revisiting of the mammy syndrome).

DOMINANCEDominance can be too little as well and too much which leads to derailment of one's will and slavery/oppression respectively.

Once these measures are decided, now we can turn to the feminine side....


I just want to point out that Black folks are not encouraged to dominate a field.  They/we are not encouraged to display wisdom -sometimes it seems we are being chutzpahdik if we show a bit of knowledge to some people. And charity is scoffed at -especially the everyday type charity to the beggar on the street.  All these masculine parts are being stripped from Blacks, not only by bigotted whites (not all whites now. Sorry racists!) but also by hateful, "we're supposed to be at the bottom of the barrel" Blacks.  Its no wonder some try to call Black men, boys! But nevermind, we must still start with the man in the mirror.

I suspect the saving grace of the Black community has been the over doers, the mammys, the grave diggers as they are called. That type of power (everything has a force) that type of charity, I suspect, bouyed the community from utter destruction. But we are at a new horizon. A new place. Blind charity, blind giving to the point of mammyhood -indescriminate, slavish, service to others -any other but our own- can only go so far.  This is not to spit at there efforts. But now its time to stand up.  Charity indeed saves -and has saved- from death. But we no longer need to survive, now we need to live! A different form of charity is needed.

I also want to point out that Jewish guys are also called "good Jewish boys"! And I hope that that changes as well.

The one who is actually called man -is usually the white, non-Jewish guys.  And sure enough, they are expected to dominate, to be the wise ones, to be the generous giving ones, etc

And then there are the women. Since women are visibly feminine, it seems that we are not even given the honor of having a masculine side! No dominance, no wisdom -supposedly.  We are simply put aside in many cultures. Nevertheless, we still have our masculine side that needs fixing.

The change does not end with just the man in the mirror.  There is still the feminine side to tackle. The understanding, the withholding, the invisibility.

to be continued...


Quotable Quotes

"We are begging the international aid agencies to come and give us food, water. We have women and children here sitting in the sun for days with no shelter. We have nothing," said Abdelkarim.(A citizen of Darfur, Sudan)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hear O Israel....

....The Lord is Your G-d, The Lord is One....

This is a prayer said before going to bed, and one of the prayers said in the morning. (Its also supposed to be the last thing a Jew says before he dies).

Heres a baby saying it, but the part about going to sleep, he's not having!

cute! lol

Big News! Blame Israel for Gaza Resort Destruction

Remember that water park that was built in Gaza? Well, its burned down. Destroyed. Too much possible mixing of guys and girls for Hamas's taste. But that's never stopped you....

Now you have a new thing to blame Israel for!!!

Sorry. I'm getting cynical. That's a sign that I need to chill. Anyway, tomorrow night is Sukkot! The festival of Booths. We all make little (or not so little) booths and have parties in them. Its quite an interesting holiday and it is said that in future times, even non-Jews will participate in this festival.

We haven't put our decorations yet. Its hilarious to see the decorations because the package shows its obviously old Christmas decorations being resold as Sukkah decorations!!

Those Peace -Loving Folks

Ladies and gentlemen,

Meet Gilad Shalit. He's a young Jewish guy who became a soldier. I guess he didn't realized he'd get kidnapped by the terrorists Hamas. Also, I guess he didn't realize that the world, including all the "humanitarian groups" really don't give a crap about Jewish blood (or female blood or Black folks blood for that matter, but that's for another day). He's been held hostage for about FIVE years now. Did you just yawn?! I said FIVE WHOLE YEARS.  I don't hear anyone fighting for his rights....

Oh! I don't even know what emotion to have. When will the world realize -wait, nevermind - when will Israel realize that the world simply does not care about it, and this whole peace process charade is only feeding those counties selling arms to both sides.

I don't like being like the Chareidim who wait passively for the Moshiach (Messiah), but I don't know what is the answer. I am from that camp that says if only Israel would turn back to its Torah -the whole reason why this land is precious to us, then G-d would fight our battles for us, just like in the six day war --tons of Arab countries surrounded little Israel, little David, but never the less, they all got a sound beating.

Hopefully, G-d will remember the efforts that the Jewish people made when after 1945, the British was already backtracking when they delcared Israel for the Jews (the Balfour Declaration) and were trying to prevent boats of people from docking into Israel, nevertheless, the people tried everything, every way to smuggle into this Holy Land...(some boats just ended up sinking in the sea).

Hopefully, we can get another Divine Loan from upstairs just as the Jewish people did when they left Egypt --with an outstretched hand, G-d Himself, not any other and not an angel, somehow managed to get a groups of slaves right out from inside a superpowered country. With miracles of plagues and the Loan -the parting of the sea.  We could use another loan. The world doesn't care, they don't care about the message  we bring, they don't care about the people, bodies, souls, nothing. People can be starving in Darfur, but its more interesting to send a flotilla to Israel -nevermind the the items in the flotilla were useless- the goal is not really to save anyone.

I suppose I should be sad.

But secretly I do hope Gilad is dead. No one should suffer under such brutal people for five years -if they did, I'm sure even they would wish for death. So, I think its an act of mercy on my part to hope that he's been dead --just like they had hoped to do with the four Jewish travelers: Kill them, pretend like they are hostages and get more terrorists released or get more money. Yep, Even Egypt is exasperated with Israel's passivity.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Vote for a Jew of Color; You've got Nothing to Lose

Please vote and promote!

Shais Rishon is competing to be a hero in the Jewish world.

He is the one who brought to you A chatting place, message board, ask your questions about Judaism site for Jews and non-Jews alike. He also created JoCFlock, a Jew of Color matchmaking site. Positivity! Progress!

Vote and show him your appreciation. Click here.


Quotable Quotes

"what we're asking is for them (doctors) to take a loss for the good of our children.  And that's a tough sell."

Jim Carrey, Actor


Oy The Media: from a Two Dotter

I don't expect most people to distrust the media.  It took me the experience of two dots before I started to suspect anything.

My two dots were the fact that my family hails from Haiti. The other dot is that I am Jewish.  With the former, everytime I went to Haiti, I fell in love with the people. The colors. etc. Whenever I came back to America I had to block out the manner in which USA wasp media spoke of Haiti. Its poverty was always stressed, not as a call to do something about it, but as a permanent status- as a zing or a sting. I didn't detect any love for Haiti. In fact, quite the opposite if you know the history.  The latter, being Jewish I began to see Jews and Israel with my own eyes. And while there are problems, the way things are slanted in the media leaves my head reeling. But most people do not have the two dots to connect. Most have one dot --or one worldly "strike" against them: For example, a Black male-- the "black" may be something American wasp would try to hurt; whereas his maleness receives a hat tip.  Another example, a female politician. Her "femaleness" may cause her flack in America, whereas the fact that she has a normal job as a politician earns her approval.  And so some go on believing whatever the media says while dealing with their own personal self esteem wounds.

For those two-dot connector folks, like say Black  women, I only hope they connect the dots and then see where the line is going.

Now the media is attacking everyone indiscriminately. It seems to have an agenda. This is quite interesting for me to watch because i often wondered how would the dominant group, the whites protestant anglo-saxons in America, deal with a taste of their own medicine? Now the media is not going after the underdogs, they are going after anyone that do not fit their agenda.  Now, interesting videos such as these are out!

You need to install or upgrade Flash Player to view this content, install or upgrade by clicking here.

and this one!

(hat tip =Vlad Tepes blog)

Now its getting interesting. A real group effort; one idea against another idea -barring skin color, race, religion. This is a spiritual battle. The media is not necessarily all white anymore. its all "an agenda". And those fighting against it are the two dot (or more) connector activists and the newly attacked whites in America. I guess we can thank Muslim terrorism for this one. It rose the world to a new plane. Now what's the strategy to win?

(Come to think of it, I guess I'm more of a three dotter! Black, Jewish and woman).


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rebbe Nachman Stories

I'm just taking note that it seems the Rebbe Nachman stories that used to be available free online, have been removed.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Neshama News

In these days, where pretty much the whole world is an enemy to the Jewish nation, Castro extends a hand to Israel. But there's more. In a shocking move,Fidel Castro, the leader in Cuba, a socialist /communist country mades some serious turn abouts recently. Among them...

(1) He announced that a socialist economy (or government) does not work.

(2) He extended a vote of sympathy towards Israel. I guess when its time to send support, anyone open to the wave will catch it!


In other news, what happens when a brain scientist has a stroke? You get the full analysis! Here is a video of her amazing experience and outcome

Meanwhile America's President, Barack Obama is planning a whooping $60 billion arms sale deal with Saudi Arabia.  My, my my. Where DO they get all this money...
 How about that?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Could ALmost Laugh-Protesters burn US Flag

Not much comment from me.

Muslim rioters in Asia burned effigies of U.S. President Barack Obama in protests over the “desecration of the Quran.” Sixteen people, including a 13-year-old boy, were killed in the riots. In Iran, thousands of protesters burned the American flag.

Here's the story.

New Video on AIDS

Long ago I wrote a post called "Let Africa Die?" where I was wondering about an essay by some doctors stating that no one actually checked for AIDS directly in African countries, they just lumped the symptoms of malaria, and the such all into one and if anyone had any of those symptoms, they were declared as having AIDS.

Now, I really got blasted for that post -no one disproved it, but I surely got blasted lol!

Anyway here is a more recent video on the topic. Again, not sure what to make of it, but I did want to expose it.

(hat tip= FB friend)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Next Stop....Yom Kippur

The next big holy day is Yom Kippur. Its a fast day and basically all day prayer day. The interesting part it that is falls on the Shabbat! So, which one supercedes the other? Yom Kippur! That means no great feast this week. I'll cook for the kids, but the adults will be fasting.

Its called Yom (day) ki (like) Pur (pur =singular; plural =purim): A day like Purim.  But they seem like total opposites! On Purim, we get drunk, make merry, dress in crazy clothing, and party all day/night. A bit like holloween but with a twist....

Find more videos like this on

. But on  Yom Kipur, we are solemn. We pray to be written in the book of life, pray for everything for the coming year, beg for forgiveness. And NO EATing. So how can Yom Kipur be "like Pur(im)"?

I'll let unravel that one!

But it does remind me of a date my sister once went on. The guy was very, very spiritual. He almost seemed to reject his body. And he was quite displeased at my sisters hold on the physical, the mundane, the lowly.

Surely, he felt it was beneath him to partake in the physical of the world more than minimally required. And he's right! But its an even higher level to be capable of participating in the physical world, while still maintaining the pure spiritual frame of mind!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interesting Media

Back from a three day break. Rosh Hashana was two days then following that was Shabbat. So, I'm checking the news to see what happened around the globe...

There was a big rally against the GZMosque, but no coverage? Where should I get my news?

more photos at Atlas Shrugs blog.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rosh HaShana Count Down

I probably won't have time to post again until after Rosh Hashana, So I'm saying it now.....


May it be a sweet new year filled with successes, positivity, joy, and good health!!

Please forgive me for any wrong that I did you.  I truly love, and wish only good. May we all be inscribed in the book of life.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Neshama News

Yet another group who thought that Al Sharpton, the NAACP et al. are waking up to the realization that they will throw any group under a bus that does not fit their poilitical agenda. Shais Rison from MaNishtana wrote an eye opener piece at his blog,  Black on black crime is a yawn for these people.

Rosh Hashana is fast approaching. The second day of RH will incidently be on 9/11 that dreaded day when some Muslim terrorists hijacked two planes and crashed it into the NY Twin Towers killing about 3,000 people. Also there was the flight 93 that was also hijacked and crashed in Pennsylvania.  (May haShem comfort all these families). We are all aware of the controversy over the Mosque they want to build near ground zero. But little media attention is given to the battle going on against the creation to be built as a commemoration of the event.

In other news...

Shaquil O'Neal drops some Hebrew! kol hakavod, Shaquil! (honors to you, Shaquil!)

And Amare Stoudemeire embraces his Hebrew heritage. Come to my house for a Shabbat meal, Amare!!! Please!! (now there's a catch!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Black and Jewish Children's book

Shalom all! I am creating a children's book about a Black and Jewish family! The protagonist, who is the daughter of this family, learns about Torah, mitzvot, and middot through various adventures in her neighborhood.

The book is meant to be light and with lots of positive and diverse imagery for the sake of the Black and Jewish child,  and all other children who need to maintain their yiddishkeit without feeling alienated from themselves.

Is that not an overdue project?

But now I need funding. If any one wants to donate for this or can refer me to an organization that can help please let me know. If you do want to donate to make this a reality, please click on the donate button on the upper left button on the blog.

Thanks sooooo much!!!

Brightening the World...

*sigh* looking at this video reminds me of Petsy. Our dog. We had a dog. For one whole day. One of my daughters was just too scared of dogs and we tried to help her get over it, but I think it was too pushed. Next time, we'll start off with a real few weeks old puppy.

Oy Oy Oy Rosh Hashana is getting closer!

I would like to extend a sincere apology to anyone that I may have offended. Please forgive me!!!!!!

And to those that I entertained: xoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!! lol!

As the new year rolls in, Rosh hashanah is actually a time of  Din. A time of judgement. So why are we sooooo happy on that day?

Its a day of wooing Gd!

(some delightful music to soothe the ears.....)

Its the day we crown Him King....

Black and Jewish Shyne

Rapper known for his rap song "Bad Boyz"

its so interesting how folks look n the before and after.

(hat tip = FB friends)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Black & White Color Issues

Sheesh! I just had a conversation with someone on Facebook about color issues.

Its amazing the different views out there!

Okay we know about the whites who hate blacks. I just had a conversation with a person who believed Black, specifically Black Africans ought to feel threatened by mixed people -Caribbeans, African Americans, etc. and for sure Biracials.

Those type of people -the person says- should be considered a half-caste. And until they breed in- i.e. get themselves blacker, they are "striving to make Blacks invisible."

What an attack!!!

How is it assumed, presumed that my black parents deliberately breed out? I'll admit I myself married a white guy. But my parents? They were both from Haiti from Haitians.  the caribbean in and of itself, I supposed, is mixed so perhaps that's what you mean. The more caribbean babies that get born, the more African American babies that get born the more threatened Africans feel????

And if, by virtue of my very existence, i'm striving to "make us invisible" then there can't logically be any love towards me by Africans. Unless Africans like those who they claim are aiding in destroying them. which brings back the fear, "is there really nothing but love for the non-Black black folks"?

I totally don't reject  blackness,nor Africans, etc.  In fact I am only now beginning to understand your stance. Its almost as if the brown people of the world are a threat to both Blacks and Whites. So both groups use coercion to pressure this brown group -who are like voters sitting on the fence- to come to their side, the whites by shaming the brown about their lean towards black; and the blacks by claiming to have 'nothing but love' for us --but we gotta get blacker to have a non detrimental psychological title; some kind of whole sounding title.

Well, hmmmmmm...I have to go back to thinking about this raises the question...perhaps its the browns that should unit (if they can ever get over hues and shades. if they can ever get over all the pressures surrounding them).

It would seem that based on this conversation, that  the brown people are a "children of a lesser God" where the force and power that black holds joins with the force and the power that whites possess. I wonder if the goal of brown people should be to  harness this new power and defy the whole color system -just shoot it right out of the earth.....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shalom Imes Family

The parents were two of the four who got shot in cold blood in the eve of the piece talks.....

now who will raise these children? And for what???

Not to mention Kohava, another victim who tried and tried to have children and finally had one! A daughter. Who will raise her now 8 years old daughter?

And Avishai Shindler....shame on you world for not caring.

Here are scenes from the funeral.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Too Tasty to Walk Away..

Lately, I've been in a wistful, moody state. Lamenting and musing over too many things.  I remember once a lady came to me. She was at an all girls seminary and, of course, being Black and Jewish brought on some questions.

So, she came by to ask what I thought of Black, Blackness, black people, etc.  I gave her my most inspiring speech yet. I told her the wonders that I find in it, the downs about it, the possibilities and even quoted and gave her the Likutei Moharan to read things herself.

She replied, "that's what my teacher told me!"

Turns out, a certain well respected teacher told her pretty much the same thing.


Except, how the teacher framed it was a holy, but bland manner.  How I framed it was in a desirous and holy way. (most people view it as Unholy and desirous, I think).

But in the end, I think she preferred the holy, but bland view. lol.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Palestinian Celebration

of death.

Palestinians celebrate the killing of four Israelis at point blank range. Passing flowers and candy all around. Yep, we are ready for piece talks.

The Pain of the World

On a clear night, when everyone is asleep.  I feel the pain of the world. I feel it. And there is nothing I can do about it. It hurts, but if I complain too much, I end up tuning people out. People zone out because no one wants to know about it, no one wants to feel so helpless.

Nevertheless I feel the pain.

Its as if the world is one person and its dying. Struggling to breath its last breath, it fights mightily for that breath. I think I'm near the head whispering at it to find the will to live again. Then I move to the heart pleading and appealing to it to rouse itself. Then I move again hoping to show it, its own crown...wanting to place it back on its head.


Shall I make love to it? just as some say an embryo gets life, gets more and more spirit when the parents join, shall I try to infuse it with spirit? Shall I whisper sweet nothings to it, until it pleases?

And who am I? I am black, but comely! I am young, but can bring down great things! I am small but do much good in the world! I am black, but comely.

And I admit, the distractions lured me away and I cared not for you....A long time this was....I was more interested in watching tv, in listening to music, in fussing with my own preoccupation and did not care about the world, the spirit of the world...I did not hear the knocking ...

I pray its not too late. I pray that in my own little way, I can do my part in infusing uplifting the reminding the world of Gan Eden, Paradise and bliss that this world can be...if only...

I feel the pain of the world...

4 Israelis Killed on Eve of Piece Talks

Shot in cold blood. Point blank range. Did I mention on the eve of piece talks?  May God avenge their blood.

Baruch Dayan haEMet. Blessed be the True Judge.

"The statistics clearly show that whenever 'peace' talks began, the curve of Jewish death and bereavement rose steeply. Identification, understanding and empathy – perceived as manifestations of enlightenment in Western culture – are seen by Muslim culture as proof of weakness and flaccidity, and invite another violent outburst."