Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama on the Detroit bound Flight

Hmmmmm. I don't think that guy was trying to do damage on the plane which would kill all the people on board. I think he wanted to kill the people with the result being the plane would be damaged.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Short Guide list for Myself

Laundry symbols guide

Storing vegetables the best way.

Neshama News

Come do your shopping in Gaza!
* * * *

Iranian protests continues. Warning Graphic video!!! Iranian protesters rescue two men about to be hung.

People with guts. I admire them. I don't really know the stance of the protesters. Better go educate myself. (hat tip= Atlas Shrugs and Gateway Pundit)
* * * *

I'm sure Americans are aware of the attempted terrorist attack on the Detroit bound plane. I'm reading that people are blaming Obama. While I don't have much feelings for Obama, I do fear that each political camp (Democrat and for sure Republicans -especially since they are out of luck these days) will try to give it a political spin. Too many agendas. The real problem is there are a group of people who want to kill. They have to be stopped. Good going passenger!!! But I wonder why nobody listened to the would be terrorist's father?
* * * *

Maybe I am wrong but I do notice a disconnect between government and people in many countries. Better I not say much more.

As things develop, I am beginning to see more and more how it is possible for Moshiach -the Messiah- to rule the world. Somehow a just government is needed, the world is bleeding for justice...


Please help me to understand here:

I have been reading some pretty .....interesting things about Obama. That he's trying to socialize America. While I admit I had a good laugh reading all these websites and blogs, etc. I wonder: Is he really trying to socialize America? And if so, is his goal temporary socialization to jump start the nation again?

I have a friend who's always complaining about her situation. She can't pay her rent. She can't afford it. Her job pays her too little. She has mounting bills. She's unhappy, etc, etc, etc etc. I used to feel bad hearing her constantly. Then I began avoiding her phone calls. But I do wonder, why doesn't she join one of the many kibbutz in Israel.

There are these places called kibbutz in which everyone lives almost as if in a communist country. Everyone gets same pay. Everyone is assigned a house depending on the size of the family. Everyone has some work to do. The kibbutz usually has a product that its known for. For example there is one kibbutz that produces baby wipes. That kibbutz is very beautiful with winding paths, a hotel, and a water park that attracts people from afar. Everyone can either eat in their homes or come to the common cafeteria -where the hotelers go as well- and eat there.

I think such a place would ease the burden of my friend. Then when she thinks she can tackle the world again, perhaps in the comfort of this kibbutz, she can learn a skill or work outside of the kibbutz to make extra money and then emerge again anew to make her own capital.

Is that what Obama is attempting with nationalized healthcare, buying all the big businesses, etc? Is that so bad, especially for a country that is already in financial trouble?

Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Natan of Breslov


Today marks the memorial of Rabbi Natan, the student of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Every teacher has his student: Moses had Joshua; the Ari had Rabbi Chaim Vital; Rabbi Akiva had his fantastic five. And so Rabbi Nachman had his Rabbi Nathan. May my learning today elevate his neshama.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures from Tzfat

Our orange tree and messed up yard.

Even the graffiti is holy! lol! It says "Na Nakh" in Hebrew.

In Tzfat, art is everywhere!

A path through the Artist's Quarter

A view of Jordan...

Our shortcut....


Interesting Tzfati Art...


Friday, December 25, 2009

Preparing for Shabbat


Preparing for Shabbat is no small feat. Everyone rushing to the stores, buying groceries, stores closing early so that the workers can get home and start preparing. Then there is cooking. Lots of lavish dishes, its like putting your best cook-foot forward for the occasion.

So, its this time -just before Shabbat- that my gas canister decides to finish!!!

I don't think I can buy a new gas canister. Boy, times like these I miss having a convenient gas company that just pumps gas into our homes. Now I either have to decided if I want to infringe upon my neighbor and use one (or two) of her stove range if she lets, or just bake everything.

Most of the cooking is done already, thank goodness.

Rabbi Zacharia Wallerstein: Why Bad Things Happen


warning: lots of yeshivishe words (Yeshiva jargon)


Making Dove

Please replace the D in Dove with L. I just didn't want to attract the wrong crowd on this blog.
My sister and I were talking about this topic.

If I had to describe my relationship to Mr. Blackfirewhitefire it would look like this:

And I thought I could improve on our relationship if I could just remove that bottom dip -the down sides, the arguing, the passion. But then again removing the passion would cause the upward spikes to be gone -all the fun and excitement, all the thrill. Then I'd be left with a graph more like this:

Gulp. That doesn't look too lively.

Okay, I'll keep the passion.

There is always a flow going on. The feminine "waters" get aroused, this causes the masculine "waters" to get aroused and he gives to her. And what do we get?

All wet.

Just kidding.

But really, this is the story of life. Earth's fluids evaporates back up to the heavens. The heavens get aroused and sends down rain -sustenance. A child cries tears to her mother, the mother speaks (moisture from the mouth) soothing words and comforts the child -she sustains her. A student asks question to his teacher, the teacher gives his response (moisture; which is why some say its better to hear a great teacher face to face rather than reading his teachings). It goes on.

I suppose all their EKGs would also be up and down and leveled; like the first graph. showers, thunderstorms, and rain; light words, shoutings, conversations.

I am NOT condoning arguments here. I just don't see any way around them (yet).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Black Woman Blow the Trumpet


This blog has relocated. Here is the new address:

And here's a convenient link! BWBTT

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Israel's Fence of Apartheid


Israel attempted to build a wall to separate the Israeli citizens from the Palestinians. Those in Israel know why. Its very hard to fight against suicide bombers, stabbings, just plain random attempts at killing us simply because we are us. etc. Those outside of Israel, who follow the mainstream media know -its all just apartheid with no reasoning behind it.

Now Egypt has built a wall to separate themselves from Gaza. A METAL WALL! Surely there is a brotherly explanation. Perhaps their love is so great, that this wall will help somehow. Surely there is a nice benevolent reason...

Taliban * Rosa Parks conclusion

On the one hand, they seem to have the bus. Everyone complied to the modesty police's rule and the women went to the back of the bus. It was "their bus" so I thought maybe I should comply to the house rules?

At the same time, it was the house rules during the Rosa Parks incident, and she helped to change things. Just because it was 'house rules' didn't make it right. This was not Torah, it was certainly not halachah (Jewish law) and it sure wasn't a mitzvah (religious duty). Plus, how could I explain to my mother in law, professor of physics, that because she's a woman, she needs to sit in the back of the bus?? Plus what lesson would my daughters learn from this? Plus what if Rosa Parks haunts me forever??!!

While I debated all these things in my mind, my MiL said decidedly, "I'm not moving!"

I decided to stand too. I wasn't moving. The modesty police, the bully, came to my face and started yelling, "Are you a Jew or a goy?(non-Jew)!" blah blah blah. On and on he went. These people are known to use violence on the women on the bus and so I braced myself. The baby in my arm woke up from all the yelling. The girls -who were sitting with my MiL were getting agitated. I told them to stay calm. All the while the bully is yelling left and right. "Yes! I am the Taliban! move to the back of the bus!"

This guy managed to stop the bus and threatened that it would not budge until we get to the back. Still we refused. Then he got nasty (nastier) with his words and a brawl almost ensued between him and Mr BFWF. Oh man!

The timid driver would drive a bit until the bully stopped him. It was off and on with the driving.

Soon even the people who had gone to the back of the bus came to us to encourage us to comply to the bully. They were part of the problem! No one was willing to stand up to this guy and his bullying. (Honestly, if my husband and MiL and kids were not there, I wonder also if I would have the courage to stand up. Thank goodness, the situation was the way it was.)

The bully had goons and those goons offered me money to get to the back of the bus. still I refused. "Why are you looking at me so much if your trying to protect your eyes?" I asked. That brought on a fresh can of yellings.

In the end, we called a cab and waited til the cab arrived, then got off that bus.

I never want to experience that again. But it pains me the amount of power one bully has just by instilling fear in others. It pains me even more for all those who must -MUST- defy this -and not let bullies hijack good things- but don't.

I wish you all (and myself) much strength and courage!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quick Post: Taliban *Rosa Parks

Shalom everyone!

I hope you are all doing well.

A little bit ago, I posted a few posts concerning Islam, Muslims and terrorism around the world. Then got called an islamophobe! An intimidation tactic meant to stop the critical thinking on this topic.

But this topic hits too close to home for me to not bring up. Not to mention that in the Jewish world I have my own modesty police, etc. to deal with. As a matter of fact I had to deal with just that a few days ago....

I, Mr Blackfirewhitefire, my mother in law and the kids, all went on the bus to head to a hotel for some fun time together. Everything went well: we got all our luggage in the bus, quickly found nice seats near the bus driver, everyone was cordial; in short a nice trip. Until about the 5th stop when the modesty police came on.

"All the women go sit in the back of the bus!!!" Shouted the self ordained nodesty police.

I groaned.

Had I known this was one of those buses that was "designated" to be a mehadrin bus -the bus where the supposedly very pious take and, in order to protect their eye from scantily cladded women (correction added: all women), request that all women sit in the back of the bus-- I would NOT have gone in. But we were already in and I had to decide if I want to comply and move to the back of the bus, or fight the Taliban.

The memory of the story of Rosa Parks kept flashing in my mind.

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays!

To all those who celebrate kwanzaa, Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukka, etc....

H A P P Y .... H O L I DA Y !!!

May this day enrich your soul (nutritious and delicious food, warm clothes, shelter)

enrich your spirit (calm, easy breezy emotions, dignity, insights)

and enrich your neshama (deeper meaning to life, connecting to the Most High)!


Re: God blowing the breath of life into man.

Nobody really knows the amount of air that was in God's proverbial "lungs" when He blew life -potential into man. So, nobody really knows each one's potential and life. Let's not settle for someone else's limitations! See how far you can go today!


Mother in Law to visit!

I'll be offline for a few days enjoying a visit from MiL BlackfireWhitefire (aka "Oma" Oma is German for grandma). See you in about a week.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

OMG! My All time Favorite Song on YouTube!

(pardon me while I go and sway to the rythme)

Isn't it odd? This guy could be Muslim for all I know. *sigh*

Okay back to swaying to the rythme...

Would you believe my white, Jewish husband introduced me to this music? Its so funny. When we just got married it was as if marrying a black girl gave him "permission" to play this kind off music loud. I was nervous the neighbor would think I was pulling him away from living piously or whatever. Ugh! those days of keeping up with the Jones.

Now, as I love doing with things I enjoy, I must pick it apart and enjoy every piece of it...

I REALLY like their clothing! Its a bit of a ragamuffin look, LOL!!! But it suits them. I guess I dress sort of ragamuffiny in my own way-- I sort of dress like the settlers who live in the settlements (somewhat. My wardrobe is in transition from Chareidi to simply me-ness- which happens to look alot like the settlers):

my favorite settler girl pic:

I liked the addition of that older man who played the violin and xylaphone. He is not on the CD and maybe not part of the original Bamada group. But he knows his stuff. I imagine them talking to each other in creole-- but of course they speak in their own language. They are from Mali.

I liked the way they play with each other on the stage.

One of the guys seem to have a kippa! Maybe.....?? lol!

Anyway, enjoy!

Protests in Israel


more at Arutz Sheva (Channel Seven)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"And yet when given a chance to rule, terrorists invariably demonstrate that they are not monsters because they are oppressed, but that they are oppressed because they are monsters."

Sultan Knish

Hanukkah Coming this Weekend

Okay I am revving up. Never mind the bad news out there. Iran successfully simulated the detonation of a nuclear warhead -there's no stopping them now. They don't really need help from other countries as they claim they have their own resources. But nevermind all that! lol!

Hanukkah is almost here. I've got to figure out if I want my kids to light their own menorahs or not. (that's lots of candles to have going on). But no worries, I'm in Hannukah headspace...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Eminent War?

Its hard to think about much else when there is potential war on the horizon.

Iran is set to have nuclear weapons. The world is waiting for Israel (even as they write up their accusations against them in case they win the war with Iran, lol) to strike. We almost have to because it's our own rear end that's at stake.

I just don't get it. People will hate Israel no matter what so why are we so afraid to do what we must?

May the holy merit of all our tzaddikim of all the generations protect us. May God stretch out his hand and protect his holy children. Holy, Holy, Holy, is our God, Master of Legions.

I guess that's why its so hard to really think of light topics these days. I need to buy some survival things. There is a date floating around as to when the war will happen but its all rumors.


Well some nice news: Israel scientists created beating heart cells from skin cells. Here's the Hearty story!

And........ this weekend is Hanukka!!!!! Yay!

Hanukka: the time when the Jews fought the Greeks (as well as the Helenists -reform, apologists Jews who sided with the Greeks). When the fight, which was led by the Maccabees brothers, a family of Cohens (priests), was won, they searched the Temple for some oil to light the menorah. They found a small flask of oil but that oil miraculously burned for eight days! To commemorate all that has occured, we light our own menorahs.


We put the menorahs down low. Practically on the ground. Why? To pull -so to speak- the Shechina that she should reach even the lowest of us all and help lift us up.

....okay, we also eat doughnuts, sufganiots, fry latkes (hash browns?)....whatever that uses LOTS of oil! lol!

Here's a pic of a sufganiot -its a doughnut without the hole:

Ah! what can I do? I must spread JOY and not fear. Give HOPE. There is no despair in the world.

na nakh nakhma m'uman! (in the video you see the story book of Rebbe Nachman in Hebrew)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Swap

Gilad Shalit for 1400 Palestinians who were caught in attempted and actual murders and other crime.

okay. I've got to get back to light positive topics on this blog.

A Story

There was once a very rich man who lived in a big home. Whenever a poor person would come to his door asking for charity, the rich man gave him a warm welcome and invited him into his home. "Come in, make yourself at home! Here is where you can take a good shower and I have to extra clothing in the other room. When you are ready please come to the dining room for a meal!"

Everyone who came to him got the royal treatment as well as charity money.

One day, Mr. Shlomazel (Mr. Unlucky) was on the streets doing his thing and asking for charity to passers by.

Mr. Plony Almony (Mr. Somebody) came to him. "Why don't you go to the rich man. He'll give you everything you need!"

So Shlomazel goes to the rich man's house. But he went to the wrong house and arrived at the rich man's neighbor.

"Some charity, if you please?" Said Shlomazel when the neighbor opened the door.

The neighbor quickly realized that this guy was looking for the next door neighbor. "Hmpf! So you want some charity, eh? Well first clean my floor. Do the dishes. The Laundry. And some other various work around the house and THEN I'll give you charity!"

Shlomazel got to work. He sweated alot and thought to himself that this was certainly not what he expected. At any rate he continued to work until it was all done. Then he went to the neighbor for his prize.

"Charity?! Go next door!" And sent him on his way.

Shlomazel goes to the next door -which is actually the rich man's home and knocks on the door.

"Charity please?"

"Oh! Come in!! Come in! Make yourself at home! Here is a place for you to take a nice hot shower. Afterwards I have some clean clothes for you. When you are ready there will be a nice hot meal waiting for you in the dining room."

After a nice shower, comfy clothing, Shlomazel sat with the rich man enjoying their dinner. "Boy, I sure worked hard for this meal!" Shlomazel exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Asked the rich man, "you only asked and I gave you!"

We work hard. Do overtime. Some people thing they even have to steal. But in the end God is the true provider. Ask.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Worries for Rifka

I glanced at the news and saw that Fatima Rifka Bary is to be sentenced to go back home. If you recall she was the 16 year old who discovered Christianity. A big no no in a Muslim home. Worthy of a beheading!

But the courts, ignorant to the ways of Islam, ordered Fatima back to her parents house.

If this was a Jewish home, I wonder if Rifka would even be wanted back to the home? I would guess not. But at least there is no mitzvot (religious duty) to behead the kafir (non-believer).


This also makes me think of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. From being exposed to and reading alot of philosophical works, it led her to leave her religion -which was Islam. According to many rabbis, such readings would take anyone out of their religion!

How does that work?

That's hard to explain. Suffice it to say that in the scheme of things, we gather wisdoms and funnel them through understanding and from that we get knowledge.

For example: wisdom = numbers
understanding = algebra
knowledge = what a variable would be

here's a graph:

I suspect that reading all the philosophical writings brings us maybe to wisdom, understanding, and knowledge -a downwards pointing triangle. And I think the focus of religion or spirituality is to make a different triangle; the keter (crown), wisdom, and understanding triad.

Keter means crown. It is like the border of where wisdom ends. We ought to learn as much as we can about our world, but once we've reached the borders, then we get to faith. The part that we don't know, but we rely on the idea that God is running the show, that He created everything and is all knowing.

In the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge triad, we are beholden to the various laws of physics, biology, etc. In other words, we don't walk on water, we get hit by a bullet, etc. However, in the keter, wisdom, and understanding triad the world and its rules are beholden to us (assuming we make God's will our will)! ....I don't know if the world is ready for that yet.

Did Ayaan lose her faith? Her keter? Her crown? I suppose some would argue yes. But at the same time listening to her, she seems very caring and fights --one of the few lone voices-- for the rights of Muslim women. That confounds me. I once learned that prayer is like a sword. One must learn to wield it properly -neither flinching to the right (overdone kindness) nor to the left (too severe). And to learn how to wield this "sword" on must practice justice. Ayaan, in her way, is boldly fighting for justice. If she has faith in the Creator, would she have the power of effective prayer?

Sometimes I wonder if she simply rejected Islam, and just replaced it with a more humanitarian belief --but she calls it athiesm. She also introduces the heavy question of which way is God's will.

Anyway, I worry for Fatima Rifka Bary. She doesn't have the mobility and freedom to search and discover freely. Then again if she looks too much will she too fall into atheism?

Cheslea and her Beau

This article is so loaded.


And Mazal tov, Honduras, on the election!


Amd yay! America for successfully removing a suspicious package near the white house. hat tip to Atlas Shruggs blog.