Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Face it: You're Sexy and That's That!

Sometimes I think sexiness is about how one behaves. At times I just don't know. Could it be purely a physical thing?

There are times when I feel absolutely NOT sexy and I just want to walk around in my husbands sweater, or stay in my robe the whole day long,but one look from my husband and he finds my arms curvy! My leg shape attractive, something. Something I didn't mean to flaunt at him, he sees and he says, 'you're sexy!'

I am almost convinced that sexiness is in the mind. When things are good, the husband can and will find so much good from the wife, its just like a broken dam; there's no stopping the flowing waters of compliments!

(Of course, I am talking about a normal relationship in which people aren't constantly at each others throats. In those latter cases, I fear that there is a certain threshhold and when that is crossed,I don't know...)


Dealing with it, for me, can be a serious feat! LOL. Why? Because, sometimes I don't find myself sexy. Yes, at times I look in the mirror and think, hey I look pretty good. But then I step away from the mirror and all my insecurities come crowding back into my head again. Its almost as if I have to keep convincing myself that I am sexy, desireable, wanted. Hubby does his parts with all his complements, touches, the way he looks at me (blush!!!), etc.

Sometimes if feels like I'm living a life -a normal life but with all these invisible bags of false insecurities. I haven't quite learned how to throw those bags away yet, but I have learned not to act on them.


I am not entirely sure if I got my message across. but I really wanted to encourage women -married women or girlfriends- to know that they ARE desireable. Even if they feel otherwise.

When I first met my husband, I didn't think I was curvy and he thought he was too short and that nobody can like his husky voice. One of the first things I told him (not knowing his insecurities) was that I am glad he's not too tall and that I LOVE his husky voice! LOL. And, one of the things he told me, was that I had 'beautiful curves!!!" Is that destiny or what?!

Anyway, just know that you are loved and loveable. Exactly as you are, your spouse will find you so arousing. You just have to believe it and say it over and over until its in your head and hopefully let it work into your heart.

Blessings of love for all!


pbg said...

What a nice piece!

Does "fishing" for a continuing flow of compliments count LOL-- that is what I do, sometimes,anyway :)

But I totally agree with you; when a husband and wife are having a good relationship, things just flow and everyone feels good!
The woman feels sexy and the man feels loved! Children are happy and stable in such an environment (even the pets are happy too-- haha)...

It is sooo important for couples to keep on working on their relationships to make sure that it stays healthy and happy. I am always soooooo thankful for the joy, peace and love of family.

Cheers, M!

Miriam said...


You know, i'll admit, I also fish for compliments. Hey, I need it. The times that I notice that I don't try to get what I need, things "mysteriously" get sour lol

Thanks so much for your comment, Pbg.