Monday, October 31, 2011

Come Home..

Chanufa /Flattery

Flattery is a "despicable trait". There are words and words in the Jewish world decrying this trait.

But are we doing chanufa to Edom (America, Britain, Nato, UN, all those) by tooting what democracy we are? By boasting how gays are allowed to have their parades here?

I think If Jewish people -religious Jewish people were honest, they would say that the goal is to hopefully have Moshiach ruling--which would be more of a kingship.  And I doubt gay parades to the Holy Temple would be permitted.  (I doubt gays would be mistreated (hung or stoned as in Arab countires). But sometimes I wonder if we are trying too hard to gain the favor of Edom -which causes us to lose our own awareness of our own strength....?

Then again, its not the religious who are in power.  Most of the politicians are seculars who would not want any sort of moshiach coming and ruining their game. Very interesting things...

King or Dictator??

Occupy Wall street!! All the protesters are tired of the babylon system that exists in their place and they are crying for socialism rather than capitalism. Over in the socialists countries, the people there were also tired of the restraints there and cried out for capitalism and democracy. Everyone wants the other thing. Everyone wants easy life, things going well, etc. and they will and must search for it.

The Jewish people -many of us live in Israel. If not Israel, than the USA. both countries do not have dictators. USA has a type of capitalist w/a socialist lean??? where as Israel has socialist with a capitalist lean? lol. Democracy. You hear promoters say, Israel had the only functioning democracy in the middle east.

But truly, we are supposed to await Moshiach to come a rule. Moshiach is not going to have a parlement I don't think. He's going to be king. At least the difference between a king and a dictator is that the KIng is annointed whereas the dictator takes his place by force... but neither are democracies.

So what does that say? How can we accept the concept of Moshiach if we've been trained to appreciate democracy and hate dictators and those types of rules?

I don't have an answer, just posing the question.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Circassians in Israel

There is a small group of people called Circassians. They are originally from Europe and have endured alot of battles from different countries. Part of their people also live in Jordan. They have a nice tourist attraction area for those who want to come and learn about their history.

To visit this group, call your local tourist agent!

A Slice of History: Iron Lady of Liberia

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Asher Meza : Ahavas Yisrael /Loving your fellow Jew

This makes me think of long ago in the Black community people complained about the ...what was it called... the ABC crew? the crew that decides who's in and who's out in the Black community.

Well, other communities suffer the same problem just in a different form.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Just for Fun


My 7 year old saw this video and started a conversation..

Yael: "what does "dang" mean?"

Me: "She is saying that she doesn't care about anyone else."

Yael: "So why is she singing this song to everyone?"


next up: a lesson for Yael on commercialism.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Is there a Cure for Stupidity?

If there is no cure, then there must be a good side to it. Otherwise why would it exist?

Take drunkeness for example. Its disgusting! (to me). A drunk lolls around and everyone avoids him. But drunk does also have good points: It makes for a glad heart. A jolly state of being. Merry making. Forgetting one's problems. And so on and so forth down that line.

Also, when someone consumes alcohol, if you really think about it, its more like the alcohol has consumed the person. So, someone who is capable of getting "consumed" like that, is very easily "consumable?"

There is a saying that the Land of Israel "consumes its Inhabitants." I wonder if someone who is prone to 'consumption' will more easily be consumed by the land. Being consumed by the land means: The land is very holy. People who come here and dwell here tend to acquire some of the holiness of the land because they are consumed. (it either consumes a person or spits them out).

On the topic of stupidity...

I think its a line. when doing something without sufficient knowledge-like bypassing the brain and going straight from the heart it makes for a certain level of confidence. But if that action proves foolhardy then its called stupid. "Stupid" is like the judgement call on the action. If, they do the same things but it proves good and beneficial, then the person is judged differently. If the action goes against logic or common sense, but its still proving to be good and beneficial for the doer, then he's called "stubborn" if his actions prove beneficial and then sometimes detrimental and back and forth, then he's labeled "foolhardy" or "risky". so, I guess what I"m asking is based on this (assuming its correct) how to re-direct someone labelled "stupid" on account of their actions, to a different set of actions that prove beneficial?

In a Torah perspective, according to the Vilna Gaon, he breaks it down into three categories: the simpleton (Peti in Hebrew) the scoffer (letz) and the fool (k'sil).

The Peti/simpleton have been enticed by the evil impulse to abandon Torah in favor of worldly pleasures. They believe that this will always be the true good. (I guess in the secular perspective that would mean someone who just wants to have fun and not be bothered with the serious parts of life). The letz/scoffer neglect Torah because of their love for idle talk, jokes, stories, gossip, etc the whole gamut of useless and harmful talk that comes under the heading of scoffing and mockery. Even though this affords them no physical pleasure, it is sweet to them and they covet it. (secular persp. they could lose jobs, friendships or other important relationships simply because they couldn't keep their mouths shut about things). The k'sil/fool resist the diligence needed to study Torah properly; they want Torah knowledge to be bestowed upon them spontaneously, without any effort on their part.

According to this I would think that what drives a stupid person is lust, inconsideration and laziness. In other words, this has nothing to do with IQ. Anyone can lapse into a strong lust, everyone gets inconsiderate momentarily, and everyone has had bouts of laziness -the need to skip a step that proves folly.

I remember long long ago, I read a very impressive book called "Spiritual Midwifery" by Ina Mae Gaskin. What was impressive about it was that it was giving tips mainly for American and European woman on how to have the best and natural childbirth possible. And they were gleening their information from what they learned from Africans in rural areas, Native American Indians, Asians in rural countryside, etc. What was also impressive was the slander and insult that was hurled at these people even as information was being learned from them. They were described as "savage" and as "primitive" and with no prologue from the author decrying such descriptions. It was as if these people were declared stupid and backwards, and yet from the backdoor, America and Europe was learning from them. Not only that, but a particularly really great move that can prevent ceseareans even got called the "Gaskin manoever" --wow!

As much as that book made me fume, I had to admit, life in a tribal setting doesn't make for much intellectual refinement. There is a head and/or elders and everyone else must pretty much do as they are told to keep society functioning. And a lack of intellectual refinement can make someone prone to stupid moves more likely -since they don't know enough to make a better judgement.

Again, I suspect "stupidity" is when the person by-passes the brain and shoots straight from the heart -where lust, inconsideration, laziness can all be found--if not taken care of.

And effectively, many of these tribal living people are very scantily dressed. As if they didn't eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As if they didn't even know they were naked. (In the Biblical recounting, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This put both good and evil into their very beings. Then they could no longer distinguish what was good and what was evil -everything they did, they had doubts about it. Doubt was thus introduced inside them.)

So what to do? No amount of academic training will "cure" stupidity. It's not the IQ that makes someone stupid. Its character traits. Understanding the downside of lustfulness; understanding the ruinous trait of unconsiderations; and understanding the folly of laziness.

However, there is a good side to "stupidity". It gives a person confidence. They boldly go and do what they "know" they ought to do. There is no doubt. As if -again- that they did not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If person does what they know they must do and it comes out wrong -they are again labelled stupid. If it comes out okay, they are labelled "stubborn" and "stiff necked" -especially if they don't want to comply with people who feel they are more 'civilized' than they are.

With the proper character traits combined with the information that they already have, I think this can propel a  person to develop more and more intellect, and gain more knowledge. The character traits are like vessels that can contain knowledge. The more refined the character trait, the more knowledge that can be contained; the more knowledge that can be contained, the more intelligent a person will behave.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Heart Wrenching -literally

This video gets me every time.  it is like a reminder to me that the world simply doesn't care.  I need to hear that every once in a while.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Portable Electric Chairs?

Electriconic Village has a post on taser killings in America.

Pretty deadly stuff, but no one seems to be doing much about it. So, here I am making some kind of noise against it!

Let's make noise about it. It needs to stop.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gilad Shalit Due Back

The Israeli government made an agreement with the terrorist organization holding Gilad Shalit. A swap of Gilad for 1024 terrorists currently in Jail.

OKay. on the one hand what have we lost? We got more terrorists to add the the current terrorists. But at least Gilad Shalit will be returned.

On the other hand, it increases our fear and apprehension.

bear down, this is sukkot time --the harvest time...

"dwell in the land and cultivate faith..."

Time to get to work...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good News for Africa

Check out Living Essence blog to hear some good news about AFrica!!


Move over China, here comes India!!

And a story about African women engineers!

Makes my heart happy!

Arabs Scrawl ’Death to Jews' on Tzfat Synagogues - Inside Israel - News - Israel National News

Arabs Scrawl ’Death to Jews' on Tzfat Synagogues - Inside Israel - News - Israel National News

Oh yes! my lovely neighbors...

Muslims bother everyone. its tiring but we're waiting for us to stop it all. I wonder how long we'll wait...

copts in Egypt are having it much much harder...

Just for Fun

This was "just for fun" but it's truly scary to see, we can recognize nike, mcdonalds and all these commercial brands, but we can't even recognize the weeds and plants in our backyards that provide healing.

That reminds me of two stories...

story 1: My husband went out to buy some willow to have for Sukkot festival. As he headed for the vendor's house, the vendor's little son came out and said, "Oh don't come now, my Abba is not here."

"Where is he?" my husband asked.

"He went to go collect willows!" was the boy's reply.

Went to collect willows! in our commercial mindset, it didn't occur to us to just go out into the field and collect willows! why go to a vendor. society has taught us that whenever we need something it must be found in a STORE.

. . . . . . .

story 2: A lady wanted to make some tea in a settlement called Bat Ayin. So what did she do? instead of going to buy those boxes of tea bags, she went to her backyard and collected some anise leaves.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Speaking Engagement

Serge Etele from the village of Yaunde in Cameroon is leading his congregation to Judaism.  Alot of times they've had to gleen information from the internet, other times rabbis would come by and visit them.

Now the organization Kulanu is gearing up to send Serge Etele on a speaking tour across America.  If your synagogue would be interested in hosting him, please contact Kulanu for details.

Kulanu, Inc
165 West End Ave 3R
New York, NY 10023
Tel. (2120 877-8082

Sukkot Time -Festival of booths

Ashkenazi say Sukkos, Sephardi say Sukkot.

A cute thing just happened today. I was reading Zig Ziglar's website about success and there was a huge "start your road to success" button at the bottom of the screen.

My daughter exclaimed, "Look! it says  'start your road to succos!'" 

Deveikut with HaShem /Closeness with G-d

I like going on Facebook.  It can almost be an addiction.

But I understand it.

The real addiction, the real love is closeness to G-d.  For me, anyway.  But that closeness is such a soft, holy, and easily forgotten thing, that its very hard to maintain.

Closeness with HaShem means stealing away and going into prayer. it means doing hitbodedut -talking to HaShem because He is your Friend, Teacher, Master, Lover, Father, Everything.  And the truth of the matter is, He responds!

Well He doesn't press the *like* button like on Facebook; He doesn't comment on your post like on Facebook, and He won't "share" your pictures or concepts that you put out.  But He does respond. Depending on your emuna (like your computer connection ) will be how fast or clear the response is. It may be that a neighbor will come and say something which will be the answer to the question that you posed during your hitbodedut.  Or, after speaking during hitbodedut about a concept that you were thinking, you will feel more confident to talk about it to others-that's the sharing. And, things happen, interesting things -not necessarily with humans, but also with trees, flowers, animals and whatever else from nature that G-d wants to use to post a "comment" on the post you left during hitbodedut.

This is a very beautiful thing. However, its very subtle.  A very busy business day and suddenly deveikut is forgotten..... for days, weeks..and the weeks can turn into months or worse.

Facebook is easier because its more concrete.  its funny to see how I post a comment or send an email and then I wait around hoping to get a quick response! Because Facebook is so concrete, I can't make it go any faster (unless I call my phone co.) and even then I can't make people respond faster cuz my computer works faster.

So, that said, I hope I will always find some quiet time to have deveikut with Hashem. Start a chat, look for His posts, and never lose focus.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Israel’s Cows - The Best In The World - Jewish World - News - Israel National News

Israel’s Cows - The Best In The World - Jewish World - News - Israel National News

mooo! lol

More Power to the Punch

So if you remember Jeffrey Smith gathered up a posse to fight Monsato's lack of transperancy in their labeling (i.e. not informing the consuimer that their products are made from genetically modified cells -which are causing havoc in cell tissue organs in various experiments).

Well now India -the government of India is coming at Monsato as well. India is accusing Monsato of "bio-piracy": stealing indigenous plants from their country and then trying to develop genetically modified versions of them without compensation to the local people or nation where they got it from.

If enough noise can be made about this, maybe the world will wake up and see that people are trying to pull the global carpet from under their feet. You can read more about India vs Monsato via the link.

Jewish Africa

 I knew about the Abayudaya.  There are a group of people in Uganda who wanted to be Jewish way back even before the rise of Idi Amin.  However, when Idi came into power all Jewish activity was suppressed.

But after his departure, things resumed.  Some conservative rabbis offered to do a conversion for the Abayudaya, however a small faction of them resisted. They said that an Orthodox conversion would be better.  And truth be told, Orthodox conversion is accepted by everyone, but conservative is not accepted by everyone.

So that group was sort of kicked out of the main Abayudaya group. They live in Putti village. I am writing this just to bring an awareness of them to the world.

There is the grand ole excuse for those who would rather not help them: "Oh! They just want Judaism for the material gain that it will give them!" they say.

These people have been trying and practicing Judaism as best they can for a generation already. With or without conversion or approval from anyone and with no material gain.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ki Va Moed...

Its almost time for Yom Kippur (Friday night and Shabbat day). From Rosh Hashana til Yom Kippur, we pray and pray and pray.  These are the times when Hashem decides how to make the coming year. Why not put in our request from the beginning rather than try to change things along the way.

Anyway, please remember the gates of wisdom, the gates of healing, the gates of kindness, the gates of repentance....etc etc etc...And pray Israel and the JEwish people and for Africa and AFricans. Pray for the world, that good should prevail and evil should fail! 

Polarization to a New Degree

In the end of the video he says "Europe... this is what you don't see... this is what we live with everyday..."

Now I don't know about you, but I think this is a very recent phenomenon. With the rising of "left wing" way of thinking, somehow people believe whites need to be punished for their crimes against humanity. Its a form of soft racism against non-whites in the sense that it implies, they have base anger and need to take it out. Let justice take its course because this is the only way they can express themselves."

Wrong is piling on top of wrong.

Now, in retaliation to the injustice that is being allowed to happen, white Americans are calling for other white countries to "see what the Blacks are doing to us!" sort of cry.

Truly, anyone who loves humanity black or white or other, should be appalled at the wrongs that are happening.  Certainly this man is speaking out of anger for the loss of the people he loves. But for those waiting for an excuse to hate, they will see past his hurt, and take this as a validation of their hatred.

Just for Fun

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Candor on the Euros??? A second look

I was mulling over this video....

you know, it does sound like candor.  And it probably is...

But this guy is a trader... and he really wants the economy to not recover.... Makes me wonder about his "candor"  because to give bad news and no hope, is to his advantage he said it himself. So though I think yes, he is being candid, the state of the economy is the pits, I also think he has what to gain if it continues this way and so won't give any "free" hope lol.

I am not blaming him. There are other ways to see things besides bad guy /good guy or black /white.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hishtadlut -Packing a Punch!

If there's anything I like about "putting forth effort" or called "hishtadlut" in Hebrew, its when I yearn or do a little thing and then before I have to do any more,  the whole thing unravels before my eyes. Glory be to the Most High!!

Remember that post about the battlefronts and their commanders (Jef. Smith fighting Monsato's GMO food; etc).  Well, I'm happy to announce that a bunch of these groups and their commanders are teaming up -yes, they're forming a circle: we must all be forming our own circles!! - to pack a good punch to Monsato's GMO foods.

Do you know that in Europe, their food administration demands that GMO foods be listed as such?  And do you know that in America, the food administration there does not demand the same transparency?! Nope, they don't.

Well, a bunch of people are doing something about it, The Organic Consumer's Fund is poised to fight in California against such empty label. Join the fight, if your in California.

Follow the link to read more about it. Yay, Organic Consumer's Fund!! Kick 'em where it hurts!

Candor on the Euros