Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Haitian Revolution from a Kabbalistic Perspective

Firstly, i'm not a kabbalist. This musing is all just skimming the surface.

About a month ago, I came out into my front yard and happened upon a hummingbird nest.  The brightly blue colored papa and greyish colored mama hummingbirds were there and they were tending to their baby hummingbird.  Crouching nearby was a cat!

As soon as the cat got too close for comfort, the papa hummingbird sprung into action! He flew right in front of the cat's face.  Then quickly dodged the swiping paw. Again, went the papa, right into the cat's face and out again. Each time the papa retreated, he went farther and farther from the nest -bringing the cat with him.  After a while, I realized he was luring the cat away from the nest.  What strategy!!

Eventually, the cat lost interest in trying to get the bright blue bird and went away. whew.

But that got me thinking, every creature that Hashem created has its power and its way of defending itself.  If they "work it" well enough, they can fight even the most formidable of enemies no matter the size.

Some time later, I was thinking about tribal people, these earthy people who live off the land. Africans from their villages, Native American Indians and their old way of life.  I wondered if they really had any defense against the onslaught of European invaders who took their land, their lives, their everything.

These people seemed as if they were untouched by the whole Adam and Eve story. They were naked and just fine.  Just fine until they were informed that they were naked. Its as if they were very natural, very normal, very heart oriented.  I remember reading an article by Phylis Chesler, where she tries to understand how is it that "third world people" whom she thought were so sweet and innocent, could crumbled to such violence and cruelty as she has seen in the middle east.  Personally, i think its just called "keeping things real."  When they are well, things are well. When they are angry, they smash. But when the enemy is as slithering and as sneaky as a snake, there's no time to smash and fight and thrash. By the time they realize what's up, the battle is already halfway finished.

So how could they have fought this enemy?

This makes me think of the Haitian revolution.  These captured Africans who were led to the "new land" the Island of Hispaniola made a secret ceremony in which every abled bodied man ready and willing to fight, had to drink the blood of a pig as a seal that they would do whatever they could to succeed in this legendary fight. And so they did.  And they won their independence!

From a Torah perspective this is a very interesting ritual.

In the Jewish world, thankfully, we have the Torah. Specific instructions and guidance. Eat kosher, it says.  Stay away from promiscuous women, it warns.  Beware of Amalek, it admonishes.  No one else was told to beware of Amalek.  Also, we have the teaching that Esav (Amalek's grandpa) was a wicked person, so we know to be weary.  But what of tribal people with no warning?

In the case of the Haitians, again I don't know what prompted them to do this ritual - it certainly wasn't a normal ritual done before a fight.  But it could, form a Torah perspective, be seen as taking the sword of Esav to strike.

Esav is called the Hunter, He is the fighter.  He is the man with the sword who exacts punishment.  Esav is also likened to a pig. Why? Because at a first glance, the pig looks kosher.  It has the split hooves.  But only after killing it and seeing its belly will one realize that it doesn't chew the kud.  Sneaky!!  Esav also pretends to be so pristine and clean and so good.  He seems to have all the right motives.  He seems to look like an angel.  But he has wickedness in his heart!  Essentially, what the Haitians did was to take the sword from Esav and gave their enemy a good beating. What would have been the Native American Indian's way of "taking the sword from Esav"?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breaking News --Tommy Rising

A big leap for Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League, who has renounced being part of the EDL.  Realizing that many within the group are simply way to violent and too racists in the fight against Islamic take over of his country.

This is truly a step forward and a show of growth for him.  Truly, it is very easy for racists to file into these types of groups because they have a seemingly "justified" reason to unleash their full hatred against people. And when it comes to unleashing their hatred, they are not so very picky outside of their own.

Many blogs, as well, that try to bring an awareness about Islamic jihad, are also chockful or racists just waiting to spew their hatred. They lump all "third world people" as problematic and reject multi culturalism even though most groups from "third world countries" learn the ways of their country and pretty much acculturate.

This is a strong step forward.

Thank you for your Patience

Friends, Readers,

To all those who have ordered books and magazines, I thank you for your patience. Things are taking a tad bit longer than I had hoped, but its acoming.

Baruch Hashem!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Passed Away

Baruch Dayan haEmet.

The former Sephardic Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was nifter today (passed away).  The funeral was held today -it was the largest funeral in Jerusalem so far.

More here.

and here.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

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