Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Video of the day

The Story of the Lost Yemenite Babies

Perception can't.. mustn't win.  The only way truth can prevail is if we keep people from the comforts of denial.

Story of the Mizrahi babies.

The "White Savior" Wakes Up

One smart girl who truly wants to help, dashes perceptions and reveals the TRUTH...

Story here

Which is Winning, Good or Evil?

I once learned that evil feeds on good and can't exist without it.  Good, however, does not feed on Evil. Good can exist without Evil.  But things have gotten so mixed up for so long, I don't even think people believe that there can be good all day long and no bad.  Evil is an illusion.  Much like a shadow that can't exist without the actual real thing.  Perception is winning over reality right now though.  But later, we will see that good HAS to win only because as long as there is Evil, the illusion, the parasite feeding, there has  to be good lurking somewhere. Evil can't exist alone.  So as long as there is Evil , the battle is being waged.  

I would like to turn the tide already though.  Good needs to stand up already. Too many casualties in this war!!

Enough already!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Sad Post links...(Dealling with Racism)

Dealing with racism...

First we have the Black  or Biracial Jew having to deal with the yiddishe word "shvartze" which, yes, technically it just means black but its usually said in a slurred way because, well, its a slur.

Then there's an Israeli Jew who got called Terrorist because he looked Sephardi or more Arabic.

story from PopChassid 's blog

Does anyone realize that everyone is suffering alone?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Song for Today...(And Days to Come...)

No, i'm not walking away from Judaism. I trust Hashem and the Torah is true.  But socially speaking... I want to think on it...