Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trying to Explain The Chickens

As I tried to explain the whole broohaha about the "chicken" incident to my husband. I had to wait several minutes as he laughed and laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. Its a bit embarrassing, but yes, as I explained to him, feelings are hurt, chickens are hated, and haters are plucking at more than just feathers.


It all started with Classic One's blog. His is a branch off from Halima's and Evia's blog. Its a bit like the "stage two" portion of the whole interracial blogosphere scene from Evia and Halima.

There are lots of people on C-1's blog. The comments can easily go up to the hundreds. And all types of topics are discussed. Well, every so often the talk goes off topic. Some have come to make little jokes about chicken and African villages. Fine. Those who didn't want to read those could skip those jokes.

But things escalated as the whole comment section would derail from chicken jokes, to complaints about chicken jokes, to defenders of chicken jokes, to chicken jokes again. Finally the whole blog feathered out into one big barbecue of roasted chicken parts!


This being a golden opportunity for those who like to cut up and divide, the Haters sunk their teeth into the blog.

Soon, name calling ensued, personal insults were made, accusation of spying, basically people started acting like a bunch of chickens squawking at each other!

Now, a fowl odor is in our midst. People are distrusting of others loyalties, others are afraid to come back to C-1s blog. Misunderstandings are high. I wouldn't even be surprised if some began to think C-1 stood for Chicken 1!!!!!


Folks, can we see how silly things have gotten? Can we get over this whole potpie of a mess? This rotten egg is too hilarious. Besides, we need to get back to the focus of things.

Interracial dating. As my husband said to me many a times, a WM who really wants a BW [i.e. he likes his 'dark meat'] is not going to let any chicken talk deter him [from getting to his bone -brackets, my additions]. Let's stay focused gang!


Falone said...

This was nice, Miriam. I liked it, and I remember I was trying to explain it to my brother, and he looked at me as if I was crazy. Oh well lol. But, like you said, I wish this whole thing wasn't blown out into proportion. I seriously don't think it's that serious.

I'll guess we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

In reality the deliberate continuation of the chicken, fish, and village chatter was a device used by 2 disgruntled posters to goad, irk and annoy the complainers. It worked.

Grata has a chip on her shoulder -- check out her profile, it speaks volumes.

Siditty said...


This post is on point. People take things way to seriously. It is drama, drama, and more drama. Why can't things be simple?

♥LaBelleVie♥ said...

Yeah ! I cant believe talk of "chickens" rocked the IR blogisphere world.lol

And anonymous, I disagree. You are entitled to your opinion but I think you are being judgmental and making assumptions.

Reader of "Infidel" said...


I should have come straight to your blog to figure things out.
I was asking Grata what was going on.
Thanks for the beautiful clarification. I will visit soon hoping I am welcome to your blog.


Grata said...


Oh my God. I am dying of laughter her. And I have a test in 5 minutes.

You know, chicken hating! What has the world truly come to?

Chicken 001 LOL!!!!!



Sorry I have been busy. I sent you an email. If you get time read C1 s blog too.

Grata said...

"Grata has a chip on her shoulder -- check out her profile, it speaks volumes."


Thanks for the speedy psychoanalysis. How much do I owe you? A white chicken?

Yan said...

Oh anon,
You are so transparent. It's obvious YOU have a chip on your shoulder with Grata. Why else do you need to flit from blog to blog trashing her? And taking a little chatter as indication of a grand conspiracy, talk about paranoid!

Anyway, good post, Miriam. I believe others would laugh hearing about it. The whole thing is surreal.

Miriam said...

To Everyone -Thanks so much for stopping by!

Reader of Infidel -Of course, you are welcomed here! lol There's no question.

I hope we can take this a bit lighter. I know feelings were hurt. For sure my feels (y'all have no idea!) But at the end, its just blogosphere. A click away from "real life"

Soila. said...

Hey Miriam,
First time here. Lovely entry...
You cracked me up so bad. I didnt know you had such a sense of humour...
I loved it. Loved it :)
I am sure some people think this is war going on but really and truly, it only became a war when some of the Anti-Chatterers Activists started getting nasty and started name calling :(
The villagers were still having fun with it and even when most of us expressed our feelings, it was all in jest. It wasnt supposed to get as crazy as it did and truth be told, non of the villagers started with the nasty comments...
Cant wait for the next entry. I miss C1's lounge ;)

Hope you are enjoying your time wit your mum :)

Grata said...

"And taking a little chatter as indication of a grand conspiracy, talk about paranoid! "


Oh no, according to Anon, I am on a Pied Piper mission of some sort. A grand plan to capture and destroy AA women because as an African I hate AA women. She is trying to save the rest of you.

Run Yan Run!. I have replaced de evil WM.



Your chicken on the post is GANGSTA. It looks pretty mean. I will make sure mine don't wander into your village.

Sorry about the unnecessary stress from the Chicken Wars.

Miriam said...

Siditty, Yan, Soila -thanks for coming. I also miss C-1s lounge. I hope he makes an 'appearance' soon.


re: Gangsta Chicken - LOL Becareful not to start another trend there LOL

re: my troubles. Its okay. It was a lesson learned. Independence cost, but the price is well worth it.

Tania said...

Lol@your husband, he is absolutely right.

chickenhater said...

Sorry gotta agree with Anon...

Funny how all of the ring leaders are here laffing it all off

the truth of the matter is that there has been some damage to a blog that did not deserve it - the chicken thing was nothing compared to the bullying and total lack of respect to anyone with a variance of opinion - or my god - a weave!

It's all cute now, but wait til they turn on you...

Miriam said...

Look Anonymous chicken hater: your anonymity combined with your slander bespeaks foul play to me.

I have learned not to put much stock in anonymous posters. Especially those who slander.

Don't you get it yet? If the chicken talk had been left as a joke, it would have eventually died down. But because everyone spoke ABOUT the chicken joke, that added to its power. PEOPLE like you gave it its momentum!

Don't think I wasn't hurt too. Did you not see my name also besmearched on c-1s blog. I also had my own "lynching" by people like you! who hide behind anonymity to do their dirty devious work and then crown their heads with a "proper handle name" when they want to look saintly.

Gimme a break. Slander doesn't fly here.

chickenhater said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Miriam said...

This is not the place if you're searching for an argument or drama.

Grata said...

"It's all cute now, but wait til they turn on you..."

LOL! Miriam, take heed! We may turn on you!

"the truth of the matter is that there has been some damage to a blog that did not deserve it -"


Unlike with the anons and weave wearers, I agree with you on that one. I am not happy at all with the effect it had on C1's blog and I do accept some responsibility.
However some people need to understand that they can not press demands on a blog that does not belong to them.

Grata said...

"Gimme a break. Slander doesn't fly here".


Ain't this something? The chicken haters are following the chicken talkers.
Really what exactly pissed people about chicken talk? Really? When you see someone talking crap why not ignore them. This makes me think that it is about more than chicken.

Miriam said...


It is. You have no idea. I'd explain more but for the sake of letting it die down I'll keep my own "lynching" plus the ugly paranoia that i've seen to myself.

Soila. said...

I sure hope you dont eat chicken :)