Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Sudanese

The following is a repost from Hedvah Black Fire, White Fire Ezine: 

The Sudanese
The Republic of Sudan, as it was officially called, is no more. After about nine years of devastating conflict and war, which put Darfur on the map of many Americans, the country has split into North Sudan and South Sudan.
Some have been wont to paint the northern Sudanese Arabs as just another group attempting Jihad on a dar harb land. And as sharia law permitted, after an unsuccessful attempt at military take-over by the Arab commander in Egypt, Abd Allah Ibn Saad, in 642 in the Sudan region (it wasn’t an independent state at the time), the Muslims returned to peace treaties with the Nubians. Over a long period time, through intermarriage and imposed slavery on Black Sudanese, the Muslim population grew substantially.
Since their independence in 1956, the Sudanese have had to fight off French, British, Mahdist, their own civil wars created by rebel groups (funded by..??) and others attempting to take over their land. the civil wars have been the most recent and very bloody wars. This was what put Darfur on the map for many.
As the horrific genocide took place by the Janjaweeds, many women suffered the greatest harm. Rape, mutilations, and starvation were rampant. It took a while, but soon the international community cried out for justice.
Many who fled from their homes attempted to go to Egypt only to beshot dead once Egypt decided they didn’t want anymore of them. Many, the lucky ones found their way to Israel. Finally, to prevent the murdering of these Nubian people, Israel IDF officers were sent out into the desert to find the Sudanese and re-direct them to Israel.
The population of immigrants ever increasing, but Israel was tolerant considering the situation at hand.
However, once South Sudan gained its independence from the rivaling Northern Muslim side, many Israelis were out of patience. The refugee situation had overcrowded Tel Aviv and changed it drastically. The Israeli government had no long term plan as to what to do with all the refugees which infuriated the Tel Avivers even more. Things got ugly and violent reactions were starting to take place on the part of the impatient Israelis. Life was already hard getting harder to the point of Israelis protesting the price of housing by pitching tents everywhere; fighting against food price hikes, etc. And then the refugees began to trickle in. With limited resources, rather then admitting to their impatience, the Israelis sought to find reasonable excuses to their wanting all the refugees to leave. Disease, they claimed. Violence, they said -though there truly were cases of violence -even rape. Nevertheless, this escalation caused the government to act.
Many of the refugees -those who were able to go home to the now independent South Sudan were sent home. The ones who are fearful to return because they come from northern Sudan are allowed to stay as refugees.
Of course, the world cried racism.
Now was there no racism involved in the Israelis wanting all the Sudanese and others out? Hard to tell. But the excessive decrying of racism, erases any potential other reasons and attempts to establish racism as the sole reason they wanted them out, and that is not a fair picture.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Soap box moment

My soap box. Bear with me... Many black Jews i've met online would more than quickly side with the Blacks in any given story, it seems.  And if the perpetrators are undeniably wrong, then the story is swept under the rug, or the story teller is attacked.  And most white Jews- would probably side with the Jew. Plus the added fear of potential racism rearing its head can cause a Black Jew to not be "too comfy" planting themselves firmly on the side with many white Jews and few black Jews.  But then many black Jews it seems would more quickly side with the Blacks in any given story.  Its like good middot... there are horrific goons waiting on either side and the one who wants to, tries to -at least- to be good has to balance... like a fiddler on the roof?

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