Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quotable Quotes

Six weeks after getting out of the mikvah, I went to Israel in 2000 for more study at Ohr Somayach, a yeshiva exclusively for converts. I wasn't the only black; there was a black guy from Philly, the crown prince of Swaziland and a bunch of Ethiopian Jews. Racism didn't disappear. After a student used the n-word, one yeshiva rabbi pointed to the offender and said, "That young man is a baby and an idiot and he's the reason the messiah's not here." Racism wasn't tolerated.

Y-Love in Moment Magazine

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Finally, Bush does Something Right?

Apparently, George W. Bush quietly went to Fort Hood to be with the soldiers.

An Israeli trying to deal with understanding America and their non-terrorist problem:


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heavy Things on the Brain

(I added to this post)

Its hard to blog and radiate positivity when so much heavy things are on my mind.

Baby is at his most clingy stage at the moment.

My friends were heading for the Kotel /Western Wall/ Wailing Wall a few days ago. A man told them the regular route was closed and that they had to go a different way. Turns out it was an ambush. Many young Arab men came throwing stones at their car. Their windows got smashed, they said the "final prayer" thinking it was all over. Thank God, with some fast manoeuvering, they escaped.

This has gotten me thing about survival...

Some people take the soft glove approach to all the terrorism going on in the world. No! Don't associate it with Islam! Nevermind everything, only pay attention to what the most famous of talking heads are saying!

Others are taking a very hard line approach. Its all coming from Islam, they say. Get rid of Islam and the idea of terrorism will go.

Which is right?

I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

There are alot of things that are very similar with Judaism and Islam that people don't want to talk about. Such as in Judaism, it is taught that there are 613 good deeds/commandments to be done in this world. Each part corresponds to different parts of the body. Interestingly, the deed/commandment of not falling for idolatry is at the back bone-y & ligament area at the back of the neck. That ligament there is associated with idol worship or serving God. If someone falls for idol worship, then they got problems with that part in the neck. That area is what keeps the head and the body together.

In Islam, they want to behead those they claim to be idol worshippers. (i.e. punish that part that was suppose to be for serving God, since the person is an infidel and is not serving God)

In Judaism there is a big push against promoting fear. Even as I grew up on scary movies since I was a kid, I really try not to spook my kids with stories of monsters and whatnots under the bed. Not even kids stories with suspense. The drive is more of joy. With joy there comes prophecy, with joy, there comes good health, with joy comes blessings.

Terrorism preys on people by giving them terror -and really clamps down on the fearful. I imagine this -the power of fear and terror- can be learned from Islam (or Judaism).

In Judaism, women are expected to cover themselves out of modesty. They keep their hair covered after marriage. Legs and torso are covered. Why? It is believed that tempting men with thoughts of sex can lead to a spilling of "seed". These seeds don't just die. They create children. All seeds create whether its with a physical body or not. These particular spilled seeds create bodiless beings. (you know, those things that start with a d and rhymes with semon. hehehe). Modesty does not end with clothing. How one talks, comports themselves, etc all have a modesty aspect.

In Islam, via sharia law, women who are immodest are ....hurt pretty badly.

In Judaism, there is no separation of "church" and state. Judaism is a way of life. Something many people -especially Americans can't understand. We can live in a state and follow its laws. But come Passover, even though the civil law does not state this, chances are there will probably not be any bread, flour, yeasty food in any religious Jewish home -because of Torah. There will probably not be any stores open on Friday evening, even though civil law of whatever country permits it. etc.

In Islam, also its pretty impossible to separate "church" and state. Again, this is something people can not see.

Basically what I am saying is there is an element in Islam that will cause people to be violent, mean, hurtful terrorists. And truth be told, alot of the terrorism that's happening in the world today are committed by Muslims. China, India, America (for those who are ready to understand this), and Israel, etc.

But alot of these same factors or "teachings" are embedded in various degrees in other religions and ways of life. So what gives?

A little story:

There was once a man who loved a woman. But that woman spurned him. Every chance she got, she spurned him. She ran off and danced with other men. She even offered herself for marriage to a few of them. And though they had a good time with her, in the end she was always left hurt.

Finally, she stopped fooling around and really wanted love. She looked around to see who really loved her. Who was faithful to her all along. It was the man from the beginning. So she returns to her true love and lived happily ever after.

Meanwhile there was another woman who was doing the same thing. She spurned the man who loved her and ran off after other men. But this man was able to do something about it. One by one he killed the suitors off. Finally everyone was afraid to have dealings with the woman. Left with no choice, she resigns and submits to the man.

Man1 which is the other major religions seem to not have any way of enforcing and getting what they want; whereas Man2 has a means of enforcing and thus achieving their goals faster. In the first incidence at least the woman (the goal, the mission) begins to seek out the man and is content. In the second case, the way things are going now, the woman (goal, mission) submits but is her heart in it?

A Neighbor

Here's a neighbor of mine doing the na nach swipe. lol!

Hey, aren't swipes and signs reserved for gangs?

na nah nahma nahman m'uman!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ma Nishtana: Torah portion

Get your weekly Bible portion at Ma Nishtana blog. Its hilarious...

Here is this week's exerpt:

after circumcising himself and having tea with his three visitors, abraham’s first official act as a jew is to haggle with Gd. no seriously. abraham tries to jew Gd out of destroying sodom, eventually trying to weasel some redemption out of Him for the low low price of ten righteous guys. abraham fails, because, y’know, he’s up against GD, and in atonement for this, abraham’s descendants are cursed to haggle with everyone they ever meet in life, ever.
(Ma Nishtana)

Oh my! lol.

And while you're at it, you can also read on debunking the Myth of curse of Ham at that same blog.

Just for Grins

And now for a good laugh...

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says, "Israel is worse than Sudan....!" (INN new)

More stuff for America to swallow?


Sunday, November 8, 2009


I will have pics of my own, but this was nice to see.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Internet Instability

Internet connection here is very unstable. I can't believe how many days I spent without internet connection.

Anyway, that was me on my soapbox. lol.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yay! AA HomeSchoolers Support

This is almost a dream come true. A support group for AA homeschoolers.

Here's the link for anyone else interested.

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I have a very supportive homeschooling group here. There are activities, projects, etc. The only problem is that there are no people of color! None.

I think even that can effect my kids.