Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Where is My Johnny? The Problem with Wisdom

Where is my Johnny?

Hahahahah!! Seriously, I mean where is my man? My Moses?  The one who can fuse kemetic knowledge with holiness and purity and lead the flock out of oppression?  My knight in shining armor?

Throughout the Talmud I have found stories relating to the wisdom of Black folks.  But the problem with wisdom is that it is predicated on Truth. And hateful white people are ALL about falsehood.  No feet on the ground.  You got pavement, on top of that, you got shoes, and on top of that something else (car, bicycle, airplane) anything that will detach you from the ground.

I thought and hoped that the conscious community was about figuring out Truth, but it seems to have since turned into drive-by shootings where one gang threatens another and "pseudo" is the new "nigga" name calling.

Not surprising.

It's like every country has a little hub of Black population.  Sometimes I wonder if that isn't the real heart of that nation, the source of their blessings, the source of their wealth.  But as long as they are ignorant about it, it's business as usual.

Reminds me of a story called Those Who Walked Away from Omelas.  It's a short story about a society where everyone was happy and everything was well, as long as one child was made to suffer.  Eventually there were a few who were able to say no to such a society and walk away.

It's as if the small black enclaves in each country is the suffering child in Omelas.  Very pitiful few will walk away from this.  Meaning, don't hope for allies; they are enjoying themselves too much to want neither the resultant joy nor the required suffering to end.

That's on a national level.  Going bigger, on the global level, Africa is that child to the world.  Going smaller, black folks, etc.

But again, that is a bubble.  That is a lie.  And as long as we believe and live by this lie, its all good (for them).


There HAS to be a way out.  To be continued...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Rosh Hashana was yesterday.  The Jewish new year.

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