Thursday, September 22, 2016

What to do With the Kool-Aid

There is a teaching in the talmud:


10 measures of drunkeness came into the world.
  Black folks took 9 of them!
Tractate Kiddushin

There are also other 10 measures that came and other people took them.  But I want to focus on this one.  Some Jews are ashamed and apologetic and they'll say, "oh, its a misprint!" lol.

But I think it doesn't have to be taken as a bad thing.  But also it might not all be good things.  But if this is true, then it is worthwhile to get to know this better to get to know the self.

I believe black folks can eat, breath, and sleep a topic and practically become that topic.  Bring excellence to that topic so much so that they pretty much define it and can only compete with themselves on it (if they even feel the need to compete).

Here's some Black folks who got drunk on....


Simone Biles

Ice skating..

Surya Bonaly


Michael Jackson


Katherine Johnson



Well, you get the picture..

So all this to say that we just might need to have our bottles to drink -- that second bottle.  So it may not be enough to tell people "stop drinking the kool aid!"  Rather, it maybe better to take on a safe drink. With that -- the kool  aid need will be taken care of.

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