Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Noach, Avraham, and Moshe Rabbeinu

 In my mind I divide the society into three parts. The Noach, Avraham and Moshe.Rabbeinu.

Noah -- back in his day was the most righteous. But if you look at everyone around, they were all depraved. So as righteous as Noach was, he may have still been racist or hateful. That's how I see racists.  In a depraved society, where people are being greedy, stingy, lusting after sex - lusting after domination, then everyone is looking out for number 1; themselves, in such a society, the racist at least appears to becomes the righteous.

A clear case is the situation in America.  Police officers are shooting and killing unarmed Black men with little or no impunity. And yet many people will defend these same cops and on top of that vote for Donald Trump, a man who raises the inspiration of racists.

In such a case, at least, the racists show compassion for "their kind" which is a step higher than being totally for oneself and throwing all of humanity under a bus. But nevertheless, it's a very low state indeed.

Then comes Avraham -- in this stage they know Torah -- or at least they have the capacity to reason out Torah. people try to live righteously, and are willing to spread the good word.  But I don't know if they would break any status quo. That's how I see many Jews today -- not all.

 And then there's the Moshe Rabeinu level (Moses). Moshe married an Ethiopian,also a Midianite, He brought the people to the level of getting prophecy straight out from Hashem. He was hopeful and brought some of the Egyptians that had been turning to Judaism (probably since Yosef haTzaddik's time) , and put the people ahead of himself. It is said that the Jewish people had fallen to the 49th level of tumah (impurity).  That means they could have had a Noach-type moshiach at that time, but for some reason, the much higher caliber moshiach, Moshe Rabbeinu, came.

What decided which moshiach would come?  The only thing I can think of is that the society in Noach's time must have fallen into the 50th level of tumah which was why they had to go.  No redemption for them; they just had to go.

Whereas in the case of the Jewish people in Egypt, they were at the 49th level of tumah and so redeemable.

The Moshe Rabbeinu level is where we need to be.  There the racists would be frowned upon.  There everyone will have a chance to be the best they can be and receive directly from Hashem.  This is definitely the level where Black folks can stand a chance to be normative and to function without the dread of racism.

Now, after the exodus from Egypt, many couldn't handle Moshe's disappearance when he went to get the stone tablets and built the golden calf. Upon Moshe's return, he saw that they had replaced him with a statue -- the golden calf.  Moshe threw the stone tablets and destroyed the idol.  Then he went and got new ones -- different ones. Now if someone goes to get a gift, then returns and sees the receivers are misbehaving and decides not to give them the gift, but rather to give them a different gift, I don't think that second gift would be of a higher caliber than the first one was.

I think that set us back to the Avraham stage. Back to not really changing any status quo but trying to live righteously and spreading the good word whenever possible, praying from a distance, (Or did we go back to Noach? Yikes!)

At any rate, the goal to strive for is the Moshe Rabbeinu level. Its great to call upon the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  But maybe, just maybe we should be calling upon the G-d of Moses (that facet of G-d)?

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