Wednesday, September 21, 2016


In the search for air, for redemption, for salvation from all the oppression and mistreatment, many find solace in the Old Egyptian, Kemetic ways.

Without delving in too deeply, I suspect it was formed as a result of so many depraved society all around them. And as a result, they came up with this civilization that can nullify the depraved society's grasp on them.

But I think it's only because they became more snake than the snake.  They became more depraved than the depraved societies. Except in Egypt it's done consciously and not so much out of the pull of lust and folly.

Its a powerful way to fight.  It almost seem undefeatable. Looking back in the stories of ancient Egypt in the Bible, they became a super power.  Everyone went to them when there was famine in the land.  They never seemed effected by the famine.

In fact, they seemed so undefeatable that when the Hebrews became entangled with them, it took the reversal of the entire creation to get them out (the death of the first born; creation of Adam first man, the death of the beasts; the 5rd day of creation of the animals, plague of darkness; the beginning light, etc.)

Even HaShem, G-d, seem to have understood them.  He never wanted them to be killed. It is even written that one of the purpose of the story of exile was so that Pharaoh would know Hashem. (there are some who say he did finally recognize Hashem and went on to rule in Nineveh and fell into corruption until Jonah came along).

There is a standing commandment for the Jews not to refuse or be cruel to Egyptians for they were once a stranger in a strange land.  Most will interpret this to mean that since the Jews were in exile in Egypt so for that reason, in the merit of the history and since Egyptians did some good for them, they should remember that and act with kindness.  But to me it could also mean that just like the Jews were "stranger in a strange land" being Jews among depraved people until they finally reached their promised land.  So the Egyptians also experienced being alone against depraved people -- until they built themselves strong enough to push them away by taking those very depravities and using the power in them.

Now many Africans were taken by the European slave trade and brought to the Americas.  The whole society from South America to North America was created by greedy people who had no problems killing the Native American Indians that lived there, take their resources and sit in their lands, seeking new groups of people to whip and force into labor and thrive.  Then to remove the feelings of guilt, they "elevated" things into falsehood.  Rootless ideas, words, and beliefs. Now their history is neither on the ground (truth) nor in the heavens (holy).  It hoovers around somewhere in the realm of falsehood.

And as time goes by -- and since falsehood can't stand on it's own -- they have to keep adding to their level of falsehood which in turn increases the level of depravity.  Now these very Africans are trapped in a society of very depraved people trying to justify their existance by blaming those very Africans for everything wrong.  Committing crimes on their back.  Acting out their depravity. Strangers in a strange land.

It seems only natural that the likes of Shakka Ahmose, Sa Neter, and other Imhotep people with the kemetic movement would emerge.  It's the wisest and most powerful reaction against all the depravity.  But it's not the holiest route.

Just as G-d beseeched Pharaoh to turn and do good, I want to beseech the imhotep people to turn also to Torah.  Not to convert, no!  But rather to learn its wisdoms and holiness and to create a society that can fight the depravity with goodness rather than with conscious depravity.

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