Friday, June 3, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah? Part 3

It is a bold step to compare a Black man's skin with Torah -- or really, to imply that there are instructions embedded there.  It is a probably jarring for most who are used to hearing the typical mainstream talk.  But let's explore this for a minute, shall we?

Because they have Torah/Instruction intrinsicly, (1) their behavior may seem bizarre for someone who doesn't know Torah and (2) they may endure harsher punishments when they stray away from this inner knowledge because it's such a part of them.

Bizarre Behavior in the USA:

For example, in the USA alone, there was a time when mass incarceration was the name of the game.  Many Black men were thrown in jail for the slightest of reasons, they were shamed and miseducated in schools.  It was an attempt to kill them.

In response, the women still had children -- but out of wedlock.  Even though the men were messed up or thrown in jail, the women found a way to keep the peoplehood going.

This story reminds me of Israel.  When in Egypt, Pharaoh decided to kill all the Hebrew baby boys lest one arises to save them.  In retaliation, Amram decided that all couples should separate.  That way no one will have children and no babies will be killed.

Amram's daughter, Miriam, thought differently.  She accused Pharaoh of trying to kill all the boys and Amram for trying to kill both boys and girls!  Since no children would be born the future looked bleak.  Everyone saw her reasoning and concurred.  So they had babies and tried to hide them and hope for the best if it was a boy.  Some may have even tried to dress their boys as girls.

Now Black women are fighting to have babies even though "the system" is trying to kill their boys.  Some men/boys even resort to behaving extra soft so as not to appear to pose a threat.

Another bizarre behavior is this phenomenon that Black people will stand by and march for everyone else's problems.  Many within the community complain about that and wonder why don't they just stick with their own problems.

"Whoever prays for mercy on behalf of his friend, and he needs the same thing, will be answered first." (Baba Kama 92a)

But because of the "hidden Torah" within the Black people, that may explain why they see the bigger picture and tend to be self-sacrificing.

There is the bizarre behavior of Black folks thinking they are gods or kings and their women are goddesses or queens.  In Kabbalah, there is a teaching that G-d and the Torah are as one -- meaning, they are very connected in a very close way.  So he who has Torah -- learning it, loving it, living it, etc,. it's as if he is almost one with G-d.

Harsher Punishments:

Again, sticking with USA history, there is no need to elaborate on the harsher punishment and treatment that Black folks are enduring.  Not even in the USA alone, but all over South America, Africa, the Arab world, everywhere.

It behooves us all to take a moment of meditation and appreciate who we are and how we are and to use it for maximum good for ourselves and for the world.

Shabbat Shalom!

To be continued...

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