Thursday, June 2, 2016

Where is Bnei Hham's Torah? Part 2

The Precious Stone:

At the top of the ark was something to bring light into it.  Some say it was a window, some say it was a precious stone.  If it was a window then it would only shine light when it was day.  But since it was very stormy, probably definitely rainy weather, a precious stone may have been in order.
What is so special about a precious stone?  It really enhances the beauty of something.  Crowns in particular are decked out with precious stones.  But it's not coincidental, it's purposeful.

Keter means crown in Hebrew.  According to some, the precious gems on the crowns allows one to actually peer to what's above -- the next level.  Kind of like a crystal ball. Or like the Urim v'Thummim -- the breastplate of the Cohen/High Priest.

The Intercourse:

When Adam mated with Chava/Eve, it's written Adam "knew" Chava/Eve.  In fact, this "knowing" is a way of intimately getting familiar with someone -- or even something thing or a concept.
When it is taught that Hham had "intercourse" in the ark, since intercourse may have been forbidden, it may mean that he either went against the rules (broke a glass ceiling?) or he gained intimate knowledge from staring into the gem that was used for light.

There were others who also "had intercourse" according to the sages.  The dog and the raven.  As a result, the dog was made to be tied and the raven was made to expectorate.  Interestingly, the dog is, in fact, tied.  It is now closer to the human plane than most animals.  In some countries it's known as a "man's best friend." 

As for the raven, interestingly, it can actually use speech much better than the well-known parrot.  Speech is a very human characteristic.  Both the dog and the raven were brought up to a higher level away from their previous animal plane and into the human plane.

Romancing the Stone:

In the ark, Hham may have gazed at the precious stone and from gazing he peered through and gained intimate knowledge.  Knowledge of what?  What is his Torah/instructions?

As a result of this act, he is said to be stricken in the skin.  Black skin has a factor that is almost like the chlorophyll in plants.  Plants use a process called photosynthesis to convert light energy into chemical energy for fuel.  As well, melanin is a process that converts light energy from the sun into chemical energy for fuel.  That's on a physical plane.

On a different plane, let's talk about light.  In every synagogue, there is a light that is forever shining above the ark which contains the Torah.  Let that sink for a minute...  So from within the ark, Hham who was contained within the ark stared up at the light shining constantly from the precious stone and as a result was stricken in the skin.

The Torah can only be written on skin.  Traditionally, it's been written in cow hide.

To be continued...

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