Monday, May 9, 2016

YAS!! The Foundation is Getting Worked

Irritated Genie and Tazaryach and a few others came together to address not only the situation in regards to Bambaataa molesting many boys in the community but child molestation in general.

In Kabbalah, Yesod means foundation.  It is the symbolized by the groin area in Man.  If that area is kept pure, that means the foundation is solid.

For a long, long time now the Black community has been swamped with lewd advertising, The music industry only promoted the songs that pushed for sexual promiscuity -- the others were turned down, People associated Black women and men with over riped (?) sexuality -- extra raunchy in the bedroom, etc. Black women and men who grew up in that time began to think this was their identity and fulfilled the "prophecy" -- the lie took hold.  So, so much ensued.  

But now a beginning is happening.  With Iratated Genie at work and the community supporting him and finally talking about all the aftermath of all the garbage going in, the house is finally getting cleaned out.  The gut is finally getting the clean up it so badly needed.  Good energy channeling down from all the Knowledge -- good knowledge we are absorbing, y'all!

In the Torah and Bible, when they want to say that Man man cohabitates with  his wife, they say he Knew her.  As in they are exchanging knowledge.  Knowledge and cohabitating have something in common -- the exchange of information.  It's as if because we are using our wisdom and understand to bring down good knowledge to the people, we have also triggered all the other parts to start aligning correctly.  Is there more kindness going on?  More strength to protect our vulnerable amongst us?  Beauty? More determination?  More splendor?  Definitely, the foundation is being rocked.

This is the YESOD work that needs to be done.  And it's beginning..Praise G-d!

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