Sunday, April 24, 2016

B"H for Titans TV and Thank you, Kalam

Titans TV is one of the best development in the Black community.  However, I do get weary when those not from the community comes and tries to establish themselves in there.  Why is it so great?  And why do others want so much to get in on it?

But first a story:

There was once a Jewish man who was raising his son a best he can.  He kept him away from booze promoting commercials, kept him away from talk about sleazy things, etc.  

Well, one day he had to take his son to a specific doctor.  And that doctor was in a neighborhood filled with billboards of liquor, scantyly cladded women advertising who knows what, etc.  The father was afraid.  So he went to his rabbi and asked him what should he do.  The rabbi replied, "Keep him engaged in Torah.  Keep his heart engaged and he will be okay."

So as soon as they got off the bus, the father began engaging the son in all sorts of Torah questions.  The son loved it and searched in his mind for answers and posed questions of his own on the topic.  This went on all the way until they arrived at the doctor"s office and also when they left the doctor"s office/  This way, the boy saw nothing because his heart was preoccupied!

Why is this show so great?  Because this is the next necessary step in Black Consciousness.  When we are engaged in discussions that we want to be engaged in, when we discuss and disect these very interesting ideas, we are engaging our hearts.  We are also blocking out all the bullsh*t and propaganda from the world of shekker /the world of lies.  So just like that boy who had to navigate through a street full of advertisements and billboards trying to lure us towards things that are not beneficial to us, everytime we are watching Titans TV, everytime we engage one another about why so-and-so said this or why so-and-so thinks that, we are cleaning out and purifying our hearts from the crap the world tries to smear us with.

Also, it is taught in the Jewish world that conversation is 1/60th of the Garden of Eden.  Meaning, when we engage in conversation, it's as if we are enjoying a piece of the Garden of Eden -- home!

This is a powerful thing.  But also something people want to control. Derail.  Or even perhaps recreate to their own benefit -- and that iswhy people want to come in and try to give half truths.  But the problem with that is if its not full truth, if its not with the full heart, if its not genuine -- but rather agenda driven, then its not Eden.  It's a billboard of propaganda.

So my dear friends, I emplore you to continue these debates -- maybe without the "Fuck your whole family" type talk.  But engaged in the debates and call in and everything.  But please be cautious this time who is let in.

Sometimes I think we almost lost Africa because of the people who were allowed in.  Now that we are getting it back albeit in the mental/or spiritual realm, let's keep that light shining until it because course -- i.e. until it materializes in reality.

Praise G-d for this wonderful step!!  And thank you, Kalam!!

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