Sunday, March 6, 2016

Finding My Place

I am happy that I am slowly finding my place in the world -- 

I am finding that there are many individual groups and people all concerned and trying to help the communities in Africa who are interested in Judaism.  Somehow I feel like that is my "work."

I used to do more, but since my own family life fell apart, I kind of slithered into oblivion; shutting down my blog as you probably saw and not being very active in social media.  Not even being very active in real life.

L'ag b'omer two years ago will always be a memorable time.  It was the time when everything that was hanging precariously all fell apart.  Social workers, police, all kinds of everything was involved that day. One minute it was a regular day, we had guests coming for Shabbat, we were preparing the house, cleaning, I had just come back from picking up some of the kids from their school and the next minute.....

Next thing I knew the kids and I were on a bus heading for Jerusalem by order of the social welfare department.  It was never the same after that.

One day, I'll be more able to talk about it. But now I am glad to slowly make friends with others who are interested in helping all the various communities in Africa out.  

This is majorly exciting for me!!

The downside is that sometimes they have to go into unchartered territory. Our dear Harry Rosenberg is going to be pitted against Brother Polight, a conscious "brother" in a debate this coming Monday night.

Not sure the purpose of the debate except maybe to bring attention to Harry for the AFr. Amer. community.  And the purpose of that, I think?? is in case there are those who are interested in Judaism but don't know where to go, Harry will be a beacon perhaps.

Anyway, it's all nervewrecking lol.

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