Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Proper response to the Beyonce reaction

At the NFL half time, Beyonce came out with a song and video that honors her heritage and turned it into an entertainment piece.  Here it is:

People became so outraged.  It's almost fascinating to see how the veil is kinda slipping off the head and truth is being revealed in such a blatant manner.

Here is  a good response to all the haters...

It's really worth it to understand that what the media gives you is not always the truth...The portray the Black Panthers and Malcolm X as such violent people, but if you actually learn the truth about them, you will see there wasn't much violence going on.  True, one Black Panther member was accused of killing a cop, but he was later acquitted.  Malcolm X was very pro-Black and that was portrayed as a grave danger.

The media has its own agenda...

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