Thursday, February 25, 2016

Making the World go 'Round

The sages teach us that the world stands on three things:

  • Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Kindness
  • Torah/Instructions from Above/Within
  • Avodah/Godly service 
Gemilut chasadim/Acts of Kindness:  This is the easiest thing to do.  It entails opening one's heart to another and doing for them what we want for ourselves...or not doing to them what we wouldn't want done to ourselves.  It is a very positive energy and makes people smile.

The flipside of that -- the negative energy associated with this is being truthful.  Having wisdom.  Keeping it real.

Both are needed, but there must be that in-between to keep it functioning properly which is conviction, perseverance, determination.  That opens up a conductive path (grace) of self confidence so that things will flow.

Torah/Instructions:  Everyone has instructions from the Creator.  Some wrote it down into a book and study that book.  Some teach through word of mouth.

But that is one side.  The other side of this is dancing and clapping with joy.

Like a battery.... 

...these two are like negative energy (Torah/Instruction) and positive energy (dancing and clapping) going to each other.  So with the negative (anode) energy being the Torah/Instruction, and the positive (cathode) energy being the dancing and clapping, what is the electrolyte?  It's staying humble.

Staying humble creates something metaphysical... a conduit path that makes the "battery" work.

It's not an easy route to go.  Being humble is frowned upon in arrogant societies and you'd have to have an iron backbone to go this route.

Avodah/Godly service:  That means doing godly things. Praying.  Actually following the instructions given down from the ancestors, forefathers, parents, or the Creator.  That is the positive side of things.

The "negative" energy to that is having zeal.  Zealots are not looked upon kindly, but this type of enthusiasm is needed to make things move.

And the middle part, or the grace producer, or the electrolyte for this "battery" parts is staying connected to our ancestors, forefathers, parents, the Creator.

So there are basically three batteries that can spin the world and move it.  Pick your place and let's get "moving"!!

Be Kind!!

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