Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some Sad Post links...(Dealling with Racism)

Dealing with racism...

First we have the Black  or Biracial Jew having to deal with the yiddishe word "shvartze" which, yes, technically it just means black but its usually said in a slurred way because, well, its a slur.

Then there's an Israeli Jew who got called Terrorist because he looked Sephardi or more Arabic.

story from PopChassid 's blog

Does anyone realize that everyone is suffering alone?


focusedpurpose said...

we are at spiritual war Miriam.

it is interesting to note that my Understanding has come full circle.

our exchanges from back in the day were instrumental.

recently i recalled your indicating the Passover meal + eating the g-d of our enemies;)


KJV Deuteronomy 28
KJV Leviticus 26

speaks to the blessings + curses of which people?

if you read the Scriptures, what group of people fit?

KJV Genesis 15:13-14
KJV Acts 7:6-7

who are these people?

the image you have with the slur for Black is not even a Black person...

what gives?

why is there a refusal to call things what they are? even by members of the nation described in Torah?

is the desire to assimilate so strong, that one now denies themselves even?

when i was awakened...i came back to your blog. read of your experiences in the land that is currently cursed by imposter Gentiles from the house of Edom pretending to be Hebrews...that like to pretend they are the "elite" of the Je Wish they were Hebrews.

what is a "semite"?

i AM familiar with what a Shemite is...those are my people.

you were concerned back in the day with a "quiet storm"...i was always concerned with the me vs. they mentality.

is it true for you that the Talmud of oral traditions of men is treated as more sacred than Torah?

if you feel so inclined, i would welcome an exchange, as i seek greater Understanding.

you are welcome at my house any time to dialogue as well.

Blessings to you and yours!

Miriam said...

Hi FocusedPurpose. so nice to see you and your icon. I've really missed all the people from days of old and often wondered how everyone was doing.

Yes, isn't it crazy ...the guy in the picture isn't even Black!

I agree we are at war. And I feel like i'm in a race to acquire as much knowledge as possible to do better and to pass on to others and learn from others as well.

I think there is a very strong Edom influence and its so easy going around because the dear people have no knowledge of otherwise.

To me, I see everything just like the curly hair. It has lots of coils ...just like that, life has many ..aspects (?). Like one coil,or rung, or one "aspect" on the Edomite curl would be sugar on the inanimated object, on the animal level, i'd say a snake, and so on and so on.

Like this, I think the Holy Temple is a physical manifestation of the right thought schema that Jews should have. And it has been destroyed unfortunately.

But slowly it is returning. In little pieces. I would even go so far as to say that the more Black Jews... or blackish Jews (those with the same mentality -- meaning very heart oriented,and not so brain /cunning oriented) come out and speak out, the more a stronger, truer Jew will develop out of it. Praise Gd!

Miriam said...

re- treating the sages more sacred than the Torah. that is False.

the very reason sages are treated with respect is because they are an embodiment of the Torah. They contain the Torah in their minds and actions.

re- the curses and blessings, the whole Torah is written for the Jewish people.

Not to say Gd doesn't care for others. In fact, the way He treats Pharaoh shows that Gd cares about him. It would be interesting to read a Torah from Pharaoh's perspective.

Thank you! Be well!