Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Blatantly Bad Jew

I know Hashem runs the world.  I trust His Torah and try to live by it as best I can.  Its makes things easier to live in an Jewish neighborhood amongst other Jews.


I know that there are righteous non-Jews out there.  Will there ever be a community of righteous Jews and righteous non-Jews as opposed to all non-Jews lumped together (with the righteous ones having to fend for themselves among the haters) or all Jews lumped together (with the simple ones having to fend for themselves among the cold hearted, cunning ones)?

I wonder if that is what Matisyahu, the singer, went through.  Am I having an identity crisis?

I guess the big question would be, why should I -if I'm trying to be a good Jew- lump myself together with both good and blatantly bad Jews? Is there any good in the blatantly bad Jew?

By blatantly bad Jew i mean someone who is mean and hurtful without remorse.  Someone who will steal like any other robber, except with excuses as to why they should take whatever they are stealing. Someone who studies the Torah because they know there is wisdom to gain from it, but their heart is in the wrong place.

(How different are they from the secular Israeli Jew? I think the secular Jew does what he does because his taivah/desires push him in that direction.  A blatantly bad Jew knows he ought to behave a certain way and so puts up a front, but deep down he does just what his taivah wants him to do. He's a hypocrite!)

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