Thursday, December 5, 2013

Car Hijack, Baby Intact

A frightening incident happened in Israel where a woman's car was hijacked by three Arab men.  Her baby was still in the vehicle when they drove off.

Here is the story Hijacked

The carjacked vehicle
Shai police spokesman
When the wife of a resident of Dolev, north of Jerusalem, called frantically to report Arabs had carjacked their car with their one-year-old daughter inside, the Jewish father quickly picked up a knife and drove to the abduction spot, saving his baby.

"I was driving home toward Dolev with the small daughter in the back seat,” the mother recalled Tuesday, in an interview withYediot Aharonot.

“Suddenly, a car began tailgating me, so I accelerated. Then heard something hit the car from the back so I went out to see what happened. There were three Palestinians in the car. One of them got out and asked if something had happened. Before I could answer, he was already inside my car. The two cars drove off, speeding away. I was helpless. The cellphone was inside the car. I ran to the middle of the road, screaming that my girl had been abducted. An Arab man let me call my husband.”

(hi five = Arutz Sheva)

Thank G-d the baby was okay.  But notice the help between Arab and Jew.  Its a mindset that is good and there is a mindset that is very evil. That is what we must fight.

There was a previous incident a few weeks ago, where an Arab couple was mistaken for Jews and attacked by Arabs. sigh.  Thank G-d, they spoke Arabic which signaled that they were not Jewish and the attackers backed off. But it should be appreciated that the couple reported those hordes of attackers.

Here's that story.  Mistaken Identity


.A Muslim family from east Jerusalem was attacked two weeks ago by three Arab youths near the road of Sur Baher. Only after the group learnt that the family was in fact Palestinian did they leave them alone

(hat tip = ynet)

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