Sunday, November 17, 2013

Neshama News

Though Shyne may not have quite made it with the Belz Hassidic group, he certainly made it to the chuppah -the wedding canopy. He's engaged! G-d willing they'll build a beautiful home together.

Speaking of engagements, reknown rapper, Nissim Black and his brother are here in Israel engaging and reviting the fans in Ramat Beit Shemesh!

According to the Times of Israel, Avraham Dov Rosenblum has enter Israel pro football League.

Welcome everyone!!

One week and some before its Chanukah!! Time of celebrathion of lights.  Some are really excited because it falls right at the same time of Thanksgiving. Oh well.

Last week, Israel was hit with a horrible tragedy. Just we rescue workers raced off to help the many in the Phillipines after it was ravaged by a typhoon, in our own home tragedy strikes...

Eden Atias was murdered in cold blood as he slept on a bus.  May his blood be avenged.

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