Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breaking News --Tommy Rising

A big leap for Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defense League, who has renounced being part of the EDL.  Realizing that many within the group are simply way to violent and too racists in the fight against Islamic take over of his country.

This is truly a step forward and a show of growth for him.  Truly, it is very easy for racists to file into these types of groups because they have a seemingly "justified" reason to unleash their full hatred against people. And when it comes to unleashing their hatred, they are not so very picky outside of their own.

Many blogs, as well, that try to bring an awareness about Islamic jihad, are also chockful or racists just waiting to spew their hatred. They lump all "third world people" as problematic and reject multi culturalism even though most groups from "third world countries" learn the ways of their country and pretty much acculturate.

This is a strong step forward.

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