Monday, September 2, 2013

Making A Way

Interest in Judaism has been growing in the African continent for a while now.  There are those who want it and there are those who just want to want it.  Either way, many are thinking about it.

For those who seem decidedly interested, I have created a magazine called Making A Way.

This publication will serve many purposes: 

1.) It will keep all the communities aware of the other one. Bringing them closer.

2.) Help them to exchange ideas and resources.

3.) Bring an awareness and exposure of the African communities to the greater mainstream Jewish communities.

4.) Show the fascinating and creative ways the African communities manage in order to do mitzvoth.

In addition, sadly, many other groups will come an try to dissuade these communities from their goal. As they wait the long wait for the Rabbanut to actually have a functioning branch that will deal with their cases and/or as they wait for an orthodox rabbi who will be interested in helping them, some get discouraged.  Since Judaism is not a "prosyletizing religion" there is not much we can do for them --and they were probably meant to go in the path that they chose. 

But for those who want to hold on, hopefully this magazine will give them a handle in which to hold on to, and hopefully the exposure will bring about more help for them.

Please join me and support this cause.  To donate for this magazine and /or to receive a copy please email me at

Thank you & Shana tova!

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