Tuesday, August 27, 2013

White Guilt --Is there no end?

With all the recent history of capturing Africans and slavery, the murdering of Jews by the millions, the secret paying African militias to overthrow leaders, or simply giving leadership of countries to groups who betrayed their own brothers for money (i.e. corrupt people), White folks have alot to feel guilty about.

But I would like to kindly suggest teshuva rather than guilt?

Teshuva is the process of confessing a wrong, feeling remorse, making amends, and making up one's mind not to do it again.

This process is better than guilt.  Guilt leaves people at a stand still. Fills them with negative feelsings--very unhealthy- to the point that they have to do something about it. No one can stay negative for too long.  So they either default to becoming more arrogant and pompous and being "proud" for what they did; or they self destruct.  We want neither.

With teshuva -one confesses (which allows the person so see that the only wrong done was a,b, and c  rather than feeling all round guilt with no exact cause).  feels remorse (that's a toughy. I hope folks do feel remorse...I suppose by seeming people as human beings, godly creatures even, maybe that will help?) Make amends where ever possible and making up one's mind not to do it again (this is assuming we want a better world for everyone).

Teshuva is better because it begins and then ends.  Guilt just goes round and round and round.  And others can take this guilt and bash you over the head with it again and again --and that is not right either.

So enough of this white guilt!

To me, we are all together in the world, we've got to make it work. And it can work.

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