Friday, June 28, 2013

The Roman and his Question

 A Jewish story:

Once there was a teacher who was teaching his Jewish students.  And as often was the case, some romans would come it and sit in the class -not to learn, but to try and stump the teacher or make trouble.

Sure enough a Roman entered the class just when the teacher was teaching about the court system. His last words were, "and so the majority rules!"

The man didn't hear the earlier part of the lecture and said, " so ! if the majority rules, then you all must conform to the Roman's ways because we are more of a majority!"

The teacher paused.

He asked the Roman. "How are you, Sir? Do you have sons?"

"yes." Replied the Roman.

"How are your sons?" Asked the teacher.

"Its a big headache when they come to visit," sighed the Roman. "they each come with their personal gods and arguments always insue as to which god is the preferred one."

So the teacher replied, "When you can sort it out between your sons, then come back and I'll answer your question."

The Roman understood.  He and his people was not a majority.  Each one was beholden to a different "head."  Every man was for himself.

As we all look on at the Muslim take over of the world, we are hesitant to really band together and really do something about it.  The goverments discourage it, but also the people are scattered.

My own personal fear is that many Americans and Europeans will want the help of others to fight Islam. They will praise the fighters in Myanmar for their victories, they will note the successes in Africa.

But once, if ever, the Muslims are defeated, my fear is that those same fighters will become "non-humans" once again in the eyes of the Americans and Europeans.

Basically, we are so scattered and divided, we are not a majority.


Anonymous said...

Hi Miriam, Its Bina and I cant reach you! I was in your neighborhood twice in the past year and your phone numbers arent working, at least the ones I have. I really wanted to see you :( !!!
Call me, I miss you!
I have so much to catch up about! I'm sure you do too :)

Miriam said...

I'll call you. we Changed our number.