Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revenge of the Psychedelic DayDream Monster - And Musings

Sleep is not my friend. Most things related to sleep are not my friends. Things related to sleeping would be: working --things I have to do in a drone-like fashion.

And yet, every night I'm faced with this task of sleeping.  It doesn't come easy.  I lay on the bed and usually I can fall a sleep pretty nicely.  But at around 2am, my eyes just open. It opens and can't close back.  Now, I can move about and busy myself and do stuff.  But then I end up being a shmatta, a rag, during the regular day time.

So I have to stay on the bed.  Either I get a little light and read ---that is the best!  Or sometimes, I resort to daydreaming. I make up a family in my head and all sorts of adventures for them. But then the story grows and grows and gets a life of its own and then soon, it wants to spill into the regular day time hours.  During regular day time hours, I'll feel this urge to run under the covers and day dream some more.

If I"m not careful, this day dream can become more "important" than the real life situations -especially if there is something in real life that I don't want to face.

Back in the day, during a time of abuse in my life,  it was a life saver. A relief.  But now, I have to slay this monster everytime it rears its head.  Like an alcoholic that has to watch out for his driniking, i think...

But day dreaming and thinking about things does have its pluses --which is why its so attractive- and as long as I keep it contained its rather okay

Anyway, that is some of my night time, day dream musings.

How are you readers? What's up?

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