Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Neshama News

news from an Emuna perspective

Congratulations goes to Barrack Housein Obama, the people's choice!! It was a tight race and an amazing race.  With the media backing incumbant President Obama, Mitt Romney had a few media outlets to push his program and the three debates in which to push --along with the road campaign.  However, there were many Americans who, even though they weren't crazy about Mitt Romney, would rather vote for anyone other than Barrack Obama. Its a tell tale very divided America.  I hope the president has the ability to bring America together.

As a result of the elections, there are many states (Texas, Louisana) that are attempting to request secession from America. They want to become their own country and not be a part of America --until the next election?

In Europe, as you recall Muslims have reached a certain amount where they feel empowered to demand sharia to be the law of the land.  Now Europeans have created a counter group:  In France, its the Generation Identitaire. In other countries, there are other groups which I will hopefully research and report.

Superstorm Sandy's devastations are still being sorted through as many still without power, no place to live are trying to find their way.  Great time for chessed (acts of kindness): Yay for Apple, Anhauser Busch, Cox Enterprise, Leviton...so many more! You can donate too at RED CROSS.

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