Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Crown --Where it all begins!

This is where it all begins.

The crown around your head.  Faith.  Brit/Circumcision.

Here's the opposite:

So, breath.. a cool breath..  breath of calmness, collectedness, faith.

Use your creativity for spiritual things and not just for physical pleasure.


C Yocheved said...

please explain :) mah kesher ben the movie and the crown (maybe i don't get it becasue i've never seen the movie..)

Miriam said...

The movie is called "waiting to exhale" like that moment during intercourse where the man cums. He holds his breath and well you know the rest.

Basically, guarding the brit and keeping faith go hand in hand. Rather, in the movie there is no guarding of the brit. People getting cheated on. Lots of lust, etc. Going after someone on the rebound. lots of heat.

All that is opposite from being cool, having emuna. The coolness brings parnossa, shefa, etc. Calmly finding the right man, the right way, etc. Thinking something through.

And generally, depending on how one "comes" is how the result is. If one is in a lustful state, then that held breath --the breath that will make the baby or spiritual force from the intercourse- will be from a lustful source. Not very holy.

If one is wanting holiness; Is with a kosher spouse and loving the person, then that breath --like from the pasuk from Koheles "man is but a breath", that baby or spiritual force that is created from this act/mitzvah -- is holy, strong, powerful, etc.

(this is from Breslov)

C Yocheved said...

Very interesting, thanks for explaining. :)