Thursday, October 4, 2012


Sometimes I think the whole world is made out of BS. Just a truck load shtuff.  

And then I have to go back to basics.  Hashem is in control.

And everything around, is His creations... And He gives endlessly, i've got the goods to prove it.

And there is a purpose and a Torah in the world which answers lots of questions.

And there are rabbis who paved alot of the way for us, blessed their neshamot...

And suddenly the world doesn't look so bad. Except for the corners.

We are commanded to give charity to the orphans and widow, etc in one's community. People who tend to fall through the cracks or get neglected or ignored...the corners.   I don't mean to equate disadvantaged people as cobwebs, but its like clearing the cobwebs around a room...or bringing light to even the corners of a picture..  and then G-d's light and Knowledge of Him shines everywhere.

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