Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Bill Warner

All I can do is shake my head.

While he makes good points. Its important for "infidels" to know this.  But at the same time, its a bit nauseating the way he white washes the whole European civilization.  Their inability to confront truth, their own wrong doings, is a problem.

Not to say they should be back-bent, head-bowed and forever sorry and making up for all their wrong doings. but its slightly hard to have compassion for people who are being hunted, when once upon a time they themselves were hunting Black folks and committing holocaust upon the Jewish people and others. Its like a big elephant in the room. And its not like they had stopped hunting when this happen, they just got frozen in their tracks with this new threat.

No wonder many Black folks -much to their own detriment- feel the need to side with anyone other than them, even if their new team's motto is to kill and pillage and rape, etc.And how do Jewish people feel when they see this?  I'm sure they feel inclined to join people like Bill Warner, but do they thicken their minds so as not to fear that one day, they will be the next target?

The world needs kindness. I mean true kindness.  Not just, "oh no! they're coming after me now, so let's all raise our voices against injustice, against slavery, etc etc."

Kindness enclothed in strength.  I don't mean starry eyed, flower holding, lets all love one another type kindness. I don't mean kindness without intellect.

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