Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Raven

Some interesting facts about the raven...

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The raven is the largest bird of the crow family.  Ravens can soar high above the trees, unlike crows, which rely on active flight.  Ravens are capable of aerial stunts similar to those executed by birds of prey.

They can act in pairs. one individual captures a dog's attention, while the other steals its food.  They also follow wolf packs for picking remains from their preys

Raven's calls can express a wide range of emotions..

Ravens are considered the most intelligent birds, displaying high learning ability and use of logic for solving problems in some tests bypassing the chimpanzees.

Ravens have been even taught to count.

Due to their intelligence, ravens love to play.  In Yellowknife (northwestern Canada) ravens perched on the roofs of supermarkets and waited for people to pass so that they could push snow on them.

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