Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fear of the Abyss

If your like me, then you probably have this forboding fear of helping anything related to Africa.  As if the endless needs over there --or at least the projected endless needs there - is a bottomless pit that simply can not be fulfilled!

If I start... will there be an end???  Its like going to hell while still being alive...all the souls there are wont to attach to the one person with life...and in the process weigh her down so she in turn is stuck with them.  It is with great effort that she must carry herself and all those attached to her out of the abysmal hell they are all in!!

My goal is to do a sort of blitzkrieg fundraising to get funding for the Putti village mikveh and that is all!!! And yet, I am finding myself getting more and more involved in other groups asking for assistance and funding.

I have to put limits.  All I want to contribute is to help fundraise for the mikveh. and maybe if I can make storybooks for the children. THAT'S ALL.


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