Friday, August 24, 2012

Don't Know How?

Praise G-d I am blessed.

I have a huge house with plenty of space for running for the kids, plenty of space for planting and growing food, etc.

The only problem is...

i don't know how to maintain it!

Its funny, my real education came from life.  Yes, I went to school learned grammer (really, I did!), math, science, etc.   But all that didn't equip me sufficiently for life! At least, not the life that I am living.

(1) Ants.  Ants are SO diligent. And they want my house.  Every day is a battle to keep them out, to keep them from eating there way into the house. Its constant.  Is there a better way?

(2) Planting and growing.  Thank goodness, that is going nicely. we have an orange tree, lemon tree and a budding apple tree. Still working on the spices part of the garden. And it really helped to bring in a professional who knows about the drip irrigation system.

But somehow there is a section with tons of itty bitty rocks that needs to get picked up and moved out of the way. I hope the kids will listen to me and help me collect them.

(3) Plain ole House Maintenance.  If I clean at least one room a day... i mean serious cleaning, sweeping, sorting clothing vs papers, etc., sponja (moping)... after a while it will be okay.  The problem is that  Iam not maintaining the house yet...i'm trying to bring it to the level of maintaining. I'm starting from negative.  And truth be told, everytime I have stress --like an argument with the hubster, or trouble elsewhere, the whole schedule goes kapluey! And I have to regather my strength to keep the routine --which often takes days. And days are precious!

(4) Children.  That is going okay. I learn/teach Proverbs with one of my daughters (they all listen in, but the focus was one of them), now I suppose we should review.  I'm doing Pirkey Avot with another, but we always get stuck on the Rabbi's names --their all so colorful and interesting!! Like Nechunia ben Chalafta... Shimon ben Shatach...Chanina ben Dosa..etc. Not your typical Ashkenazi names, that's for sure!

I have to learn/teach Tannakh as well. G-d help.

(5) Healthy Eating.  okay. that needs work lol.

Not to mention work, the things I do re: Judaism in Africa, and  the ecomic blog.  Please forgive this post.  I am currently overwhelmed and a bit depressed and had to write all this to get a good focus on where i'm holding.

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