Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Many?

There are so many Black Jews, and so many from Africa and African American heritage who are or are interested in Judiasm, that at times I wonder, how many would it take before the Black Jews that exist today feel that they're "normal"?

And how long before White Jews feel the normalcy of it all?

And perhaps many already DO feel the normalcy of diversity in Judaism?

I guess the question really is (in a broader sense) how long does it take to take a narrative out of someone's heart?


C Yocheved said...

I actually don't think the numbers really matter. Kind of like how the female majority in the U.S. has to put up with shoddy treatment.

That's not to say that I don't feel b"H comfortable in my community. But I've been living in the same place for a little while. Every time we moved in the past, I felt the "otherness" all over again.

Miriam said...

What do you think is the answer? I would really like to somehow jump over that hump.

I think -don't know- but I wonder if part of the solution is that:

we can't have unity just for the sake of unity. Unity with a purpose may make things less ambiguous and awkward. Like if we each had a drive and purpose then we would unit specifically for that purpose and not just for uniting. Like for example, say we were moving into a new neighborhood, but we had a drive and purpose to start a chug for the children there. Then we would try to go to shul purposefully to get people to know us and we'd have a shpiel that we like to talk about, etc.

C Yocheved said...

That sounds like a good solution. I don't know. If we could figure it out, I feel like we could achieve world peace! It's a tough one to solve. Judaism (and especially in Israel) is so compartmentalized. There is a hierarchy, it's like the caste system (ok, it's not nearly that bad, lol!). But "it" is there is some form, sadly.

I think we'll have to shed our earthly bodies to resolve this..! Racism is very, very prevalent in Yiddishkeit, to varying degrees. It's all about nuance.

I don't know, I could go on and on about this for a while. :-) I just deleted a couple of paragraphs that were getting kind of out that. :-)

C Yocheved said...

out there*

C Yocheved said...

I was thinking about this.. I don't mean to be so negative. :/ It's definitely worth making the effort! Changing one person's heart for the better is huge.

Miriam said...

B'ezrat Hashem, it will happen.