Friday, July 13, 2012

Bye bye Pyramids?

I have heard so many times, how Africa doesn't have a history, that they may have a history but no body had the brains to write anything down, etc etc.

Well the Muslim Brotherhood who took power in Egypt are contemplating breaking down the pyramids --those famous pyramids that haunt us with history.

Perhaps long ago there just wasn't the technology to destroy it, just the nose.  But now the hope to destroy it is back.

Islam has been in Africa for a long long time.  Much longer than Europeans.  Could something have happened to the African's "history books" and art and the such -the same contemplation the Muslims are having toward the pyramids?

I tend to want to do "don l'chaf zchut" /judging favorably  on the Africans that perhaps there were history but that it was destroyed and the few that do exist are poo-pooed by the Europeans writing their history book.  And I think many Europeans would rather NOT do don l'chaf zchut on Africa  (but rather on things they do like ...such as the idea of intelligent dinosaurs... alien life.... etc)

Just interesting things going on.  But it would be very sad if the pyramids were destroyed..

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