Sunday, July 8, 2012

2013 What's in Store?

With so many various communities in Africa interested in Judaism and wanting to embrace Torah, I began to take an interest in the continent itself, not just all the feel good pictures of beautiful people and places that the media would dare not show in plentitude -but in the continent, the situation, the economy.

There is so much to say. Its slightly overwhelming. But I do want to say that I pray that the communities that are interested in Judaism hold on tight and learn as much as they can. Daat --Holy Daat -knowledge in Hashem is so precious and hope-bringing, and life changing.

But also there is so much to deal with.

Turning to the continental situation has widened my lense on many fronts:


One thing i learned growing up, is that the worse sort of person you can deal with is an insecure person.  If they are insecure in their shell, then anything you do will seem "better than them" ANYTHING!!  Any victory or good news in your life is a threat to them. Its just not worth it.  And as Rebbe Nachman teaches, its always the "wise" ones who want to trash the "tzaddik."  Its always the ones who think themselves so smart -the brainy folks- who feel they need to trash, put down, destroy, those that seem secure and content.

With this in mind, its with great trepidation that I watch the demise of Europe's economy.  It has even some effects here in Israel as I see the entrance of olive oils from Spain for sale here, at a much cheaper price than the usual Israeli olive oils.

But what will they do to Africa -that  Big chunk of land with "invisible" people -as far as most European and American thinking is concerned?  No doubt all this economic degeneration  and all the social riotings and multicultural failures that are happening in the many European countries will make for very insecure people.

Adding to this the fact that Africa's economy is poised to get better according to this article:

Good population growth, good potential man power, material resources, etc and so forth.

Putting two and two together and you get Obama at the last G8 meeting coming up with this proposal for Africa:

Africa beware!!!

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