Thursday, May 17, 2012

Black Mob Violence

Is everyone okay with this? Does it not bother anybody Black??? Better question: is it effective?

what do you do when the Black community is not raising a hand or loud voice against this?

Sure, it may feel like "pay back time"; but I pray they don't confuse a temporary instant gratification for national stability and long term gratification.

Should Black folks stand up to this?  Is it going on in 2012, most of these were in 2011. Should I speak out?   Ikkks! I feel like those secular muslims who are against jihad, against Islam, against all the killing but don't have a voice, or do I?  I tried to write about it on Facebook, and got shouted down. "what a ridiculous post" ....but they had to comment and try to silence me. Why can't I write my own stuff? or question things? Or why can't I have a discussion without the thought police running to arrest me?

I'm not condoning the injustice that whites commit. But pure violence and savagery.....I don't think that is the route to go. What is the better route to go???

And on top of that, what about black on black violence?


יונה אברהם said...

You know Miriam,in the past couple of months there have been several instances of Black youths attacking and beating whites in seemingly unprovoked attacks the States.In one instance someone was heard to say 'That's for Trayvon".Truthfuly I don't know whether to believe that or not,but each and every story was played up to the hilt on Glenn Beck's news site,The Blaze.The whites have almost been foaming at the mouth over the attack as they verbalized every racist feeling they'd ever had.

There was a case a couple of weeks ago of Black teens beating up two newspaper reporters,a man and a woman who were foolish enough to stop their car after a rock was thrown at them.Bill O'Reilly has taken up that cause because he wants justice for that white couple whose own editor didn't report anything on the story!

I don't know what you tried to say,but I can guess why you got shut down for saying it.Nowadays if someone disagrees with a liberal agenda they are attacked.Liberals have put forth their "truth" that Blacks are the victims.especially of white racism and when a white is targeted by Blacks just because he's white,the liberal media doesn't want to deal with it,as if Blacks can't be held to the same standard that whites are.In their eyes we can only be the victim,but any inner city Black can tell you how much other Blacks are victimized by the criminal element in their midst.Much more so than the relativly few whites who have been set upon by Blacks.

Tell me what you tried to say and what exactly was the response.We all know that right is right and Blacks are not always in the right!

Micha said...

I just asked was there any Black politician or person who was speaking against this.

And I put a video of Mayor Nutter speaking out against it and two videos of a mob attack.

goodness, they were so upset at me! the thought police. its almost Shabbat so I have to log off.

Miriam said...

that was me! Miriam who posted above.